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  1. Yvonne A Herrera

    May you now be in peace

  2. Will Beck, Lisa Beck, and Hailey

    I first met LG at my place of work about 15 years ago, he was there doing some electrical improvements to the building my office was located. I was eager to learn and he was happy to teach, anyways i was there to assist him. We immediately hit it off and became close friends from that point on.
    Few years later I met the girl of my dreams and we began planning our wedding. Since my parents were unable to attend, we ask LG and Lori to be part of the ceremony. Of course they were there, “I think i could have just mentioned the food and got him there” lol
    One day LG mentioned selling his home in Goodyear. I knew how he loved that place and so did i. We made an offer, with a little help from friends and family we got everything in order. We still live in that house today and i am reminded each time i look up at the hill behind our home of the way LG was just enamored by the three cactus that lined up like Orion’s belt. Our friendship continued and we enjoyed spending time at the lake, countless picnics, BBQ’s, boating and pontoon rides around the lake.
    We have so much to be thankful for in our lives: The selfless deeds that LG did for us, and i believe everyone, could never be counted. The kindness and blessing he and Lori shared with us as we began our lives together could never be measured. Truly a wonderful man and loved by all.

    “Each day i wake up, i am reminded of my friend as i gaze at the three Cactus standing proud”

    Rest in Peace my Friend you will be missed by all, but always in our memories.

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