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  1. B. Carol R. Douglas

    Dear Elaine, Graeme, Cheryl, Shauna and families..
    Some time has passed now, our thoughts go your way often tho, as we think of the passing of dear Laverne, and to you all, his precious family, our condolences. We did not enroll for the funeral as I did not know how to do it but it appeared anyway and we are very thankful for it. Many precious memories, Elaine, especially with you and your lovely violin playing family when Dan and I were married. We also miss Auntie Lena very much and think of her often as well. I will send this now, love and comfort to you all for the future.

    Dan and Carol Douglas

  2. C&S Websdale

    Dear Elaine & family, how glad we were able to “be” at your dear Lavern’s funeral.
    We know that God is near to His people and He will give you peace.
    Love from us, Claire & Sandra Websdale

  3. Katie Crowson

    You’re a wonderful and loving family. My fondest childhood memories are of arriving and being at the Duncan Convention grounds. There were always loving friends to greet you. I remember climbing the driveway being like a roller coaster. At the top there was a welcoming party planned or not. God bless you all and bring comfort to you.

  4. Jill Everest

    So thankful to have been able to share in these memories of Laverne with you..
    Thinking of the welcome that was extended to me at Duncan, and life it produced.. deep thanks and love…

  5. Dale Woods

    Dale&June Woods We have many special memories of you Elaine when you and Lavern visited in Moosomin. Thanks for being an inspiring couple. Thank you as well for sharing Lavern service. It was beautiful and a great encouragement. We are really appreciating Dorothy

  6. Shawn and DeAnne Sanderson

    Thankful to have enjoyed this service from afar. Lavern and all the Dempster family hold a special place in our childhood and growing up years at one of our most favorite spots on Vancouver Island. Thankful for his steady, faithful testimony. Our thoughts are with you all.

  7. Brent and Rita Melvin

    It was a lovely service and tribute to Lavern’s faithful life. You, as a family, have many wonderful memories. Thinking of you all at this time of loss.

  8. Brett Blaikie

    Thank you for sharing the service and these memories of Laverne; I shared a few of the memories and appreciated many of yours. Thinking of you Elaine, all the kids and grandkids at such a time.

  9. Darrel and Kathleen McEachern

    Hello Elaine and Family, thank you for making this virtual service available so that we could share in this lovely remembrance for Laverne. Well done for a fine man! Your close family, loyal friends and strong Faith will see you through your sorrow and give you comfort for the future.

  10. Lois Good

    Dear Graeme and family
    What a tribute to your Dad so grateful to be able to join with you online We have always appreciated talking with both your mom and dad at gospel meetings and other occasions
    He was a prince among us and will be sorely missed so happy he’s safely home now
    Thinking of you all
    Norm & Lois

  11. Carson and Katherine Hughes

    Thinking of you all these days of loss. Lavern will be missed. God will comfort you and you will be comforted by knowing that Lavern finished faithful to the end. Sincere condolences you all.

    Love, Carson and Katherine Hughes

  12. Marlene Bovy

    Thinking of you, Elaine, and your family at this time. Very special to be able to share in the service. I have special memories of being in your home and of you both at convention. Laverne helped to translate for Paul’s Mom and Dad at convention one year. So glad to know you will have comfort in family and comfort from God.
    Marlene Bovy

  13. Ralph & Lenore

    Dear Elaine & Family,
    A lovely lovely service, intimate & so personal. A tribute to Lavern, not only as a man, husband, father & elder but also a soul committed to God. We so appreciated everyone’s part & being counted in with you virtually. We think of you facing the future with the same commitment. & love.
    Love Ralph & Lenore

  14. Donna /Arnold Van Der Vlugt

    I will miss his smile and his welcoming presence. The influence and caring spirit was and is an inspiration to me. To the family sorry for your loss. He will be remembered by Arnold and I in the Caribbean.

  15. Donna Vercoe

    Have been thinking of you all in the loss of Lavern. It has been special to be able to join in, and remember a life full of faith and love. May memories comfort you in the coming days. Love Donna

  16. Richard and Dawn Burkmar

    He was and is a good man and friend. We will miss him.

    Richard and Dawn Burkmar.

  17. John and Gill Beattie

    John and I have just watched the funeral service and were touched to our core.I have lots of memories and all of them good.
    In 1979, John and I visited Duncan during preps with my Dad and Mum and little brother Wayne. During the morning Bible study my brother had worked out which verse he would have to read. He was panicking because he didn’t know how to pronounce one of the words. Lavern being the sweetheart, graciously read it for him without any hesitation. My brother still remembers that act of kindness. While we were there, Lavern and yourself went out for an Anniversary meal. While you were away Graham who was a cute blonde little boy decided to whack 2 glass spray guns together. I was so impressed with Lavern, as he took Graham’s hand and led him away to talk about the incident. When we were leaving I asked you "how can we repay you?" You replied " just do it for somebody else". It has guided me through the years.

    The last time we were at Duncan for convention our son Ashley was at the Naval Academy in Esquimalt. His two friends from the Navy asked if they could attend; they both had respect for Ashley’s belief. I will never forget your kindness, springing into action supplying them with blankets and anything else they needed. Years later I invited them and their fiancee’s for dinner. During the evening the boys said, "Mrs Beattie, we have told our fiancee’s about Duncan". 

    Sincere Love,
    John and Gill Beattie,
    Oakville, ON

  18. Wendell & Elaine Massey

    Thinking of you , Elaine and your family today. Very special to be present with you on the virtual service. Good memories of our time with you on Delbert’s yacht in the Nanaimo harbour. Lavern’s life, faith and testimony will leave you with great comfort .

  19. Penny and Delbert Lewis

    Dear Elaine and family, Our thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family these past weeks as Lavern’s health has been failing. We often recall the time while moored in the Nanaimo harbor, you joined us for dinner on the boat. Having three "Elaine’s" on board with their spouses was most enjoyable. I recall asking Elaine to offer thanks for the food and all three Elaine’s looked at each other, who me?? We appreciate you both always holding the banner high over the years and living for others.

  20. Stanley Locke

    LIke to contribute my condolences to Elaine and the family.
    Appreciated Laverns kindness when I was there for convention.
    Special memories of you both.

  21. Andrew & Darla Toole

    Very beautiful service with a very clear message to “continue in The Way with Jesus and He’ll lead us safety through!” You’re Dad was loved and loved all — you will miss him but cherish his many memories and have a great example to follow. Love to you all from New Brunswick.

    Andrew & Darla Toole and Family

  22. Don & Mary Dean

    We have many great memories of Lavern and Elaine, when they would come to visit Audrey in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Special Memory when they were here in 2019…picnic in the park in Elliot Lake, and then out for supper with them in Sault Ste. Marie! A wonderful man and (a wonderful couple!!)
    Love Don & Mary Dean, Iron Bridge, Ontario

  23. Alan and Annemarie Blonke

    Dear Elaine and precious family. We just found out today of Laverne’s passing. Someone sent us the link, and we were able to watch it all. We would like to send our sincere condolences to you and your family in the loss of your loved one. It truly was a special service. The grandchildren added so much. They will have special memories of Grandpa. Your hearts will feel empty, but we know God can fill it again.
    We remember you and Laverne coming up to Edmonton to visit Scott and Shawna. And of course we remember Cheryl and Neil.
    Alan remembers meeting you at Duncan Convention. He also remembers you, Elaine coming to Korea to visit them with another sister. The grandchildren knew what Grandpa loved. He loved God, he loved his Bible. he loved Meetings. …… and we know that is a comfort to you all.
    Sincerely, Alan and Annemarie Blonke

  24. Allen and Barbara Armand

    Allen and Barbara Armand

    Dear Elaine, Cheryl, Shawna, Graeme and all the families:

    Our thoughts are with all of you.
    We have known Lavern and Elaine for over forty years. Lavern was honest, caring, generous, kind, reliable, loyal, creative, capable, and a leader. These are just a few of his qualities that I observed while teaching with Lavern at Bench School for many years. He always set an excellent example for his students and fellow staff members. Lavern was a special person in our lives and we shall miss him very much.

  25. Margaret Baxendale

    Margaret Baxendale

    Steven and I appreciated being able to watch/listen to Lavern’s funeral service. There was something very special about Lavern. I first met him when he was teaching in Belgium in the late 1960’s and over the years he "popped up" in Lancashire (U.K.) several times, sometimes unexpectedly, but always very welcome. The first time he brought his parents to visit us, then came with Elaine and then, years later, with the Graeme and the twins who are similar age to our family. The last time we saw him was in 2011 when I looked up in the dining tent at our local convention and caught sight of Lavern and Elaine and Shaun Buckley sitting together – such a lovely surprise! Our hearts go out to you, Elaine, and all the family, with love and sympathy.
    Steven and Margaret Baxendale

  26. Trevor & Lynella

    Our thoughts are with you. Thank you for recording this so we could sit and watch it tonight after work. I remember many good days in your home. Many good visits around your table. Thinking of you and so grateful for the Godly influence of your home. Love Trevor and Lynella Henke

  27. Maurice and Cindy Last

    Dear Elaine, Graeme, Shawna, Cheryl, in-laws and grandchildren.

    Our thoughts and condolences to you all. 2020 will be remember for many things, but for us who have said our last good-byes to loved ones have extra memories to hold close.

    My first memories of Lavern are from when I was growing up – he was my Grade 8 French teacher at Montgomery Junior Secondary School in Coquitlam in the early 70s. Since I was one of his students, my mother thought it was only right for me to be at the open-house following his and Elaine’s wedding. 25 years later we had the special privilege of meeting in the Dempster home, which was to happen on and off for the 20 years we have been in the Duncan area.

    We are thankful for the times we spent in the Dempster home, and count it a privilege to have known Lavern for these many years.

    Maurice and Cindy Last

  28. Louise Grieve

    Dear Elaine, Graeme, Shawna, Cheryl and grandchildren
    A wonderful privilege to be a part of the service today, virtually.
    Precious to hear each of the grandchildren. A very memorable service and wonderful tribute to a very Godly man.
    Many memories over the years with Lavern and Elaine, will always cherish them
    Love and hugs Ken and Louise

  29. Sharon Nesvog

    Dear Elaine, Graeme & Rachelle, Cheryl & Neil, Shawna & Scott & children & extended family…. what a special privilege it was today to join in on this virtual service for Lavern. So many of our most cherished memories on this Island include the Dempster family…going way back to their arrival at Duncan Convention grounds in the 70’s. Some of these memories are sober ones…but so many involved wonderful fellowship, amazing food and much laughter. I’m so grateful for all these wonderful memories. Sending so much love and hugs…and comfort. It’s so wonderful that you don’t have to face this experience alone. Mom Verna also sends her deepest condolences and love.

  30. Heather & Trevor Pihrag

    Our thoughts and heartfelt condolences to you all. Elaine, I can’t hardly imagine you without your dear husband. But I’m sure you don’t wish him back either..gone on to what he lived for! Your home and family were much of my childhood/teenage years. Always welcoming with wonderful fellowship and friendship made the good old days precious. Food, friends of all ages playing a group game and of course Music! True hospitality of an elder and his wife! Remember how special you made a group of us graduating high school..and of course your generosity for our wedding. Hugs and love to a very dear family! Love, Trevor & Heather Pihrag

  31. Irene Flett

    Glad to listen in today…..remembering with gratitude Lavern’s steadfast commitment to God, his kindness, his hard work! We appreciated those days at Duncan! Feeling for you all in your loss, with love, to Elaine, Graeme, Cheryl, Shawna and families …. and very special having the grandchildren share!

  32. Hod Allen

    Dear Elaine and family

    My thoughts have been with you over the past week and I’ve enjoyed thinking of my appreciation for Lavern. He had such a tenderness in his spirit and a care for others. Those things, along with his smile and the twinkle in his eye will remain with me for life.

  33. Loraine Stelfox

    Dear Dempster family,
    Sending my sincere sympathy to you all. I have many memories over the years. One particular more recent memory is at a convention workday in 2019. Laverne and Elaine were on their knees pulling weeds by hand around the newly planted hedge. No matter what was needing to be done, there was a spirit of humble service TOGETHER. So nice to have had a little visit at their kitchen nook table in October. Glad for Lavern’s steady walk in God’s Way.
    With love,
    Loraine Stelfox

  34. David Hunter

    David Hunter

  35. Jill Fish

    Beautiful service. Always enjoyed conversations with Laverne. I’ll remember him by his kindness. His walk in faithfulness will continue to influence us all.

    Thinking of you all. Sending love and prayers.

    Jill, Lincoln & London Fish

  36. Dave Conley

    A beautiful service for such a dear man. Our family was brought into the Dempster circle many decades ago. We were treated like family from the first day we met and loved special times together over the years. We always enjoyed listening to Laverns hilarious stories, and he had many, and they were made even better by his expressions to match.
    We will miss this faithful man like so many will.
    Thinking of you all with much love, Dave & Jackie Conley

  37. Jim Atcheson

    Elaine, Graeme, Shawna, Cheryl and your families….. It has been a privilege to know you folks through the years, and a privilege today to "sit in" on Lavern’s funeral service. It was in every respect, so very personal, so very comforting. -Jim Atcheson

  38. Allen James

    A wonderful service….so indicative of Lavern’s Love of God and his people. We are so glad to have been partakers of his Love that reached out to all. We are thinking of you Elaine and family and know you will be kept by God’s care and loving hand.
    We cherish the times we’ve had together….and are so thankful that Lavern has safely reached the eternal goal.

    Allen and Doreen James

  39. Sonya Calverley

    Sending all my love to the dempster family thinking of you all today. I had the privilege of attending Duncan convention for many years and got to know the dempster family. what a beautiful and incredible family. Many great years at convention with them and their family family gatherings, dinners, A beautiful wedding. Special and great memories. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family love you all very very much.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am so happy that you got to spend the last three weeks with him I bet that was very very special. He definitely was surrounded with lots of love with his family by his side. Love from sonya, Andrew, jack and lily!!! ❤️

  40. Lynelle McLean

    Special to be able to join you for the virtual service today. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you this way. Our hearts are with you and filled with so many memories.
    Love Marci and Lynelle

  41. Vida Campbell

    Dear Elaine and family,
    Thinking of all of you these days as you face the loss of Lavern. Such a beautiful reminder in the service, of God preserving the prayers of the saints. So very comforting.
    With love,
    Vida Campbell

  42. Jessie Sinclair

    Glad we got to meet you Elaine and LaVern

  43. Lydia Last

    Dear Elaine and Family. My thoughts have been with you these last days. I can enter in to your feelings but the comfort that God gives is a wonderful thing. I have known Lavern from Coquitlam days and also Elaine!

  44. Connor Lachmanec

    Love to the Dempster family. Laverne was a good man and he did well.
    -Connor Lachmanec

  45. Dan & Marsha McCormick

    Dear Elaine, Graeme, Cheryl, Shawna,
    We love you all! Our memories of Lavern are precious indeed. His example as a true elder and true friend along with you, Elaine, are things we cherish and receive comfort from as we think of him leaving this scene. Thank you for the lovely service & making it one we could be a part of. All our love to you, Dan & Marsha

  46. Katrina Eeles

    Sending you all many many hugs from our corner of the country. Very thankful for all the memories I have of Lavern, his spirit, and our time visiting on the Island over the years. Thinking of you all!

  47. Richard

    To Elaine and family……So glad we could share in this lovely service for a very special man, a prince in deed…
    Our hearts are with you all, so glad for our friendship over the years, and so very thankful for his faithful influence….May you find comfort in your memories, in the days ahead…
    Holding you in our hearts…with much love, Richard & Becky Wodelet

  48. Don & Iris Reimer

    A time of joy and sorrow interwoven. Our hearts are with you all. We remember how he made it a point to always come say hi in meetings and gospel meeting when he came to Calgary. His testimonies were special.
    All our love
    Don & Iris Reimer

  49. Ron and Laurie Taylor Family

    Much love to all of the Dempster family. Many special memories of times spent together over the years. Elaine, Glad for the Godly standard of love and steadiness from both of you. Glad for Lavern’s faithful finish and eternal great reward.

    Love from Ron and Laurie Taylor family.

  50. Elizabeth Buckley

    To all of Lavern’s family and loved ones,

    There is not a person I tell about my childhood in Canada who does not hear about the amazing times spent at Elaine and Lavern’s house. From the very typical ’20 people over for Sunday lunch’, to endless games of Monopoly, piano playing, and watching Lavern in his impressive garden, there are so many fond memories. Lavern was a no-nonsense, yet kind man, who taught us all a lot about being a good friend, a good father and a good husband. He was admired by many, including my Uncle Shaun and father Graham Buckley. I will miss his smile, his stories, his baseball caps and the way he took the time for everyone around him.

    All of my love,
    Elizabeth Buckley

  51. Sandy Lewis

    Elaine, Graeme, Shawna, Cheryl and families

    Big hugs to you all. Lavern was more than a friend…..he was family who I will always cherish with fond memories. Joy and sorrow interwoven as he finished his course and onto a greater reward.

    Sandy Lewis

  52. Eileen & Robert Jensen

    Our thoughts are with you, Elaine & family, at this time! We have fond memories of our visit to the island, with our twins, and your twins ~ it was great to be with you all! A BIG hug at this time, and please know that our hearts are with you!

  53. Norm and Betty Anderson

    Dear Elaine and Dempster family,

    Our thoughts and prayers go your way often these days. We know how hard it is to say final goodbyes to special loved ones. We’re so grateful for the faithful example Lavern left for all of us. We’re glad his journey here has ended in a wonderful victory. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

  54. Mary Douglass

    Dear Elaine, Graeme, Cheryl and Shauna,
    My thoughts are with you all at this time. So many memories of time spent with your family. Many special encouraging visits and meals together through the years.
    A special man has finished faithfully!
    Mary Louise Douglass

  55. Dave & Anne Higgins

    I remember well being at Lavern & Elaine’s Wedding not long after arriving in Canada. We have loved and appreciated them so much over the years, and their example and love for Truth. Lavern will be greatly missed, but wonderful to know he has crossed the finish line. He has left us with a beautiful gift – the assurance of where he has gone!
    Our love to you all.

  56. Janelle Bedard

    Uncle Laverne, I will always fondly remember spending time at your and aunty Elaine’s house. From Meetings, to suppers, and convention. You both were always so very welcoming and accommodating, always. I even remember as a young gal playing outside in your yard, and whenever we would turn over a rock we would always find a snake! Funny how things stick out in your memories and never leave. Another one thing that always sticks out in my memories is the the fantastic amount of fresh corn you would send us home with each season. How did we get so lucky? You were truly an amazing, generous man who will be deeply missed by so many. Rest In Peace to an amazing teacher, husband, father, grandfather, friend, and uncle.

  57. Sharon Kelly

    Dear Elaine and Family, so sorry to hear of your loss of Lavern. Thankful that Lavern was faithful to the end.
    Love Sharon and Ivan Kelly, Toledo, Oregon

  58. Gary & Judi Rupert

    Lavern was one of the first "Island" people we met when we arrived here in 2004. in no time we felt we had known Lavern and Elaine forever. They were that "kind" of people. Glad for the confidence he is in a better place now. I’ll miss my chats with him at convention time.

    Gary & Judi Rupert

  59. Dennis and Chris Munro

    We feel so fortunate to have known Lavern, and been able to spend some time with him. We felt his constancy in all things godly, and we were glad of his influence on us. The whole Dempster family is much appreciated by us.

  60. Milan, Teri and Helen Gillespie

    Our thoughts and condolences go out to you all. We so appreciated Lavern’s warm hospitality and encouraging visits at Duncan for so many years.

  61. Mark Wong

    Lavern and Elaine have been a part of the Cormick family for many years. However, I (Mark) didn’t realize that some members of my family knew Lavern before me. My sister, Fern was in Lavern’s class at Millside School in Coquitlam in the 1960’s. She said that there was quite a bit of excitement when Mr. Dempster married Miss Openshaw! We are thankful for those wonderful memories that we shared with Laverna. We will always cherish the times that we had together.

  62. Joyce Szakacs

    Dear Elaine and family! We have so many good memories of preps with you! Your warm impartial hospitality was marvelous! Your hard work in the heat of summer was amazing! Many thanks for your dedication to the great Cause!

  63. Ralph and Beryl Knight

    A faithful man gone to rest. It was our great pleasure and joy to have met, met with and known Lavern. God rest.

    Beryl and Ralph Knight

  64. Doreen Lewis

    Dear Elaine, Graham, Cheryl, Shawna and all the families,
    My thoughts have been on remembering all the good times Bob & I had over the many years with Elaine & Lavern,
    Lavern was an upright man, a great loss for you all,
    Remembering the care you both gave to so many over the years,
    Take care of Elaine,
    Sending much Love
    Doreen Lewis

  65. Judith Hordyk

    We think of you all these days, knowing that our Father is the Father of All comfort. We are thankful for memories of Laverne that date back to his time in Belgium. He left special memories there! All would remember you at this time., also the friends in France. sincères condoléances. Judith Hordyk

  66. Alayne Matzner

    Dear Elaine, Graeme, Shauna and Cheryl,
    Heart felt condolences come your way. Lots of good memories of Laverne and family, especially at Duncan preps. Appreciate all the many kindnesses shown and encouragement. Thinking of you especially theses days.
    Love Alayne Matzner (Collins).

  67. Kailee Helms

    Sending our love & thinking of you all! We always remember visiting with your mom and dad when they would visit you in Calgary. We appreciated Lavern’s faithfulness and zeal for the truth!
    With love,
    Neil & Lisa Drummond & Helms’

  68. Linda Eeles

    Altho we don’t know you very well, we have known of u for many years. We saw & spoke to you at our son’s wedding when he married Katrina Baker. (They now have a dear baby boy Owen). We know that Lavern was a very faithful man and will be missed by so many, especially his dear wife & family. This will leave a large hole on Vancouver Island. Our sincerest love and condolances,
    Ken and Linda Eeles

  69. Murray-Maryalice Wood

    Dear Dempster Family: Sending love and hugs to you all! We have so many great memories of both Lavern and Elaine, beginning in 1967 when we met for Sunday am meeting when Murray and I came down from the North to attend SFU! We well remember their courtship and wedding and so appreciate their steadfast love for each other and especially for truth through the years! A great inspiration of faithfulness to us all! Do take care and take courage as you all go forward from this earthly loss, but heavenly joy!

  70. Cliff and Lynda Calverley

    Our condolences to all of the family. Cherish the laughter, the tears, the memories as they comfort you in the days ahead. Your loss is also your gain because of knowing the strong unquenchable love that Lavern had for a Faith that questioned not.

  71. Denise Newman

    Dear Elaine Graeme Cheryl Shawna and families. I have many rich and warm memories of your hospitality at Duncan preps. And also Laverns excellence in gardening! His generosity in sharing the bounty from his amazing veggie garden. He planted red and oak lettuce just for preps! And other things too. I never pick a rose without thinking of Lavern! “ Cut the stem where there are five leaves on the stem” was his advice many years ago. Thinking of you these days as you face a heart felt loss. Much love Denise and Ralph Newman.

  72. Rachel Klages

    Dear Dempster Family,
    We know how deep your sorrow but how full your joy in saying goodbye as your dad has gone home. Grateful we trust in God’s timing.
    Thankful for the memories of Lavern with a ready laugh and a welcoming spirit on the Duncan grounds. I also think he had our Dempster family connections figured out better than we do! Cherish the memories that get richer with time.
    Love Ted, Rachel, Carrie, Jacob, Hartley and Alison Klages

  73. John Champion

    My privilege to have met Lavern several times in England, Europe and Vancouver Island. To me he was a truly shining light.
    I will never forget when Lavern was led to our door nearly 50years ago in England for a surprise visit. He arrived a few minutes after a Canadian contact/bible student had arrived for a visit. Lavern had previously visited him in hospital and was able to be a real spiritual help.
    Thinking of you Elaine and your family.
    John & Margaret Champion

  74. Naomi Lachmanec

    The first time I remember meeting Lavern was in an elevator before one of our first Gospel Meetings. He made us feel so welcome.

    Through the years we have shared many laughs, serious talks, and a mutual love of correct spelling and dahlias.

    So thankful for his steadfastness, his hard work and generosity, and for his friendship all these years. It has truly been a privilege to know him.

    My heart aches for each one of you, but I am so thankful he is safely Home.

    Naomi Lachmanec

  75. Graham Barnes

    Many, many thoughts going you way. I shall miss Lavern’s friendship and support of many years. Much love.

  76. Liz and Ron Sens

    Dear Elaine, Graeme, Cheryl, Shawna, and families, So glad we had the opportunity to have a short visit with Elaine and Lavern at the end of Sept. Didn’t think at the time it would be the last time with Lavern. Glad that you had a chance to have the last couple of weeks to spend some quality time together and say goodbye. Love his comment to you Graeme. Sounds like he kept his sense of humour to the end. Thinking of all of you. Love Liz and Ron Sens

  77. Garth Cook

    Garth Cook
    Greetins: I have known you, Elaine, since about 1959 when young folks at Salmon Arm Conv. preps etc. then got to know Lavern when he was in the gospel work a few yrs. and after you got married. Appreciate your kindness to us all at preps and convs so many years and all the times we stopped in over the years. Appreciate getting to know your family over the years and fellowship in Christ. I admire anyone who can put an old wreck of car shinny and back on the road. Think of you all in your loss of the life and love of Lavern but know he has gone on to a rich reward and heaven has gained. Garth Cook

  78. Randy Duclos

    How doth it of’t seem, Thou wilstful hearts and pillowed feathered dreams, While of’t this earth ascends thy Souls we love, Aspiring heavenly t’ward other Souls made good and Friends to help the Saintly. It was a privilege to know Lavern a wee bit in the last few years

  79. Grace Jackson

    Dear Elaine & Family Love the picture you chose–looks like he is ready to speak to us.
    I lived in Sault Ste Marie when he was teaching there. He organized many musical evenings ending with pizza and Root Beer. Many good memories! Sending heartfelt sympathy to each of you.
    Grace Jackson & Herschel too

  80. Ruth Clausen

    When I think of Lavern’s character, I think SOLID in every way.
    You are all in my heart these days.

  81. Randy Duclos

    How doth it of’t seem, Thou wilstful hearts and pillowed feathered dreams,While of’t this earth ascends thy Souls we love aspiring heavenly, T’ward other souls made good and Friends to help the Saintly. It was a privilege to know Lavern a wee bit!

  82. Andrew & Katrina Harrison

    Dear Dempster Family,

    Thinking of you all so much. Lavern was a rare and treasured soul who we feel privileged to have known. Lavern & Elaine, you treated us all like family and it means more than you will ever know. A beautiful family we are lucky to know!
    We love all of you so much and glad you had some treasured days with him before he was lifted to rest.

    Love with all our hearts,
    Andrew, Katrina, Slater & Vienna Harrison

  83. Sharlene & Dotun Phillips

    Our condolences to all the family, may you experience God’s peace and the comfort of the Holy Spirit during this time.

  84. Ellwood and Lillian Bentley

    Our thoughts of sympathy are with you at this time.We have pleasant memories, Elaine.

  85. Jeff and Tammy Radom

    We have many wonderful memories of Lavern. It was a privilege to know him.

  86. Dale & Bonnie Danell

    So very thankful to have known the Dempster family over many years. Lavern lived a life that showed us his love for God, family, and friends. Grateful for the help and encouragement, from the faithful testimony he has left for our memories.

  87. Sheila Dobson

    My most favourite uncle of all time, always enjoyed their visits to SK. Will surely miss those visits. He will be visiting up a storm with Dad, Alyx and Carson.

  88. Tammy Bodle (Soderstrom)

    Thinking of all the family and sending our deepest condolences. Lavern will always hold a very special place in my heart with all my childhood memories.
    With love Mark Tammy and family Bodle (Soderstrom)

  89. Rob & Lisa Grieve

    Dear Dempster family,

    We were deeply saddened to hear of Lavern’s passing. Our thoughts are with you all during this time. We are glad he is no longer suffering and is home to rest.

    Love, Rob, Lisa, Kiara, Jaris & Chase Grieve.

  90. Pam Mestinsek

    Elaine, Graeme, Cheryl, Shawna and family,
    My deepest condolences, I have many wonderful memories of how kind and caring Lavern was. He will be deeply missed by all. My thoughts are with you.
    Pam Mestinsek

  91. Scott Bedard

    Uncle Lavern, was always a positive influence in my life. For as long as I can remember, his gentle, yet stern demeanor, drew a lot of respect from me. Growing up around the Dempster house, I can honestly say I don’t have one bad memory, so when I heard of Uncle Lavern’s passing, it was very saddening. Sending all my love to the Dempster family, during these difficult times.

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