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  1. Irene Myers

    Mom I will always remember all the times we shared good and bad. You will always be in my prayers thoughts and heart. Rest in peace.

  2. BarbaraAnn Perkins-Hinksman

    My Sweetheart.. I was so looking forward to seeing you and Michael on my next visit to Jersey but God had another plan..
    I am ever grateful for our friendship as well as grateful for the love and kindness you gave to my daughters Vannette and Maureen.We were one big happy family. I never had a sister until you… you not only mothered my daughters you also mothered me.. your love for people and pets warmed my heart. It was fun baby sitting your Doberman and of course we loved Dutchess… your gift to us. Thank you for you did to contribute to my life love and laughter. I always looked forward to your visits.. Thankful for the gift of your son Michael… I remain sad at this loss but peaceful because that’s what you would want. I miss you but you will always remain a happy memory for me.
    God bless you . And .. thank you.

  3. Maureen Perkins Ramos

    In loving memory of Martha, what came to my mind was her loving kindness toward me and for that I will be forever grateful! During my growing up years she became my most caring and protective Stepmom and always a positive influence in my life. I will cherish the time we spent together in Pleasantville and Egg Harbor Township, as well as trips we made to North Carolina to visit Grandma Block and to the World Fair in Canada. She gave me my beloved beagle dog and best friend- Duchess. I loved the clothes she sewed me for special occasions at school and the best Halloween costumes. I could feel her love in her words, her smile, her laughter, her eyes and even blowing smoke rings for fun. She was genuinely caring and always tried to help others. I am so grateful God put you in my life, and you are now at peace in His loving arms. To Michael, my love to you always and prayers for peace in your heart. You were the love of her life and she will always be alive within you! Love always,

  4. Sharronda Bowles-Simon

    Aunt Marty was the “Realest” person anyone could ever meet. During the most insane years of my life, she gave me a stable home with tons of love and the support that I’d never had prior to. She raised me as if I were her own child. As much as I appreciated it then, now that I am an adult with adult children of my own, I can’t imagine the self-less act of taking care of someone else’s child. But that’s who she was. And as special as it made me feel, I wasn’t even the first or the last child that she took into her home and cared for. To take care of me, she worked two jobs. She sewed my clothes on her vintage sewing machine that I absolutely loved but was never allowed to touch. She taught me to ride a bike by pushing me down that huge gravel hill where I narrowly avoided crashing into the trash cans. She taught me to drive in her old white VW Jetta. She was there for my first heartbreak as well as introduced me to my first husband. My first brush with death happened on her property when I ran down the hill and fell into the lake. Luckily Michael was there to save me from drowning. That house on the hill was the only stable home I ever knew and I am so grateful to Aunt Marty for picking me up when I was thrown away. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your mother with me.


    Thank God for memories that allow you to go back in time with loved ones departed.
    Rest In Peace beautiful Mom Martha. Looking forward to seeing you again in paradise.

    I had the honor of having Martha as my step-mother & friend! I was so blessed to have her in my life growing up as a child. She instilled many of her qualities into me especially her bravery, confidence, independence, strong will & most importantly a caring heart for others. She was always in my corner. “We did it our way” will remain our mantra.
    I am also grateful for my faithful brother Michael she blessed me with, who was always by her side. She taught me how to be a mother! She was so smart & talented! Besides her excellent cooking, teaching me how to knit, crochet, sew, make my own clothes and view the world from an awesome perspective, she was someone I could always talk to and share my deepest feelings & struggles. I am so grateful for her input into my life as she was instrumental in creating the person I am today. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for her life and the LOVE she gave to me & many others as that’s what her life was all about.

    I Love You Always Mom Martha,

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