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  1. KM

    She sounds like such a strong, wonderful person and just wanted to send my thoughts, prayers and love to her and her family.

  2. Cory Robinson

    Dear Jackie, it’s been way too long since we last spoke. And I never got to say goodbye. You are a all star! Always had a smile and was overall just awesome with me! I’ll never forget our last conversation. And I will take that one with me! Take car kiddo! See ya when I get their!

  3. Miriam

    Our family was blessed to have known Jackie. She was caring, kind, and always made everyone feel welcome. Her love for family and friends showed through her actions, always willing to step up and help anytime she could. She welcomed Robert, Rocco, and Joseph into her family with open arms. She will be remembered by her beautiful smile. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family
    All our love,
    Bob, Miriam & Family

  4. Lisa

    Jackie will always be remebered for her kindness, warmth and understanding, she never judged and I loved that about her. She is missed.

  5. Andrea

    Taken too soon
    I can only assume there is a bigger plan in store for you, my friend

  6. Brodie Procyk

    Jackie was an amazing woman who cared for and offered help to anyone she crossed paths with. She was a huge part of getting me the help I needed when I was struggling and owe alot of my success in life now to her help and guidance. She was a definitely the type of person the world needs more of. She will be missed.

  7. Cindy

    You were an amazing friend Jackie, I have so many wonderful, funny memories from Driftwood drive 🙂 your girls and mine growing~ up together.
    I’m so grateful that their childhood friendship continues to grow !
    I’ll miss you forever and a day Jackie…….
    Rest easy my dear friend 💕

  8. Lisa Hopson

    Jackie was a good friend at work. I’ve missed our many chats and our sushi lunches. I still miss her so much. I will never forget that she made a special trip into the office during Covid with her great Dane just so I could meet him. I will never forget her.

  9. Wendy Olsson

    Jackie was super person. She gave me the opportunity to be a nanny to Jessica and Jennifer. Such a gift that was. Most precious memories of those special time.where has the time gone. I was deeply upset to find out about Jackie’s passing. As I had just found out a few days ago. I will miss Jackie.

  10. Tracy Johnson

    I’ll always remember Jackie for her big smile and her kindness. She surprised me one day, I just had a baby and she drove over to my place with a sweet little onesie as a gift. She was always so nice to me and that just showed how really thoughtful she was. I’ll always remember her fun and kind spirit and how much she loved her girls.

  11. Sumanjit

    I miss Jackie so much, she was a wonderful person, a great co worker and friend. My heart skips a beat every time I see a navy blue ford truck, its like I am always looking for you in the truck.
    I dearly miss you, hoping you are happy wherever you are, rest well Jackie.

  12. Matt Piercy

    Jackie was my second mom. Without her love and support after I came out as gay and had conflict at home, I wouldn’t be alive today. She was also an amazing friend.. I will never forget Jackie and the role she played in helping me become the man I am today. Thank you for everything Jackie- rest well.

  13. Karen

    You were not only a valuable co-worker but a great friend, I still struggle thinking about you and missing your weekend updates, i can’t believe you’re gone…

  14. Matt Grant

    Miss her so much. Such a good friend with a memorable ,infectious laugh!! Love you Jackie

  15. Abbie

    Rest in peace angel. I miss your contagious laugh everyday.

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