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  1. Juan

    You were a great person with a heck of a sense of humor. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet you in my lifetime.

    God bless, Juan from Astor Terrace

  2. Bruce abrahamsen

    My deepest sympathy to his family. I meet mal while working for the faa. I went from Newark tower to Poughkeepsie flight service. He took me under his wing and taught me alot about the job. I took his knowledge with me through the rest of my career. I used to keep my ring dings in just about every draw at different positions, he would just shake his head and smile. Mal and I spent a midnight shift together during a blizzard, we cleaned the candy machines out in the lobby, ended up there for 12 hours. When ever I think of him, I can still see that grin. Rest in peace mal.

  3. Patrick Gallagher

    Miss you my friend Mal! We’ve had many great times at Yankee Stadium through the years. Lost some money together during our annual Belmont Stakes Day at Belmont Racetrack. Saw a Yankees World Series win in 2009 and an American Pharoah Triple Crown win in 2015. Yankee games won’t be the same without you.

    I know you loved your family and they were your highest priority. So happy you got to spend time with them in your final days.

    Gone too soon my friend, but you leave us with many fond memories. You were a person that led by example. Soft-spoken but influential. I know you up there keeping an eye on us and making sure we are well.

  4. Helen Krywka

    I met Mal in 1985 at Poughkeepsie Flight Service, FAA. It was a rough beginning but I grew to love Mal. We ended up, as all FAAers, crossing paths and keeping in touch. I texted him just a few weeks before he died. I wish I’d said I loved him but that would have been too much probably. I’ll miss you Mal.


    Mario F. Strano
    I worked with Mal for a few years, in Engineering, what a great friend.
    Loved his sense of humor. Mal also became a good friend of my son, Steve,
    an ATC, in the NY Center. Sad to lose such a good friend and fine human being.
    My condolences to his family.

  6. Mark Steckel

    Most of my memories of Uncle Mal seem to be from a lifetime ago when both of us were much younger. I’ll always remember talking sports with him and that whenever the family got together he was aways there. Listening to the memorial and hearing about his love of travel and art I regret not having him in my life more over the last 20 years. I know he and my mom were close, like all of the cousins and I hope they are sharing a beer in heaven. God bless you Uncle Mal.

  7. Ted Kiladitis

    I knew Mal for many years as we both worked together for the FAA at the NY Center. He in Air Traffic, me in Technical Operations. Surprisingly, we got along very well! We’d yell, laugh, curse at each other frequently….and we both enjoyed it.
    Mal was a true gentleman, and always true to his word. He was a "stand up" guy.
    Even after retirement we saw each fairly often at SATCO get-togethers. He’d take the train all the way from Manhattan to Long Island.
    We’ve lost a kind man, and I will miss him.
    Ted Kiladitis (FAA, Retired)

  8. Mike Mazzurco

    Mal was a great friend, a caring and understanding guy and always a gentleman. He was able to not only be a great boss but also be a friend to go to the ballgame with. His passions were so widespread that he felt at home whether he was at the Met museum or in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. No matter where he was he was likely bragging about his grandkids. You will be missed buddy.

  9. Kara Meyer

    I met Malachi at the UES watering hole we both frequented and we had one of those great New York friendships that extended beyond the bar for many years despite our age gap. I ran an art gallery for many years and he attended all of our openings and events in support of me. He came to my birthday parties, (even after I moved to Brooklyn), took me to see The Cringe (introduced me to Rachel Ray!) and took me to see the Giants play (great seats!). I know how much he loved his family, whom he talked about often. I will forever remember your father and grandfather as a dear friend and kind soul whom I am 100% better having known.

  10. Phil McCarthy

    Malachi was a continuing presence in my life for many years. He was a warm and generous kindhearted man who saw the best in everybody. He devoured non fiction books and drank crappy beer. He had an innate curiosity about things – he once joined me in Kerry because he had never seen a greyhound chase a hare and decided it was time to do so. As always he couldnt judge the width of the roads in Ireland and returned the rental car minus its mirrors. If there is one criticism I can level at him – its an Irish wake after all, so he cant escape unscathed – it was his misbegotten affection for the Yankees and his insufferable smugness after each World Series win. However, he partially redeemed himself, because when they lost he would support any New York team remaining.
    He was a class act and will be greatly missed. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam uasal.

  11. Hilary king

    I knew Malachi through work for a few years but we shared that Bronx connection and always welcomed his warm smile when we would cross paths. Very good guy

  12. Reva Potter

    Mal was a great friend and mentor. He taught me a lot and will be missed.

  13. Thomas Loughlin

    Malachi was a great friend full of knowledge. We had so many great times together. I will miss him deeply. RIP my friend.


    Malachi was my friend for 58 years and never let me down. I miss him terribly.

  15. Edson fajardo

    I had the pleasure of knowing Malachi for the last 18 years, I work at the building where he lived. I know the rest of the staff misses him as well. He’d take the time to greet everyone of us as he walked through the lobby. He’d wait around if I was busy on the phone or dealing with another tenant, he’d wait in order to acknowledge us. I’d tease him of how good he looked in my Mets orange rather than his Yankees blue, a jacket he wore from the All Star game back in citified, an event he volunteered for. We’d talk sports, books. I recently recommend a book on the Nazi plot to kill Churchill, FDR and Stalin. He paid for a mass at St Patrick’s when my grandfather died three years ago. He had my uncle’s name in his wallet from when he passed away in April due to COVID, he was waiting for things to get back to normal at church to name a mass in my uncle’s memory. I’ll miss him talking about how good his grandkids were at skiing, of how he was going over to spend time with them. RIP Mr. Sheahan.

  16. Lee O’connor Sheeran

    Malachi was one boy with three sisters! I was one girl with three brothers. Our mother’s were sisters and our fathers – 1st cousins. SO, you could say there was a huge connection there!
    Malachi was one of the kindest person I knew. When I stayed in Rockaway for a summer vacay, two cousins, whom I will not name, would pull the 2 twin beds apart and I all of 80 lbs would go thump on the floor. They ignored me and Malachi would come in, pick me up off the floor, then slide the beds back together