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  1. Maria Consuelo

    Maria Teresa was the back bone of our family. She was there for all of us. My memories are limited but amongst them are living in her home while my parents forged out a future for us with her help. I will forever be grateful to her for that.
    My dear aunt you are greatly loved and will be greatly missed.
    Love you always

  2. john Perez

    I came to know Maria Tereza in 1965 as an 11 year old immigrant from Colombia. She was to become a very important person in my life; she gave me the opportunity to educate myself in the computer world at a very young age and I used that knowledge to make my 35 year career in Technology. I found myself at her house very often, every weekend! I remember being introduced to Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato sandwiches! She was a fabulous cook! She treated me as “family”, as one of her own. One of the best memories I have; is she sent Georgie and I to Colombia for 2 weeks, and we ended up staying for 2 months! We were having too much fun! I kept in touch with her over the years, as I grew up and moved away. I’m happy to say I have a wife of 40 years, and 3 beautiful daughters, all married and living close by. We just had our recent 7th grand child born 9 days ago! Maria T led a full, long life and touched so many lives, I’m grateful to have known her. God rest her soul.

  3. Rodrigo Rincón

    Fue una persona muy especial en mi vida y en la de mi familia, la recordaré con su encantadora sonrisa en la celebración de su cumpleaños numero 90, con su amor por las plantas, los animalitos, por su casa y por su buen apetito también. Sabemos que Dios la tiene en un lugar muy especial.

  4. Christine

    You will always live in our hearts. We love you and miss you.
    Cristina, Ryan and Melissa Suthar Forero

  5. Delilah Nossa

    Such small feet yet she stood as strong as an oak tree
    Ready for any challenge, determination unmatched
    Elegance of royalty
    She was enough
    She was woman
    Lived on by so many
    Onto the limitless
    Heart open, heart ready

  6. Nicole Forero

    With Love Always, Nicole, Sofia and Lily Forero.

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