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  1. Joe and Gloria Smith

    For family: Sorry my computer was off and I lost your information that you sent us. If you have a recording of the service, please send us the information on how to see it later. Send us your address and phone number again, Cindy. So sorry we missed the Service.

  2. Pam Kan-Rice

    Cindy and Ray, my mother, Irene Kan, enjoyed Rev. Tindell’s thoughtful sermons on Sundays in Seaside and John and Bea’s good humor outside of church. When my parents’ health was failing, I appreciated your dad’s concern and moral support. Thank you for sharing their lives with us.

  3. Leo and Mary Ellen McGlothlin

    We have many fond memories of John while at East Anchorage UMC and for many years afterward. We appreciate being able to attend this service, one of the positive effects of this pandemic.

  4. E. Keith Ewing

    The service honored a wonderful servant of God and a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.
    The service inspired me, at age 81, to reflect on the 81 years behind and to contemplate how to creatively use the days ahead.
    From Southerneer memories at Florida Southern to today, as Reverend Fellers said, Well done, thy good and faithful servant.
    Thank you for the use of technology so that I could be involved in the celebration of John’s life.

  5. Judith Parish

    There aren’t enough words to say how deeply Rev John Tindell touched our hearts. We thank his family for sharing him with all of us. He is missed deeply. He was a most kind and gentle person.
    We greatly appreciate the ministry his had with us.
    Rest In Peace

  6. Michael Avila

    We are grateful for having the opportunity, even briefly, to part of his world and his life.

    Michael and Vicki Avila

  7. Leila Vernor

    Our pastor, our friend, our neighbor John embodied all of these. He was there when you needed a calm caring word and will be missed.

  8. Carol Reynolds

    Reverend Tindell was my pastor at Seaside UMC. He was such a kind and caring person and so filled of the Holy Spirit.
    He was such a blessing to our congregation.

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