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  1. Susan Lucas

    I am so grateful to have known Marci and to have had the opportunity to spend time with her. How wonderful that Marci lived her life so fully and so full of joy; that she loved deeply and was so loved in return. I hold Marci and Pam and their families close to my heart. Marci’s light will continue to shine through all those whose lives she touched. Love onward.

  2. Pam Allen

    I am and was so fortunate to meet Marcie and Pam when I first moved to Seminole a year ago. They both made anyone they met feel accepted. Reading Marcie’s book was life changing for me. I will miss her very much and her big smile. I am forever grateful that life allowed us to cross paths, time treasured with her for sure.

  3. Barbara Chaparro

    Marci was always a light in my life and she challenged me to have more fun, connect more with others and to love without hesitation. Marci was a radiant, engaging women who exhibited grace, humor and love to all! Deepest sympathy to Pam and family at this difficult time.

  4. Moreen

    Very sorry to hear this. I am sending my condolences to the remaining friend of ours. Marc was just a loving person who makes you feel loved. May her soul rest well. Moreen back in Rwanda.

  5. Dianne Zimmerman

    Marci was one of a kind . Her love for others radiated with her every word. The gaping hole she left in our lives will never be filled by another.

  6. Maryann O’Neill

    Marci was a neighbor that I enjoyed visiting with when we would meet. I was so sad when I heard she had left us. She will be missed! She put up a great fight against the cancer that finally took her from us. Rest In Peace Marci.

  7. Maurice Kurtz

    Always remembering the time meeting up with Marci and Pam for a ride up the Pinellas Trail with Linda Osmundson to Tarpon Springs & back. You two were so symbiotic on your custom tandem bike that day, truly, simply and happily being with each other. Everyone should be so lucky.

    Marci had a great presence in my home being such a close friend to Linda. I truly wish Linda could have been here to carry Marci as Marci and Pam carried her.

  8. Aunt Sylvia Dowling

    Pam, Marci will be missed by you, both of your families & friends. God knows the plan for us all. Prayers as you finish your journey here on earth. Marci is fine and has finished her earthly journey. How it will be in Heaven, only God knows. The Bible reminds us He never leaves us, he is with you in this time of need. Your not alone, you are loved. Aunt Sylvia

  9. Julie Christen

    I went to the first of Patti Digh’s Camps in 2013. I was seated with 4 other women, two of which were Pam and Marci. I will never forget thinking on my drive home how much I wanted a love like they had…so supportive and loving with each other, and with everyone around them. The love that I saw then only grew over time, and I have been honored to be within that sphere of love, and within the larger sphere of Camp love–it changed my life that weekend, and I thank you both for it. Much Love Always…

  10. Idrissa karangwa

    I have never met someone as kind as marci and pam, when i met with marci and pam helped to change my mind, i was like someone who lost but thier advice, love and kindness made me feel happy and also having a hope, i leaned many things from marci and pam, they inspired me to be a better person, i will always miss marci, marci was very kind, it was blessing to have marci, some peaple tried to meet with marci here in Rwanda were all sad to hear marci passed, many blessings to her and pam.
    Now she is in heaven.

    Idrissa karangwa

  11. Renee Thompson

    On behalf of myself and the Palliative Care Team at Empath Health, we were honored to have met and cared for Marci for over two years. To her family, she was an inspiration. I am blessed to have met her and inspired by her grace, passion, knowledge, and zest for life. She will be missed but she will be remembered.

  12. Beverly Frink

    I just came across this and was so surprised to hear of Marci’s passing. I haven’t seen her in years but worked with her and for her, for some time at Suncoast Center. Always smart and engaging and a real pleasure.

    I’m sure she’s still spreading joy

  13. Kelly Nelson

    loveonward Marci. You touched so many lives and I am so grateful you touched mine.

  14. Wanda Barker

    I was in a Cancer Support Group with Marci. This group is very special. We all shared our trials, triumphs and sorrows. Marci was always there to listen and comment when she had suggestions or questions. She shared her book with us and reading it was healing. The last time I talked to Marci was when I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer and she wanted to share what she had learned to help me. Marci is an inspiration to our group and will never be forgotten.
    Wanda Barker

  15. Liz Wooten-Reschke Trepper

    Marci was a shining beacon of strength, encouragement and love to all she encountered. I always felt embraced by her conversation, her intelligence, her wit and her warmth. The love between she and Pam was evident from day one, serving as a guidepost for many of us seeking the same with our own marriages and partnerships. She thoughtfully sent cards, emails and messages of encouragement during some particularly dark moments. To this day, I still have one of the first she sent me up in my office: “The excursion is the same when you go looking for your sorrow as when you go looking for your joy” ~ Eudora Welty. May we all look now through our grief for joy in the time we were allowed to spend with her and send our loving thoughts to her family & close friends, mourning deeply the passing of her great spirit. Her presence with us will be sorely missed and I feel grateful to have known her.

  16. Serena Nelson

    So thankful that I called Marci my friend. So appreciated her kind and caring emails/text when she would check in on me. So thankful for the memories made.

  17. Jen Filla

    Marci was a treasure. Her joy of life was irrepressible and contagious. She inspires me to strive to be more caring, trusting, and open. My deepest condolences to Pam and family.

  18. Lisa McKnight

    Often, people come into our lives when we need them most. So it was with Marci. Always energetic and enthusiastic, she was an encourager and an inspiration to me. When I met her in 1977, I was a young person in a very scary environment. She made me feel safe. Somehow, I knew right away that I could trust her. I knew she really cared. And we became friends. I never forgot her. Her smile. How she made me feel that, somehow, things would be okay in the end. The last year, I had the privilege of knowing her again and bringing her joy when she needed it. God has a funny way of bringing the circle back around. In Heaven, they are rejoicing now. My dad is rejoicing to see you again, Marci. We love you dearly.

  19. Diane

    Marci will be missed. I remember her showing me her book before it was published and how excited we both were about it. The book and the memory of her warm smile will be with me the rest of my life. I am blessed by all the rich conversations we shared over the years.

  20. Melissa Dinwiddie

    Marci brought love into the room with her. I feel so grateful to have known her, even though I only met her a few times. She always made me feel special.

  21. Jean Martell

    I was blessed to have Marci in my life for just 3 short years. Her loving heart and joyful spirit were shared with everyone. She showed up with love. I hope to honor her by doing the same. Onward my friend, your light continues to shine. Jean

  22. Dianne Clarke

    I am thankful for having the wonderful fortune to meet Marci through business and have that turn into a friendship to cherish. Sangria at Carmelita’s was always a special time together and the love she lived is something for us to live up to.

  23. Cory Petty

    Marci was, and will always remain, a beautiful force of light and love in this world. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was blessed to know her.

  24. Jennifer

    Marci and I have been friends for 43 years, first meeting in a police administration class at St. Pete Junior College at age 19. We became fast friends. Even though we lived in different states at different times, we spoke often and it always felt like we had just seen each other. Being Marci’s friend has been such a gift. She was always so loving and caring, yet honest and real and her insights were invaluable. She’s been there for the lowest times of my life and held me up with her strength and love. I miss her terribly.
    Jennifer Lacefield

  25. Addie Jane Marie

    I met my cousin Marci when she was 14 and I was 5. She and her parents and some of her brothers were with her catching the snow in our yard. She and her family lived in Florida, and Marci told me she had never seen snow before in person. She looked beautiful running through the yard catching the falling snow. I will never forget that image or her. I met her a few other times through the years, including when I went to cousin Sylvia’s (Cookie) funeral in 2001 in Smithfield, VA. Marci was telling everybody she’s always known me since I was a little girl. I looked up to her. Marci was very smart, and beautiful, and a light in this world that will be missed. Marci, I hope you see some beautiful & heavenly snow where you are in the warmth & love of Jesus. My condolences to the family.

  26. Lynda Irvin

    I start every morning in a ritual using Love Letter from Your Heart by Marci. Even though I had met her only a few times at Life Is A Verb camp over the years, she touched my heart as another cancer survivor during that time, a club no one wants to be a member of in their lifetime. I followed she and Pam on Facebook since 2018, so I have been a cheerleader from a distance and celebrated all their gods news postings with them. Blessings always!???
    Lynda Irvin
    LIAV camper???

  27. Jennifer Dodd

    I first met Pam and Marci professionally, but they each, individually and corporately, became very dear to me. I loved seeing the way one would look at the other, and their laughs will always ring in my memories. I loved Marci’s candor and openness, and was touched when she told me, early in our relationship, what she liked most about me. I’ll always treasure that she shared the way she saw me; it made me feel like the very best version of myself. What a gift for one person to give another.

  28. Mike Olkives

    Marci and I were born within 4 days of each other. I always felt close to her even though we were always separated by distance. I still can’t believe she’s gone. I’m sure there was a fantastic reception in heaven considering all the family that was there waiting. I love you Marci and you are dearly missed.

    Mike Olkives

  29. Eluxabeth Curry

    I learned a lot about living with love from Marci and Pam. That love stays in my heart. I was inspired and hope I will continue to share what I learned.

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