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  1. Cliffton Rush

    Loved and will never be forgotten. He was more than an uncle, he was a father figure to many of us. I know he’s sitting in that Yankee Stadium in heaven enjoying the games that the great ones are playing. He’s home with family and Loved ones. Thanks for all years of your guidance and wisdom uncle. Love you forever and a day.

  2. Jamiy Nieves

    R.I.P Dad thanks for always loving me like you’re own daughter you’re gone but never forgotten until we meet again god gain another angel ? love you papi

  3. David

    S.I.P Grandpa, you will forever be missed. Thank you for being the best anyone could ever ask for.

  4. Matthew lopez

    S.I.P Grandpa you will forever be missed and Loved , Thank you for being the BEST GRANDPA anyone can ever ask for, you will always be apart of my memories

    Love Matthew

  5. Y

    S.I.P Grandpa, you will forever be loved and missed. Thank you for always being the best grandpa and always treating me like your granddaughter.

  6. Ivan Rosario

    I want to thank you for teaching me how to catch a baseball when I was a young boy. You are the reason why I became a football coach!!!
    Your Godson

  7. Angel Sanchez

    R.i.p Johnny beloved God father will be missed

  8. Maria Rivera

    Tengo tantos recuerdos muy bonito de mi tio juan rivera.
    I love you so much tio,rip

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