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  1. Clyde Nelson

    Andy: Larry was a truly gracious and generous man whom I enjoyed knowing and working with for many years. He was a breath of fresh air in a rather stifling setting of courtroom cases, and a person I respected. He will be missed. Julie and I wish you and your family all the best. Clyde Nelson



  3. John Hanson

    From one Conservation Officer to another… the Thin Green Line is a little brighter for you having been a part of it. It was an honor to work with you and benefit from your knoweledge. Your tour of service is complete. RIP

  4. Gary Hompland

    Larry came to Soda when I was working as a researcher on the Phosphate Study. When I became a CO I returned to Soda as a rookie in training with Larry. We made a great big game case in Diamond Ck. “Thanks Larry for all the help.”

  5. Brad Compton

    I was a wildlife biologist in Southeast Idaho who had the pleasure of working with Larry from 1992-1999.
    Not only was Larry an incredible outdoorsman and expert on fish and wildlife, he was an exceptional mentor who demonstrated patience and compassion for fellow fish and gamers, sportsmen/women, and citizens. I am lucky to have gotten to meet and work with Larry and will forever cherish the memories of him. Best wishes to his family during this difficult time.

  6. Kathy Sunshine Shultz

    To meet Larry was to understand exactly where his kids got their spark for life and that magnanimous smile! I’m sure there is a deep Canyon that opened up full of Wildlife rare him to manage and enjoy in between the time that he takes to keep watch over his loved ones🙌I am sorry for all of your hearts loss👣

  7. Danielle Jones

    Thinking of your family during this time. So sorry for your loss. So grateful for the many memories I have of Larry.

  8. Ron&Bonnie Bevins

    So sorry to hear about Larry. He will be missed by many.

  9. Sussy

    Muchas gracias Larry por todas las atenciones para mi familia que el cielo te pague con recibirte, a la familia Hlavaty resignación y fortaleza que el Señor nuestro Dios los llene de paz y los bendiga siempre

  10. Lisa Byland Hancock

    I am sorry to hear of your families loss. I am Ken‘s daughter. We are sorry that we were not able to meet with Larry and your family before his passing. Many blessings to you all.

  11. Mohit Modgil and Janny

    Shawn and Sherry (and Sidney and Spencer) though we never met him, we heard several stories from you guys about him. We are really sorry for your loss.

  12. Sarah Simmons

    My childhood memories are full of Larry and the entire Hlavaty clan. That smile, that enthusiasm, that windblown hair, that confidence in every setting….he was a great man to look up to as a little girl. Larry always made us feel so safe and so loved.

    He brought so much joy and adventure to the Simmons family! Backcountry daddy daughter adventures, team races on the Snake and in the Tetons. I remember Larry teaching Taya and me to fish, a fawn recuperating on blankets in the Hlavaty livingroom, always a dog or two lovingly on the couch. Deer and ducks on the walls, and taco buffets in the kitchen for all to enjoy.

    Thank you Larry for bringing us so much joy and beauty. We will miss you so much. Love to know Cody has you by his side once again.

    Andy, Taya, Shawn, James, Casey….love you guys and sending you comfort and peace.

  13. Nina and Dave F

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your sweet family. Larry was one of those special people who you knew where they stood and would give you the help and support you needed regardless of who you were. He has a special, if somewhat mischievous, smile that lights my thoughts even though it’s been years since we left Soda. He will be missed on this side of the veil but welcomed by many on the other. Our deepest love and condolences.


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. He will be missed.

  15. Suzanne Hamilton

    I was so lucky to have become part of the Larry and Andy Hlavaty family. When their son, James, married my daughter, Wren, they embraced our whole family into theirs. I will miss Larry’s endless fount of knowledge about everything wild. I will miss his radiant smile. I will miss his hair styles. He was such a wonderful person to know. I am so glad to have him and Andy and the rest of the family in my life. I can only imagine the joy he is having being reunited with Cody.

  16. Brian Fellrath

    What a good and generous man. What a wonderful friend. So many memories. We had a lot in common. We were both conservation officers. We both served in Vietnam. We both loved to hunt and fish. For over 20 years, we shared antelope hunts in a remote corner of Montana. They were special. On one of those hunts, Larry showed another of his many attributes, he was tough. Larry had bad knees, starting from being wounded in Nam. A nasty October storm caused us to end up with vehicles mired down on the north edge of the U L bend wilderness area. We had to walk out of there in the gumbo and freezing rain to the “buffalo ranch”. It was about ten miles. with good knees it was a challenge. That walk was a special bond for us.

    On many trips hunting to the mountains, Larry and Andy would come out to our hunting camp for steaks and baked beans on a bed of campfire coals. For dessert,, Andy always brought out a fresh-baked pie. And, for a “civilized” meal, Larry and Andy would have us in for a dinner with their whole, wonderful family.

    Rafting on the Snake, a rodeo, soaking in a hot spring, so many experiences gifted.

    Thank you my brother. Love you man.

  17. Mark and Laurie Dooley

    Larry leaves large shoes to fill and a wonderful legacy. He will be missed. Love and hugs to Andy and all the family.

  18. Bill gough

    Larry was a very special friend to me and my family. Many times we would come from California and drive 17 straight hrs to be in the back country to go hunting..we would get deep, deep deep away from what we thought everyone. Larry would be standing next to his truck with his Larry only smile. He had told me 6 months before where to go…but somehow he got there before us. Larry was not only a great friend, but an inspiration to us all for we loved seeing him with family and the way he treated ALL people..he was God’s gift to us all. I was fortunate to receive a phone call days before he passed. Totally Larry, upbeat and looking forward forward to moving to the veterans housing… Larry should be happy knowing the earth is a better place because of him. We will ALL miss him.

  19. Jeff & Fay Anderson

    Rest In Peace our friend. We will miss you but we know you are enjoying a nice reunion with Cody, pain free!

  20. bill gough

    Thank you so much for the invitation to the celebration of life….NO ONE was bigger in life than Larry…he was a role model to not only his family but to all his friends, which were many, and his profession as well…Larry may you rest in peace knowing you have left this earth a much better place because of you having been here….I love you and will miss your visits and conversations as well…Your smile said many things without you saying a word…

  21. Chad Rawlins

    My thoughts dwell on the wonderful time I spent with Larry and the Hlavaty family growing up. Between Larry and my father I formed my appreciation for the natural world and our role in it. That’s a gift I can never repay but will always work to pass on.

  22. Bill woodin

    They say a person can count their true friends on one hand throughout a lifetime on this earth. Larry is one of my true friends and fellow Marine. I’ve cherished your friendship and times spent with you and your family.

  23. Kenneth Alvin Byland

    Hi Everyone
    My name is Ken Byland,
    I just found out three years ago about Larry being my half brother
    I never knew I had he did a lot of work over the years researching his family tree and
    connecting all the dots
    I was thirteen when Larry was born. I am 88 now.
    Getting to meet Larry for the first time. has been on my bucket list
    every since I found that I had a brother but just wasn’t men,t to be..
    Rest in peace brother Larry.
    Love ya Ken

  24. Vaughn Rasmussen

    Larry was always a great person to be around. He was a great neighbor and friend to the family.

  25. Dan Clayton

    He taught me to drive a stick shift, and how to shoot a recurve bow..HE Also taught me to hunt.He was and always will be my big brother. He will live in our hearts forever.

  26. James (Jimmy) Bauder

    When Is A Long Time Not Long Enough?
    Just the other day, my ‘let’s go fishing’, obsessed 9-year old grandson asked me how old I was. I told him I was three quarters of a century old. I then went on to tell him I felt like a 35 year old young man, trapped in a 75 year old body; and I had a few friends like that as well. Larry immediately came to mind. My grandson then said “is a half a century a long enough time to go fishing?” And I said, 50 years is not long enough time to go fishing if you have a friend like “Lucky Larry”, who really loves to fish with you. “It goes by too fast and ends too suddenly.”
    A half century ago two young fly fishing greenhorns walked into a classroom at Utah State University, where I was just starting to teach a fly tying class for beginners. They admitted that they were beginners but they sure knew of great places to go fishing in northern Utah and south east Idaho. We struck up a deal – and a 50-year long friendship: I’ll teach you how to tie flies, you show me the places to go fishing and take me there. And, we both kept our parts of the deal. There began a life-long friendship between me, Larry and Mark Steele.
    Can you imagine a friendship which lasts 50 years? And, the common threads of the friendship being fishing, love of playing in the out of doors, families, respect for each other’s accomplishments in life. I have had that friendship with Larry and our common friend Mark Steele since some time in 1971 or 1972 – I don’t remember exactly when we started tying flies and fishing together. That friendship also turned into hunting – deer, antelope, upland birds, waterfowl and sharing stories about our own adventures and our families.
    After our short time at Utah State University, we and our fledgling families went our separate ways, still keeping in touch, still sharing outdoor stories, still growing our families. Every Christmas the cards and updates passed in the mail. Eventually, we all ended up living fairly close to each other, as our children grew into adults and parents; drawn by the open spaces and clear running trout waters. Larry and Mark in Soda Springs, ID and me in Bozeman, MT. Sharing adventure stories, family growths and family tragedies through holiday greetings and occasional phone calls. The last few years it turned into pass-through visits or three-day fishing adventures.
    The other day I decided I needed to call Larry, just to wish him and Andie a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Larry and I had been talking on the phone every couple months of so, ever since covid showed up and shut down our fishing adventure on the Blackfoot River and prostate cancer became another common thread Larry and I shared. When I got Larry’s voice mail, I left a holiday greeting for him, Andie and their families, closing with ‘I love you guys’.
    Yesterday when my phone rang, the phone reported the call from Larry. Right in the middle of New Year’s Eve celebration, I dropped everything and picked up the phone, only to hear Larry and Andie’s son James say “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but Larry passed away, just the other day”. Needless to say, as strong and bold as I am, I sat on the edge of my bed, lights out, balling my eyes out. Fifty years is a long time to keep a friendship, one which you cherish and look forward to refueling with a fishing trip. After fifty years, the passing of a lifelong friend hurts the soul. It hurts everyone who Larry touched.
    I can’t begin to say how fortunate the Hlavaty family has been for having Larry there guiding the way. And, just how fortunate I have been to have Larry as a friend for fifty years. I know his passing leaves a very large void, but it is a void which was previously filled with adventures, teaching, strong character, loyalty, love of the outdoors, enthusiasm, and devotion to his wife, his children and their spouses and his grandchildren. I recall Larry referring to his son Cody, who preceded him in crossing over to the other side, as a jedi. Truly Larry was the Master Jedi.
    I could tell stories for a long time about the adventures of Larry, Mark and Jim, as college students, when we had only enough lunch money for a cold duck breast between two pieces of bread, with a little mayo to help it go down – all while either standing waist deep in a stream or river or hunkered down in the cattails, waiting for the ducks and geese. Dressed in waders and fishing vests, chasing badgers across open fields, while on the way to a fishing hole – Larry just had to have that badger to mount. Back packing high into the hills of northern Utah, in search of mule deer, only to discover that there was a road not more than 100 yards from our campsite, which we could have driven to. Our last adventure was a couple days fishing the Blackfoot – a trip I will never forget.
    I will miss our phone chats, our not-frequent-enough fishing adventures, and everything else we shared. I also know he will always be on the minds and in the hearts of his family. And, I know that he will be watching over his family with the love and devotion of a great man. A better friend and fishing buddy I could not have asked for. Miss you already. Jimmy

  27. mike scanlan

    Met and served with Larry in viet nam. We became the very best of friends for life. I will miss him very much and the mention of his name and old photos will always bring a smile to my face. Rest in peace my FRIEND
    Semper Fi

  28. Keith and Carolyn

    There are just no words. I love the interaction both Keith and I had with him. He was always on the job.
    Andy you saved him. Love you all .

  29. Raliegh Scott

    Sad to hear this news, but grateful for the opportunity to get to know Larry since I moved to Soda. Always willing to impart some wisdom and tell me stories of the past. Great friend and mentor.

  30. Terri Davison

    Larry was one of my most favorite people & will be deeply missed. I’m so glad I had the honor of knowing him and having him in the family. RIP Larry.

  31. Ken & Mary Finlayson

    Larry had an infectious smile along with his kind and friendly hospitality . He and Andy were a perfect match and we loved how they complimented each other gifts and talents, and together they have created a rich and. Loving Legacy for their children, posterity and people to build upon.
    We loved Larry’s stories and life experiences. He was good at everything on the land, water and snowy mountains and hills. He was. Sooo fun loving and always tryed to include YOU!!! Larry will be missed and we send our condolences to Andy and his family. From the Finlayson Family who were blessed by his service, love 💕 and faith.

  32. Carole Hegstrom

    I am so sorry to read about Larry’s passing. I consider he and Andy valued friends. I loved to visit with him when he came into the post office, he loved his family, friends , country, and our Savior ! He had a strong testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and always lifted my spirit. He was a great example. Please know you’ll be in my prayers. Carole Hegstrom

  33. Cintia Bermúdez Chavarría

    En nuestra memoria, recuerdos y corazón vivirás por siempre Larry. Gracias por tu cariño y apoyo para con nuestra mamá María Elena Chavarría y hacer de nuestro hermano Jimmy Bermúdez Chavarría un hijo más. Nuestra gratitud por siempre. Mainor, Cintia, Brayan y Joelene Ramírez Bermúdez. Descase en Paz y brille para ti la Luz eterna. Fortaleza a toda la familia.

  34. Travis Naef

    Larry was a good neighbor and welcomed me into their neighborhood in 2020. He did taxidermy on a few elk & my first mule deer (1986) for me, two of which are at my parents’ place in North Fork. Those were exciting times in my life and he helped preserve some great memories ! I enjoyed his stories about his friends and family and enjoyed talking hunting and fishing – both things we shared passion for. I appreciate his service in the military and think it is pretty awesome that he went back to Vietnam to visit and meet new friends. May he be at peace and rest easy. My condolences to all the family. He will be missed by everyone that knew him.

  35. Ray Mills

    It is with a sad filled heart as I write this. To Andy and family, surly you know how blessed you were with Larry in your life. From the moment I met Larry and we became very good friends, I knew how blessed I was. On a visit to Larry and Andy’s beloved Soda Spring once, Larry took me to a location in the forest to find that special piece of wood I could carve on Larry did something I’ll never forget and cherish all my life. As I was cutting a limb off of a tree, Larry was etching something on another. I ask him what he was doing and he said come look. It said “Ray & Larry”
    Friends forever!
    Larry sealed our friendship that day.
    I’ll see you again one day buddy! Ray…

  36. Charlie Kator

    Loved Larry as a neighbor. His taxidermy art adorns my basement walls. Thank you for teaching me how to tie a renegade. A big hug to Andy and family. ❤️🤗

  37. Will Henggeler

    This is a lovely tribute to Larry. I feel very Lucky to have meet him and family. I am sorry for for you all but know there are plenty of good times that you all will alway cherish and help move you all through.

  38. Deborah Gill

    Our hearts are broken. We know that you will still be close to watch over Taya and Jason when they need you. Corbon and Alta will feel your influence in their lives and your example of being a righteous man will impact generations to come. Thank you for your goodness and being a great Patriot who defended the freedom of our country.

  39. Debbie Peck

    Fine man good friend & neighbor he will be greatly missed. He loved life to much to stay here in a broken body. Heaven gained a good man

  40. Alice gibson

    Larry was a close to val they done some exciting adventures together. He is a true friend sorry for the loss of a friend.

  41. Howard and Mary Davis

    So sad to hear of Larry’s passing. We have so loved our friendship with you both over these many years. Our prayers, love and condolences to the entire family

  42. Tuan Vo

    So sad to hear that Larry has left us to the next life. It was a great honor to be connected with you and Andy. We did have a wonderful time back in Vietnam 13 years ago. You supprised my in our first meeting with the stories you shared. I will never forget the unique experience you gave me in Idaho, where I also had a great “phở” specially cooked by Andy. You taught me how to snowboard with you son and grandchildren. It was fabulous for the guy from a tropical country, wasn’t it? Thank you for your hospitality, care and love. All my condolences to Andy and the family. R.I.P my dear Larry!

  43. Dale and Susan Mason

    We are so very sorry to hear this. He sure lived life to the fullest with a big smile on his face.

  44. Katie (Pearson) Justesen

    I’m grateful for this gentle soul who was kind to my family and a friend to my dad. Love to the Hlavaty family and hoping you feel peace and comfort at this difficult time.

  45. Matt & Deborah Finlayson

    We are so sad to hear of Larrys passing. We send our love and thoughts and prayers to you all. So thankful and grateful to have known this special man and his beautiful family. Will never forget him. We love you Andy and we are thinking of you and the kids. Much arohanui, The Finlaysons

  46. Tom and Joy

    So sorry to hear about Larry, he was a great neighbor and friend. He will be greatly missed, along with his stories.
    Andy and family our prayers and thoughts are with you. May you feel the comfort of our Heavenly Father close by.
    Let us know if you need anything.

  47. Corey And Gaylene Hopkins

    So sorry to hear., would like to send our thoughts and prayers. We as Neighbors will miss the visits over our backyard fence. It Was always fun to chat, joke and listen to Larry’s many stories. We will miss him. All our love Corey and Gaylene Hopkins..

  48. Nancy Pearson Saunders

    So much life shared next door. The love in a wave a smile and a story was often shared. There was safety knowing Larry was there. I guess, Cody gets his turn now and I’m happy for him. We love each member of your family and are thankful for all our good times. He was a good Dad. Sending love and prayers of comfort to each of you. My Dad will enjoy him. PS. He could have won the show Alone! (Haha)

  49. Cal & Sandra Batterton

    I am so sad to hear this news. Larry and Andy have been great friends and neighbors for many years. My condolences to Andy and the family. Please let us know if you need anything.

  50. Cadge Clayton

    He was a Great Man, and helped everyone out, he was a person to look up to, and will be missed.

  51. Darla

    We would like to send our love and thoughts and prayers to each of you, especially Kacey he is like a son to Carl and I. Larry was a good guy may be R.I.P with Cody. Love you all . The Toupins.