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  1. Judy Sindelar-Grayson

    Jean and I worked together at AT&T so very many years ago but we have kept in touch at least once a year via holiday cards. After she retired, I visited her in Fountain Hills when I was in AZ for a business trip. Today, the day of her celebration of life, I was ready to send her this year’s card, but decided to look her up online and saw the news of her passing. I was in awe of Jean’s enthusiasm and youthful spirit – she was a role model for me in that sense and I told her so many times. Jean was a person you wanted to spend time with because you always felt invigorated and happy just by being with her. My condolences to the family – she was a gem.

  2. Carol Coates

    Jean, my January 12th "BIRTHDAY SISTER", and I shared a calm, happy retirement life in Fountain Hills, AZ. She and Richard were checking on the progress of their home being built behind my husband, Sid’s and my new home when we met. The sharing of a crockpot of chili and our stories of life on Long Island, NYC, etc. in younger years helped Sid (a Canadian) with his understanding of "New Yorkers"
    It didn’t take long for her to dive in to the many activities in our volunteer-focused community, She always had a smile on her face and a willingness to pitch in. She played a major role as a mentor in the elementary school. I remember when I visited her in her new senior community after Richard died —– She had taken on the role (unofficially) of SOCIAL DIRECTOR!!!!!
    Everyone knew Jean and with her happy smile and attitude she had found many new friends. I have been blessed with the opportunity of knowing her and spending a part of our later years together.
    Rest In Peace, dear Jean, with Richard. Love to your girls and Grandchildren.

  3. Susie McKinney

    As a friend of Joanne, I was privileged to meet Jean on a number of occasions. As my son’s wedding was approaching in 2018, Jean shared with me the best advice for the mother of the groom … "show up, shut up, and wear beige". I was able to accomplish only one of the three. Jean’s energy, wit and compassion lives on in a beautiful legacy of her family. Sending prayers for peace to you all.

  4. Janice Weiman

    Jean and I worked together at AT&T, in Piscataway, New Jersey. Jean became a mentor and a friend throughout our time together in the billing organization and we were fond of our mutual "Brooklyn" backgrounds. Jean was fair, honest, forthright and helped others reach their potential through her abilities and talents as a manger and coach. She was funny, witty and had an infectious smile…always! To this day I still remember working with Jean and that has now been over 35 years ago.
    God Bless my dear friend and co worker, Jean ,and please know that you left a GREAT mark with many of your AT&T coworkers.

  5. Dave


  6. Blair Meiser

    Jean and I worked together at AT&T for a number of years. She was always smiling, full of joy and generally a happy lady. She brought both energy and light into staff meetings and other gatherings – always someone you wanted to engage in conversation. She readily shared her stories about life on Staten Island, the joy of raising 3 daughters, the fun of life with Richard. Jean was a mentor for us all in how to get along with others in a large and sometimes unforgiving corporate environment. She was a great lady, a great wife and mother, and a great colleague. May she rest in peace!

  7. Betty DeMaio

    It’s hard to sum up a lifetime of memories in a little box. We had some great times from the times in Elmhurst prior to getting married. The Staten Island times when we were having kids and houses and having so much fun together. The parties, the holidays, the vacations, all so memorable. Loved her and will miss her. A part of my life, gone but not forgotten.

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