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  1. Mary McCue

    Phil, Thank you for honoring Kathy today on her birthday. What a beautiful gift.
    It was a celebration that captured Kath in all her beauty and grace. It was a privilege to have had her friendship and love and to share memories with those that loved her.

  2. Trish and Al Rocco

    We have wonderful memories of spending time with you and Kathy. I will remember how you too were always laughing and enjoying the moments. We love you both.

  3. Chris McCue Potts

    My heart aches for you Phil. I’m so sorry for the loss of Kathy, and especially so during such a challenging time that prevents mourning in person with people who love and cared about her, and who care about you. She fought the brave battle with you by her side providing much care and comfort. Now it’s up to us to stay close and surround you with love today — and beyond — as you continue to grieve and cope with this significant loss. There’s much love for you here! Chris & Jerry

  4. Jillian & Armandina

    Her smile and her laughs. Her sense of humor. And her stories. There are a million things we love and miss about Kathy. Even though she was in our lives for a few years, it felt like so much longer; she became family to us. On the regular we laugh about something she said or that happened with her and yet we also miss her dearly.

  5. Drasko & Rebecca Kovrlija

    My wife Rebecca and I absolutely loved getting together with Kathy and Phil. These were times filled with so much happiness and laughter, even when Kathy was in the middle of her treatments.

    Will always remember Kathy as a beautiful, shining star that made everything and everyone near her brighter and happier. We feel so fortunate to have known her.

  6. Gigi Jarvis

    Kathy was the prettiest girl at Emory, as well as being brilliant, talented and kind. I’m so sorry to hear about this.

  7. Lauren Michalski

    One of the most special people to come through my life. Kathleen was hired to help our son, Ben, in his writing skills. When Ben shared his college essay with me, I was shocked at how well he portrayed himself and his skills; clearly due to the many discussions he had with Kathleen. She captured him in their first meeting and we have been friends ever since. I knew of her illness, but was unaware of her passing until today, when I jumped on messenger to send her a holiday greeting. I am so very sad but know she is watching over all us now. God Bless all of her family. I am sorry for your loss of such an amazing person.

  8. Patricia Spizuco

    We had the joy of spending time with Kathy at a fun family gathering that Phil and Kathy hosted. It was the best day filled with laughter, competitive games and of course food. Personally Kathy and I had a laughing game of badminton because neither of us was good at any of the other games. I feel like I have known her for a longer time than I did. Kathy had that way of making you feel welcome and a warmth that is rare. She is truly missed. The world lost some light and caring with her loss. I know she is smiling at her family and will be there for them forever.❤️

  9. Ed Gentile & Pat Ryan

    When we think of Kathy we remember her bright, funny and giving spirit. She felt like family from the very first moment we met her. Despite the how short our time together was, she has forever made a place in our memories and hearts.

  10. Holly

    Phil- Thank you for including me in Kathy’s celebration of life. Her children and you did an amazing job of getting her through the trying times and keeping her smiling as often as possible. I know she felt blessed to have you in her life! Thinking of you all during the Holidays which I know are not the same without Kathy.
    Sending love and strength to find the brightness in everyday until the sun can shine again. Take care!

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