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  1. Rosalie Pratt

    Beautiful woman inside and out. Will never forget her kindness and generosity to me. Loved her strong and independent spirit!

  2. Richard & Dawn Suslick

    We met Judi after moving to Rotonda in 2017. After trying to help her with her generator during one of our hurricane threats, we received her very unique and awesome!!! peanut brittle. That, and what we could snitch during one of her neighborhood gatherings! Thanks for being our friend, Judi. It was fabulous knowing you. Rest in peace.

  3. Hugh Mulligan

    I am saddened to hear of the death of Judi, but glad she was able to experience her final birthday and Christmas in the care of Michelle and John, my son, and their girls Kate and Annie.
    I know how grieved Michelle and John and the girls are over Judi’s passing but I know they will feel her love and gratitude beaming down upon them from Heaven, where she blesses them for their care

  4. Rosalie Dupont

    Judy and I grew up living next door to one another. She was like my sister. We played every day growing up and I will love and think of her forever

  5. Marie Dupont Lively

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  6. Avis murphy

    Judi, was a joy to know, we only knew her for a short time , she will always be remembered as one of our favorites. Both my Sister and I loved seeing Judi at Kim and Mike’s. Sorry for your loss.God Bless.. Pat, Avis, Ada

  7. Jim rhea

    Judi was the sweetest person, she has been our neighbor for many years here in Rotonda and we looked forward to seeing her and Maggie every morning to catch up on the day’s events at our fence. Even though she must have been in great pain in the past few months she never showed it, always had a smile and something nice to say. She will be dearly missed by her friends and family, may she dance among the stars!

  8. Sherry Sbrega

    Judi was my oldest and dearest friend for 66 years. We had some wonderful memories that will last forever. She was gentle and kind and as sweet as her Mother, and I loved them both. I will miss her, and I will never forget her. She is in my heart.

  9. Tamara Cabey

    To Michelle, John and the girls, Judy was one of those truly gracious individuals who made life so much more pleasant for everyone around her. She will be missed.

  10. Pattie & Ron Judson

    To Michele, John and the girls, so sad for you all but she is in a better place. U know i have had very beautiful memories of Judi. Lots of laughing, joking, talking and Farkel and when she answer the phone she would say hello Miss Patricia. She will be missed.

  11. Diana and John Headley

    Judi was such a joy to be around, she was a spunky, elegant beautiful lady. She always had a smile to share. She will be missed.

  12. Jane Robinson

    My thoughts and sympathy go out to Michelle, John, and the girls. May memories of better times help you through this difficult time and she lives forever in your heart.
    Judy was such a special person. She was kind and loving to her family, friends, and people she met. I loved her spirit and style and know how much she will be missed by her family.
    I remember how she secretly attended my wedding with Kate and Annie and watched from the sidelines beyond the garden walls at Harkness. Still to this day I wish I had known they were there so I could have invited her and the girls to join us. Heaven has gained a beautiful soul.

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