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    I knew the Dawson family most of my life. Their house on Bustard Road was just a quick walk down the street. Before that, we visited at Marge’s parents, the Zellers, also on Bustard Road. Marge was a constant part of my life, being a loving and supportive parent to their children who were my friends and was likewise kind and supportive to me. She introduced me to her delicious German cooking. Marge and Joe were wonderful neighbors and good friends to my parents (who considered them the “kids” of the neighborhood.) Joe died of the same lung condition that took my husband’s life. Marge was a faithful, patient caregiver to him during his long illness. At Dock, she was again a helpful and cheerful neighbor to my mother. She was talented, kind and nurturing.

  2. nancy reichert messenger

    THOUGHTFUL, CREATIVE, TALENTED, FUNNY, BEAUTIFUL, FAMILY….. Definitely a woman to be missed! We love you Marge! Miss seeing you at Dockwoods! It’s not the same without you!

  3. Bill and Kim

    We have only the very best memories of Marge, seeing her mostly at extended family gatherings. She always greeted us with a hug, a smile and pleasant conversation. She was a gentle and creative soul and will be greatly missed but long remembered.

  4. Sandra Terrones

    I always remember how fortunate I was that you were in my life. I wouldn´t trade those moments for the world. Thank you for your love, your art and your beautiful smile. Until we meet again sweet Margaret.

  5. Marilyn Felty Teed

    The Last we saw Mrs. Dawson was at Mr. Dawson’s funeral. She also painted a wedding invitation for us. I gave it to my X-husband since his Parents are buried there at Schwenkfelder Church. We also have a Yellow Iris Painting my sister commissioned since my father loved that flower. Growing up only 2 doors down was a great childhood. The neighborhood had many children and we were out all hours playing. Times were much simpler back then. I am at the same house taking care of Mom who is also 93 last December. All the mothers in the neighborhood were around the same age. The World is changing. I wish I could see all my childhood friends and give them a hug for the loss of their dear mother, but hopefully Mom (Anna) and I will be able to attend in a virtual way. Thank You for the beautiful Card with all the pictures.

  6. bruce rambacher

    I remembered the times when our families got together. Your dad (Uncle Joe) was always making us laugh. Not sure how your mom(Aunt Marge) managed him. It must have made for some fun(or crazy)time growing up. She was always very nice to my family. She sent us Christmas and Birthday cards for many years. I went to see Audrey (My Dad’s second wife) at Dock Woods about 2 years ago. At that time I saw Aunt Marge , Bill and Hilda at dinner. She was still very enthusiastic and got around very well. Cindy (my wife) and I still have a water color she painted on our wedding invitation of our church. It is hanging in our hallway. When I walk by and look at it reminds me of her so she will be with us in memories as well.

  7. Dot Doyle

    Marge was such a wonderful and caring person. I am blessed to have a beautiful piece of art that she painted, that I will always treasure, along with my sweet memories of an incredibly special lady.

  8. Gail and Wayne Schook

    Marge was a wonderfully courageous, kind and giving person, as well as a wonderful artist. She will be missed by all who knew her.

  9. John Andeson

    We spent many happy weekends with Joe and Marge. They were always ready to go someplace.

  10. Donald Reichert

    I did not realize at a young age that “Uncle Joe” and Aunt Marge” were not related to me! Growing up, Marge felt like a real aunt to me – a very warm and loving person. In adulthood, Marge always had encouraging things to say and was helpful in my pursuit of art as being part of your life (I very much enjoy ceramics and understand her thoughts of losing track of time when painting…)
    Although I miss seeing her in the Dockwoods dining area, Marge will always be in my memories!

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