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  1. Nannette Sloan

    Dear Barbara,
    Jimmy adored you and although rightfully so, your tribute to him was worthy of the loving life that you shared.
    I personally was reminded that true love still exists and how wonderful that it does.
    Nannette Sloan
    P.S..Your friends and family were all eloquent in their praise of Jimmy, but, your children and grandchildren were particularly memorable ..

  2. Phyllis August

    On behalf of my colleagues at the Hypertension Center, we extend our condolences to the Block family. We were honored to be a part of his life and will miss him dearly.

  3. Lynne and Burt

    A wonderful tribute to a very special man. We feel privileged to have known Jim and his wonderful family.
    Much love to all of you
    Lynne and Burt Manning

  4. Robin Stearns DeStefano

    Uncle Jimmy was always loving, warm, and extremely funny. I so fondly remember all of the time we spent together at the Jersey Shore and in NYC. The days at the beach, afternoons at theater, or just a simple lunch at his home will always be some of my fondest memories. I will miss his smile and quick wit. Love to you, Aunt Barbara, Valerie, and Peter.

  5. Judy Francis Zankel

    It was truly a moving and beautiful memorial. I am so pleased to have been there.
    With sympathy and love,
    Judy Zankel

  6. Susan Goodman

    Dear Barbara, Peter, and Valerie,
    Your dad was a wonderful man- Your descriptions during the memorial truly evoked his humor and strength.
    My most sincere regrets,

    Susan Goodman and Bruce Cronstein

  7. Neal Meltzer

    I am very sorry to learn of James Block’s passing. On behalf of my family, we extend our deepest condolences to Peter and his family for their loss. Although it has been some time since I last saw him, whenever I did he always greeted me with his charming smile and was very proud of his family. He will be missed.

  8. Ed Roc

    I worked for Mr. Block for 25 years. Mr. Block was a remarkable man. He was smart, selfless, generous, a good mentor and a good boss. My family and I are grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to join Block Drug Company in Jersey City. Working for him was a pleasure and I learned a lot during my years with him. After the sale of the company, it was an easy decision to continue to work for him in Manhattan until my retirement in 2015. His support and trust in me has made a tremendous difference in my life and my family. I will always cherish fond memories with him. We wish Mrs. Block, Valerie and Peter peace and comfort during this time of sorrow.

  9. Jorge Arias

    Mr Block was such a pleasant and wonderful man, easy to talk with and so patient. He is very much missed by me and my colleagues.

  10. Mark Pecker

    I met Jim Block shortly after joining the Hypertension Center at Cornell about 40 years ago. While we benefited from his generosity which helped propel our work, I valued his wise counsel and insights, accompanied by a knowing smile and a wry wit. Most impressively, was his unfailing graciousness, caring and carefulness with all people he encountered. He was unfailingly kind to each of us. I admired and hope to mimic, the grace and lack of self-pity with which he met his last years as illness eroded his physical capacity. He taught me about gratitude.

    I miss him sorely, and I am grateful for my great fortune that our paths crossed.

  11. Kathy Brown and Nat Leventhal

    We loved Jim, what a prince. There are few classier, kinder, or more generous. And he always made us laugh. Sending sincere sympathy to the Block family, Kathy and Nat

  12. Jon Shapiro

    Sending my deepest condolences to the Block family on your loss. Over the many decades since I first met Jim, I’ve witnessed his profound influence on my great friend Peter. He will be missed.

  13. Susan Rita Cullman

    Dear Barbara,
    I send my deepest condolences to you and your family. I look forward to helping celebrate Jim’s life. What an amazing life. One filled with service to others.
    Please be comforted by the many years of love, family and wonderful memories. Enjoy your old photographs and do walk down memory lane. I have been doing so and have been warmed by it.
    As soon as the pandemic ends, we shall have a walk together or share a delicious meal.
    Sending love,
    Susan Cullman

  14. Lynne and Burt Manning

    Jim Block was a rare combination of warmth, wit, intellect, and achievement. Lynne and I treasured our evenings with Jim and Barbara. With many others, we miss him. We miss him.

  15. Richard Schneidman

    Jim was a long-time client of my firm and, more importantly, over our 20-year association, we became friends. It was my honor to work with such an intelligent, honest, creative and well-rounded man who always brought a well thought out opinion to the table, whether about business or politics.
    Jim was respected by all who dealt with him. His generosity and sense of fairness defined who he was, along with, of course, his devotion to Barbara and the family. I always admired the love and respect I witnessed in Jim and Barbara’s relationship.
    I will remember Jim as a man of intellect and integrity who was always the ultimate gentleman.

  16. R and B felberbaum

    Jim had a great sharp mind as well as as sharp wit. We enjoyed our many year friendship and miss him.

  17. Ida Jankowski

    Mr. Block hired me as his secretary on a two week “trial basis” which turned into 30 years. I will remember Mr. Block for his interest in history, art, current events, his intellect and his ever present sense of humor. I will also remember Barbara and Mr. Block hosting Christmas luncheons for the office staff and his family in chic restaurants in Manhattan where he would toast us and thank us for the past year and all good wishes for the new year. Fond memories.

  18. Nancy Salz

    Jimmy was a good friend of my brother, Jimmy, when they were children and teenagers. Jimmy Block was always kind and friendly to me, even during our teenage years. Later in life he wrote a very flattering blurb for my business book. I cherished it — and my friendship with him.

  19. Benita Potters

    Jim was my neighbor, friend and mentor on the NMAI board. Jim’s depth of knowledge and love of learning was astounding but the first thing that will always come to my mind whenever I think of Jim was his profound love for Barbara and his family. It was palpable. Our impromptu warm summer evening dinner at 3 Guys will always be a very fond memory. This comes with much love,
    Benita and Stephen Potters

  20. Stanford S Warshawsky

    Sandy and I were fortunate to have known Jimmy as a friend for about 30 years. Always a perfect gentleman, Jimmy was an optimist who could see the best in every person and situation. His efforts to improve the lives of others and society as a whole were abundantly reflected in his broad range of philanthropy with both financial and personal support. As a friend, Jimmy was the best: sincerely interested, always looking to help, a great sense of humor .and an enormous intellect and memory coupled with profound logic to enlighten any conversation. Spending time with Jim Block was a gift which we shall not forget and greatly miss!

  21. Lauren & John Veronis

    A great man with a quick wit and a big heart. Everyone that knew Jim will surely miss him. Sending love and prayers, Lauren & John

  22. Lauren Katzowitz Shenfield

    Jim was a long-time trustee of The Baron De Hirsch Fund, dedicated to the resettlement of Jewish immigrants and refugees, when I served as Managing Director. He was an invaluable presence — a voice of reason, calm and sound suggestions. Among his many notable contributions was bringing his beloved daughter Valerie onto the Board. I recall fondly the lunches we shared at the Bull&Bear in the Waldorf Astoria where the wait staff called him by name and knew his preferences.

  23. Susan Pinkwater

    What an amazing person, a true human being who achieved so much

  24. Craig Nossel

    Seeing Jim’s picture today really struck an emotional chord with me as I paused to reflect on my relationship with Jim. We met just prior to the sale of Block Drug and thereafter spoke almost weekly for 20 years. Jim was a man of the highest integrity whose intellect, wit, and business instincts always kept me on my toes. I learned a lot from Jim. He was truly a role model to me and I miss him dearly.

  25. Jeffrey Palley

    Jim was a long-time client and friend, and I enjoyed working with him over many years. He was a generous soul who valued both culture and philanthropy. I will miss him, but I know his legacy will live on through his family, which he loved very much.

  26. Morris Copeland

    Mr Block was a great men. I learned a valuable lesson from him that sticks with me even now. He said never be late for anything but always be early I learned a valuable lesson from him that sticks with me even now. He said never be late to your job but always be early. It the respect you have for that job.

  27. William Bush

    I first met Jim as a young associate at the family’s law firm Reavis & McGrath. My mentor at the firm was Peter Repetti who also was a mentor to Jim.

    My first meeting with Jim was with Peter at Block Drug Company’s office in Jersey City. Several things immediately impressed me about Jim – his intellect, thoughtfulness and sense of humor.

    It is my good fortune that I was able to keep my relationship with Jim and his family for more than 30 years. We all miss Jim but our memories and his legacy will sustain us.

    Bill Bush

  28. Ken and Ellen Roman

    Ellen and I long enjoyed our friendship with Jim, admired his intelligence and knowledge of history, respected his knowledge of art and artifacts. What we will miss most is his wry sense of humor. It was always fun being with him.

  29. wendy lavitt

    As jimmy was my second cousin, I feel a special connection – especially since I introduced him to Barbara and she introduced me to Mel – Wendy

  30. Peter Mann

    Jim Block played huge role in both my career and my life. I worked, either directly or indirectly for Jim for about 25 years, and I remember him so fondly. Jim had a remarkable intellect and an amazing in-depth knowledge about so many things; he was well read and well travelled; and yet he always was simple and down-to-earth in his dealings with others. He had a wonderful, sometimes almost silly, sense of humor, and had a way of always making others feel at ease.
    As a boss, he genuinely wanted his team to flourish, and he was great in giving them the support they needed. And, he was incredibly kind and supportive of my relationship with Diana Wheeler, my wife now for 20 years.
    In short, he was a good friend as much as a good boss.

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