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  1. Charles

    Only met Mrs. Knott once, yet before our meeting she spent the time and energy to knit a hat for my unborn first son based off my relationship with her son. What an incredible soul and family to do something with so much time involved for someone she didn’t even know. I am glad to hear about the sign in her honor.


    The Eckerts

  2. Deb Walters-Smith

    Kathy was an amazing friend, mentor, wise sage, tireless advocate for children with hearing loss, confidant, and a second mother to me. While grieving with a colleague, she reminded me that Kathy was pretty much a second mom to all of us. Kathy always had good perspective to share with me when I most needed it, whether it related to working with students with hearing loss or working through my own life challenges. I miss her.

    Kathy inspired all of the DHH team who worked with her. She taught me so very much about working with families whose children have hearing loss. She taught me to better understand just how brave, resilient, and remarkable these kids truly are, coming to school ready to face the challenges that accompany hearing loss every single day.

    I especially admired how Kathy always treated families with the dignity, compassion and kindness we all need in life. My favorite “Kathy Knott Mantra,” that I continue to share with families while referencing her is, “Behind every successful child with hearing loss is a pushy parent.” Kathy’s passion, perseverance, and brilliance in working with families and children with hearing loss continue to inspire and influence my work as an educational audiologist in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing program that she helped create. This program is but one of her beautiful legacies. What a gift Kathy was to our DHH program and every single one of us whose life she touched.

  3. Katia Seidler

    Dear Kathy,
    I will never forget when I met you for the first time. It was in 2017, when I was in 5th grade. I could barely speak English and one day, you came to teach our class some sign language. I was very happy when I heard that you spoke a little German. So every time you came to our school, we went for an hour in the hallway and I got to teach you a little German and share my stories with you, while you helped me with my English. It was always much fun and it was my favorite part of school. You also translated things for me when I didn’t understand them. I really wanted to thank you for all of that. You were a wonderful person and I will never forget you. Love, Katia

  4. Sophie Seidler

    Kathy, I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and I am so saddened that you had to go so early… I already miss our deep conversations, your humor and our good laugh, our German lunches at Huckelberry’s… I love the way our families have met and are interconnected, first through my daughter Katia, then you met my mom in Paris and became friends, we all met again in Colorado and I met Doug, then Chris in Europe… You were a great German student, I had so much fun teaching you! You were a real sunshine, a really bright and vibrant woman. Your smile is still shining on us from above and be sure I will keep you forever in my heart. Doug, Chris, Ben and families, you are in my thoughts in this difficult time.

  5. Battarel Geneviève

    Dear Kathy,
    I want to tell you that I liked you very much. You were and will stay my American friend. I liked your emails in German and in English, because you wanted to learn German and I wanted to learn English. We helped each other to make progress.
    I miss you. I pray for you and for your family.
    You will always stay in my heart.
    Your friend from France.

  6. Bart, Wendy, Sawyer, Britta & Gunnar Hanson

    The Super Hero, Kathy Knott, entered our home about 11 years ago. Serving as our son, Sawyer’s, 1st Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher. She infused us with knowledge, energy, and compassion.

    These 1st steps in life, and Sawyer’s 1st few years in RPS education were the foundation for tremendous growth and crushing all expectations.

    Kathy’s legacy has left an imprint on our lives forever. She is missed and treasured.
    Love – Sawyer (11), Britta (8), Gunnar (6), Wendy & Bart Hanson

  7. Laura Nasiatka

    As a retired teacher and now a substitute teacher, I would often run into Kathy at Louisville Elementary. It was always a treat to chat with her about her grandchildren ( also my former students) and everything education and school. The dedication to her grandchildren was truly inspiring. I am heartbroken. I will miss Kathy’s warm heart and the constant devotion to her family.

  8. Vicki Rotzel

    We knew Kathy and Doug in the ’70’s in Appleton WI. They were wonderful people, both of them. And such fun!! Kathy is still a full vibrant person in my mind though I haven’t seen her for 45 years. What a loss. What sadness. Yet, what a gift she has been to the world for all her life.

  9. Dylan Frusciano

    Thank you, Ben, for inviting me to the memorial for your mom. She was a special person who raised a special son and it’s an honor to be a part of remembering her legacy.

  10. Steve Mark

    I met Kathy and Doug when they joined the Front Range Ski Gang four or five years ago. Kathy was so open, joyous, and genuine that it didn’t take long after meeting her to appreciate the rich warmth of her presence. One could quickly tell how concerned she was with people, both people as individuals, and people as members of groups poorly treated by society.

    Unexpectedly, Kathy has recently become a fixture in my winter wardrobe. One day I came to Eldora wearing a colorful knit hat. Lou made fun of it, but Kathy admired it. Kathy, who remembered everything one ever told her, knew that my partner Pam knit, and asked if Pam had made that hat. When I said no, Kathy commented that it would be an easy pattern to make. I told Pam, who was surprised at that comment. When she looked it up, she found that Kathy was right. Since then Pam has made several such hats, which we call “Kathy hats.” When I go outside Pam will say, wear your red Kathy hat with that jacket.

  11. Paul and Karen Andre

    We love you and will miss the golf and dinner outings. God Bless and we will keep Doug and your family in our prayers. Love Karen and Paul

  12. Mary Dirksen

    Kathy and I were friends through our teaching days at Bamber Valley Elem School in Rochester, MN. Kathy was very dedicated to teaching and caring for her students and their parents. I watched her help many students with hearing challenges along with some from my classes over the years.
    Kathy was always busy and pleasant, concerned about the lives of her students and fellow faculty member alike. Her caring and concerned approach made a big difference in the lives of many children.

  13. Dale and Lisa Martinson

    Kathy was always so energetic and excited to visit with when they lived close to us in Rochester. ‘Looked so forward to visiting when we’d come out to ski and Kathy would fix a lovely meal for us before we headed out or when we came back. Always so fun to visit and catch up again with Kathy and Doug. We miss her and pray the many wonderful memories of her full life will comfort Doug and family.

  14. nancy von meyer

    I am sorry to hear of Kathy’s passing. We never met but I know her through her son’s eyes. She was clearly a loving adventurous, caring woman. Her love continues through everyone she touched. I wish the family peace snd strength.

  15. Jenn Borum

    I was surprised and of course saddened to hear of Kathy’ s passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. She was a dedicated and loyal volunteer at Louisville Elementary School and she helped out everyone at our school-always with a smile and a kind word especially for the kids…truly an inspiration. She will be missed.

  16. Jen Alexander

    My Aunt Kathy had such a beautiful smile and genuine laugh! Her eyes always twinkling. She has such a soft spoken voice yet there was strength there as well. To me, she possessed a very calming presence.

    In 2017, my husband and I endured a very challenging season in our lives. He having a genetic kidney disease, had two major surgeries scheduled to coordinate for. With two young children, we needed all hands on deck. Aunt Kathy, with out hesitation volunteered to fly out and serve our family during that very difficult time.

    She took such great care of our girls while I was in between the home and hospital. She was a peaceful presence for me. Aunt Kathy was so gracious and kind and her support meant everything to me.

    I still can’t believe she’s no longer with us… It hurts my heart. To be taken so suddenly seems so cruel. Yet I rest in knowing what a content woman she was. She expressed such pride and absolute joy in her two boys, their beautiful wives and her amazing grandchildren. She was loved and cared for by all those who were around her… and it showed.

    That beautiful smile will be greatly missed. I love You, Aunt Kathy.

  17. Julia

    I was honored to work with Kathy on the early childhood evaluation team at Rochester Public Schools. I learned so much from her and valued her input, smile, sense of humor, questions and knowledge. I was happy for her when she moved to be near her family, but missed her. But knowing how many lives she touched and improved through her work and her joyful personality makes me smile. Prayers to Doug and her extended family.

  18. Doug and Jo Enevoldsen

    We thank our Lord and Savior for the time Kathy had with all of us and the kindness she shared with our family. As the wife to our cousin, Doug, they opened their home to us during our difficult medical time with our son. We so enjoyed our last visit in June, even with the CoVid Pandemic we spent a couple hours visiting in their backyard, reminiscing about our families. We pray for Doug, Chris, Ben, and families as they go through this difficult and very sad time of life.

  19. Cathy Hammel Neumann

    I was blessed to have worked beside Kathy as a teacher and a friend. She was a ray of hope and joy each day in the lives of so many children and such a great role model for all of us around her. She was and will forever be a wonderful friend to me. We shared a similar passion for teaching children to read and together we were “The Kathys” a dynamic duo. It brings joy to my heart just thinking about her passion in teaching. My heart is saddened for Doug and the rest of her family at this time of tragic loss. I know that they will feel her presence as they cherish the precious memories they created together.

  20. Mary Hung

    I feel honored and blessed to have walked a bit of life’s journey with Kathy. We first met through our children’s elementary school activities, but Tim and I soon developed a friendship with Kathy and Doug that has lasted through the decades. The interests were wide and conversations deep and insightful. Kathy will be forever missed, but her spirit lives on as we remember how she lived her life – the courage of her convictions and her steadfast commitment to making a difference.

  21. Issie & Marieann Cantor

    Issie & Marieann Cantor

    Having been long time friends of Cathy’s parents, sharing the same occupation and some of the same geographical work assignments, we have many fond memories of her parents as well as Cathy and her siblings growing up. Before her marriage to Doug while Cathy was visiting her Mom in Pueblo, Marieann made her wedding dress for the big occasion. Was quite a shock when Sue informed us of Cathy’s passing. We were so saddened to hear of this unexpected loss. Our heart goes out to all the family.

  22. Judy Cannin

    I just met Kathy a few years ago when I joined her book club. I enjoyed getting to know her along with fun times comparing notes on learning a foreign language. I was shocked to hear of her passing and miss her presence in our book club where she always picked intersting books and shared insightful comments. My heartfelt condolences go to her family and friends.

  23. Timothy Hung

    It was a sad day when we learned of Kathy’s passing. However, we choose to remember the 30+ years of fond memories Mary and I shared with Kathy and Doug in both Rochester, MN and Loveland, CO. We remember the movies, plays, Super Bowls, golf outings and invigorating discussions of politics, social justice and the environment with Kathy and Doug over dinner. Kathy will be forever remembered for her laughter, positivity, activism and especially her friendship.

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