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  1. Tom Clark

    I just checked my gmail account that I rarely use and learned of Dr. Harkness passing. I have been watching the virtual memorial and am so glad it was still available. I can still hear her voice from the workshops and individual counseling sessions I had with her. After I had moved to New Mexico, I returned twice to the Dallas area and made a point to visit her. She still had my file and offered her insights to my current career situation. I will always be grateful for the help she gave me throughout the years.

  2. Barbara Morris

    Helen was a cherished role model and mentor. I will miss her, and her wisdom. I am filled with sadness and a heavy heart. May she rest in peace.

  3. Jim Gregory

    I just saw Dr. Harkness’s obituary in The Dallas Morning News and left a message there, not knowing about this site.

    It was wonderful to read all of the testimonials to her here. What an incredible individual she was!

    She was held in such high esteem by my mother and sister, who always valued her friendship and guidance.

    In your memory, and in theirs, thank you for everything, Dr. Harkness.

  4. Rose Pugh Whitington

    One of our class’ favorite teachers! She attended our 50th class reunion!

  5. Damon Phillips

    Dr. Harkness will be missed. I will always remember the help and guidance she provided me during her career class. I will never forget her love for trees and the stories she told of her life and challenges. She was an amazing teacher and very helpful mentor. I wish her family well during these times. Take care.

  6. Pamela Ann Smale Williams

    I remember Helen most of all as a long time family friend, cherish her friendships with my whole family, and will never forget her loving impact and light on us all. She gave us each personal attentions that connected us as individuals, allowing us to know her as well. Her gift of friendship is immeasurable. Truly an example of the great energies at work in the world and the love of people, plants, and
    the industry of work. We miss her very much.

  7. Edna Ruano

    I’m thankful my path crossed with Dr. Helen’s. She was instrumental in providing me a path forward after a hard career transition. Going through her process reaffirmed I had made the right choice for me. One of the best parts about working with her was her frankness and “crap detector.” This came in handy when I was doubting myself or hurting from the prior career experience. She shined a bright light on the possibilities that I couldn’t foresee.

    Since I’ve worked with her, I’ve made several career changes and I’m more confident about them thanks to Dr. Helen. I cherish the time and wisdom she shared with me. She inspired me more than I recognized at the time. She was a treasure and I was lucky to have been a part of her journey.

  8. Tifany Henderson

    Like so many, I met Dr. Harkness as I was going through my dark night of the soul. I just didn’t know that’s what it was called, much less that I would be better coming out the other side until I met her. I loved how she intuitively knew who we were long before she got the results back from the battery of tests she put us through. But, the test confirmed it, and they were used to help us understand ourselves better. She didn’t point me to a career. No, she guided me on a journey of self-discovery and gave me the tools I would need for a lifetime of change. She profoundly changed my life, the trajectory of my life. Thank you Dr. Harkness for all you gave of yourself, all that you gave us. Thank you for really seeing us, loving us, and loving life. We all love more than words can say.

    Dear family, I know these times are sad and you are missing her dearly. Thank you for sharing this memorial with us and for your words of inspiration to us. Thank you for sharing what her last moments were like. You are amazing and loving people. I hope you feel the love that surrounds you.

    Let us know what we can do for you.

    Much love to you all.

  9. Janet Detmering

    Dr. Hardness ’s memorial service helped us learn so much about our daughter-in-law Leslie’s amazing grandmother; my husband & I are very glad we attended!!

  10. Erin Howley

    I remember visiting Helen’s house on a really hot summer day, books everywhere, and the air conditioning had gone down. It was so hot you could barely talk, but Helen always has do much indomitable energy it seemed like she could power the house all on her own. She amazed me with her optimism and ceaseless energy to keep reinventing the realm of possibility. And that yard and those trees – she created a real sanctuary.

  11. Matt Warmuth

    I will forever be changed by Helen. She had a special way of looking at life. Her inspiration to not retire and do what you are good at, enjoy, and can make money at gave me the spark I needed at a time I could absorb it. I want to continue to be a life long learner and to be productive with a purpose for as long as I am able. If I can do it until I’m 90 that will be due to her teachings. I will miss knowing she is in the world still going strong.

  12. Connie & Jimmy Gibson

    Helen, We loved your love for trees. You will be remembered for this and the many other
    areas that you have touched our lives.

    Connie & Jimmy

  13. Luis Rios

    I’ll always be grateful for Dr. Harkness. She was able to quickly understand exactly my situation and was just as quick to help. She was a mentor and teacher to me. I’ll always be grateful for and remember her lively spirit. She inspired me then and continues to do so today.

  14. Chris Hendrie

    Dr. Harkness is truly one of the most extraordinary women I have ever met. She has meant the world to me and my family and she has opened her heart and her home to us on countless occasions. She was a wonderful mentor to my dear son Scott (who left us much too early of heart failure three years ago on Jan 1st, RIP angel Scott!). She loved him like a grandson as did her daughters Ann & Jane and his Aunt Leslie and Uncle Bruce and of course, Bonnie! I am profoundly grateful for the remarkable love and inspiration that Aunt Helen and her near and dear family have shown us over a lifetime! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Helen and family! You are Magnificent! Love from Chris, Stephanie, Alyssa & Tessa Hendrie

  15. Robert and Sharon Wagner

    Dr. Harkness understood the pain and challenges of life and she never judged her client’s situations. She simply offered great wisdom and a way forward. Her advice and comfort during trying times will always be remembered. We will miss her.

  16. Chris Hendrie

    Dr. Harkness is truly one of the most extraordinary women I have ever met. She has meant the world to me and my family and she has opened her heart and her home to us on countless occasions. She was a wonderful mentor to my dear son Scott (who left us much too early of heart failure three years ago on Jan 1st, RIP angel Scott!). She loved him like a grandson as did her daughters Ann & Jane and his Aunt Leslie and Uncle Bruce. I am profoundly grateful for the remarkable love and inspiration that Aunt Helen and her near and dear family have shown us over a lifetime! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Helen and family! You are Magnificent!

  17. Elizabeth Kellner Samara

    I have known Dr. Harkness since 2007. She was loving as well as being a true professional. I especially enjoyed attending her workshops in her home. She gave me the best career advice ever!
    My condolences to her family and friends. So sorry to loose her.

  18. Kittie Beletic

    Dearest Helen … Such a wonderful mentor and friend! Our time together has been precious to me on so many levels. I cherish our conversations, our outings and sharing. Our mutual love for nature – especially for trees – is a bond that is forever. I breathe in their essence and know your spirit is among them.

    Thank you for your endless generosity and for uplifting so many people as they reached for the stars! As we all continue to grow, we carry you with us through your encouragement, your wisdom and love.

    Always with you, Helenlove … Kittie

  19. Susan Pahnke

    Dr Harkness was an amazing woman. A power house, full of curiosity, love, and knowledge. She had a sense of adventure and a great love for people and trees. Always dressed to the 9s – including her favorite red lipstick. A teacher AND a seeker. I am grateful and honored to have known her. On to your greater yet to be, dear Helen. You will be missed here.

  20. Anonymous

    Dr. Harkness was such a wonderful inspiration and guiding force to so many, myself included. I’ll always be grateful to her for her work.

  21. Kristi Miranda

    Sweet Helen was my career coach a few years ago. She brought a sparkle to my life and many others. Her spirit, her energy, and her huge heart ❤️ will be remembered for always. Thank you for embracing me with your kind soul, and rest in beautiful peace, Helen.
    Kristi Miranda

  22. Mary Grimland Reimschussel

    Helen has been a constant presence in my life. A dear family friend my entire life since 1960. Although I wasn’t able to see her often she was always in my thoughts and a driving force of influence as I pursued my career. She introduced me as a child to the love of plants, animals, fruits and vegetables and all things natural from the earth. As a child she treated me as her own and made me always feel loved and comfortable in her home. This gift of love and hospitality carried through her whole life. She has been a true friend to our family and I am forever grateful for the guidance she showed my son, Joseph, as one of her last clients. He is now pursuing the plan she helped him to discover. She will always be in my heart.
    Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her.

  23. Kim Leslie

    Aunt Helen was a force of nature! Indomitable, wise, loving, and kind, she channeled the ancient wisdom of the universe to us all. It is now fitting that after such a meaningful life, she returns to the universe -to the pool of million year old carbon from which we are all made. God Speed Helen Leslie Harkness!

  24. David Leonnig

    My past 15 years would have been much less complete without Dr. Harkness in my life. Her office was like a second home, and her willingness to go “beyond the call” several times to help me were greatly appreciated. There will never be another Helen Harkness – they broke the mold.

    Always in my heart. Thanks, Dr. Harkness.

  25. Juanita Rowley

    Helen was a shining light in my early years as a brand new coach. She gifted me with so much wisdom, resources, and know-how, that it helped me to formulate a path for my coaching for many years. I still rely on the things she taught me! Helen was such a powerful force in this world. Her contribution is huge and she will be deeply missed. Even though she may physically not be with us anymore, what she seeded and grew in this world will live on infinitely. My heart and prayers go out to her family and all those who loved her and cherished her, as it was easy to do! Dr. Helen Harkness, may your legacy never end.

  26. Susie

    Helen was both my employer and my mentor. So much of my time shared with Helen over two years was an expansion of who I was and what I eventually achieved in my career and personal life. Forever thankful for her influence in my life.

  27. cesar maxit

    My strongest connection to Helen is through her amazing daughter Ann Harkness. Thanks to Ann, I had the great fortune of meeting Helen and going through one of her career assessment evaluations. The results that she presented me helped me drop my career in architecture and develop a life of service as an artist for social justice nonprofits. I have often thought back to her advice which has given me courage to have confidence in my path during hard times. It was always a great pleasure to hear Helen’s voice on NPR whenever she was interviewed on The Diane Rehm Show. I’ve been in different parts of the country each time I heard her voice on the radio so I know her wisdom touched many people. Rest in power.

  28. Tre

    Hugs, Ann.
    My clearest memory is of your mom kneeling & hugging your bridesmaid as you said your vows at home.
    All my memories of her are linked to her home, trees like cool shadows in a hot summer state.
    And you the sun.

  29. Leslie Russell

    I met Dr. Harkness when I signed up for her course at SMU many years ago. She was a wonderful woman and her light goes forward in many, many ways.


    I am SO GRATEFUL for having known & worked with Helen. There are so many blessings that I’ve received because of her, that I cannot possibly list them all!

    Thank You Dear Helen for everything that you’ve done for me! Much Love to you . . . Always & Forever!

    Kevin Shetley

  31. Nancy Loret de Mola

    Helen was a remarkable human being. She was gifted with compassion, dedication, and an intellect that never ceased to amaze.

    You will be missed my dear friend. You helped so many people. May you now rest in peace.

  32. Dr. Phyllis Hoffschwelle

    Dr. Harkness was a blessing and light at the end of my tunnel when I was struggling to decide my next chapter in life and what path to take. She was a true inspiration and will be dearly missed. Godspeed.

  33. Kent Matthew

    Helen was an unstoppable force of nature. She certainly won the admiration and respect of everyone who was fortunate enough to meet her and she was relentless in her commitment to helping those who sought her wisdom. Even though she provided group workshops, her focus was always on each person as an individual.
    She provided much-needed clarity in helping me to better understand myself and my motivations, resulting in the realization that I didn’t actually need a career change, but rather additional outlets in which to express myself. Helen changed countless lives for the better, and I don’t think there could be a more noble contribution to humanity.

  34. Steve Stockdale

    This is hard. I had been a navigator in the Air Force, then a project manager in the old TI defense and electronics group. Raytheon bought that group in 1997, then two years later moved the whole operation to Tucso. I decided to stay here in take a severance package instead of moving. I had been referred to Helen in 1999, but waited a year to schedule a meeting with her.

    Within five minutes of meeting her, I sensed intuitively (as the E/INTJ I would later discover I was) that Helen Harkness was somebody I needed to stay close to. She was one of the most fearless individuals I’ve ever met.

    I can’t say that because of her I found my life’s work. For me that wasn’t a singular pursuit. But she was instrumental in guiding me on a path to self-understanding that instilled in me just a tiny bit of her fearlessness. She was far from the “you can do it!” bumper-stickerish, motivate-by-slogan, kind of consultant-guru. I think of Helen as a righteous and unrelenting advocate for each one of her clients, even when that meant getting in my face and holding me accountable — not to her, but to myself.

    I can’t remember Helen without recalling her quotes, aphorisms and Helen-isms. The ones that have been most important to me are her references to the “dark night of the soul”; Mark Twain’s “You can’t no more teach what you ain’t learned than you can come from where you ain’t been”; and two from Jung: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain” and “there can be no transforming of darkness into light without emotion” (paraphrased as I remember them).

    She was, and will continue to be, an instrumental influence on my life, which is so much the richer from having shared time with her.

  35. Kris Leslie-Curtis

    Helen Harkness, my Aunt Helen, was my Father Ed Leslie’s younger sister. I was so fortunate to have Aunt Helen in my life. From career counseling during the early years of college, through the transition of motherhood and managing a career, Aunt Helen and I shared many phone calls and visits at her beautiful Texas home. She guided me along some of life’s biggest transitions and I will always be indebted to her for her guidance. She was an absolutely remarkable person and will be forever missed. I love you Aunt Helen! Thank you for everything! Love, Kris

  36. Leslie Burkett

    Helen—an elegant lady. Always “dressed to the nines” even for a family walk in the park.
    Helen welcomed everyone. She shared her wisdom, her home, her food, her contacts, her confidence, her stories, her optimism, and her determination with everyone she met. She listened. She prodded. She inspired.
    Helen valued every person and helped each of us learn to know and value ourself.
    Helen was a good listener. And a great teacher. We all grew stronger, more confident, bolder, and more effective under Helen’s guidance.
    I descended upon Helen in 1983 with 2 unruly teenagers, a golden retriever, and a car packed to the ceiling, and Helen took us in, fed us, and bought me an IBM computer to (play with) learn for Career Design, and the rest is history. I am forever in her debt.
    We shared a passion for trees, and at Helen’s joyful 92nd birthday celebration last February 29, we invited everyone to a “Celebration of Trees” at Helen’s for Earth Day April 2020 – postponed indefinitely by Covid-19.
    Helen, I’ll plant a tree in your honor every Earth Day for the rest of my life. You have inspired us.

  37. Paula Rosecky

    As my first coach, Helen inspired me to ultimately become the coach I thought I was and am today. She paved the way to empower women to do what they wanted to do. She was a thought leader and a delight! I first stared working with her in 2007-2008. I still think about how she enjoyed helping people and gardens grow. In the spirit of growth, I know send a packet of wildflower seeds to all my clients. Thinking about her puts a smile on my face. Thank you so much for putting this together. I’m so happy to be part of this event.

  38. Katie Slater

    I came to Dr. Harkness during a very difficult time when I was beset by deep seated fears about my career (and life). She was no-nonsense, practical yet kind. Her coaching transformed my outlook on what I could do. And, her quiet persistence on not leaving behind quite all that I knew and had learned led me to the career I am in today, combining my two unusual strengths.

    She was such a role model and leader.

    Thank you Dr. Harkness.

  39. Anonymous

    What a wonderful person. Kind, generous, gregarious, insightful and motivating. She will be missed.

  40. April Franzen

    Helen got me through the hardest time of my life and ensured it was a growing experience. She increased my self-knowledge which has put me on a more positive, confident path. I was one of her last adult clients. She was 90 when we met and became fast friends. I am now in the process of launching a new, exciting career at age 60.

  41. Samantha Gray

    On behalf of the Clan Leslie Society International, I extend our sincerest condolences to Dr. Harkness’s family. She will be remembered as a long-time member and friend of CLSI. May her soul be blessed with peace, and may you all find joy and comfort in your memories of this accomplished and special lady.
    Rev. Samantha Gray
    Chaplain, CLSI

  42. Tiff Mackie

    I am really going to miss Helen. She was a career councelor but she also felt like a dear old friend who understood the prospect of being single at almost 50 and then starting a career again. Helen helped me to see that the qualities I have innately, the ones that God gave me, are beneficial to use in my career. Dr. Harkness taught me that we all have unique and wonderful qualities and things we like to do that help us narrow down what our main goal in our work life should be. I really appreciated all of the time I spent with Helen and I wish I could visit with her again! She was so hospitable and really enjoyed helping others grow. It was such a pleasure to know Helen and to be able to have spent time with her and learned from her was a blessing!

  43. Erika Crump

    Helen was tireless in her passion to provide support to others to find their own career passion.

  44. Jan Hacke

    Helen was an incredible source of inspiration and encouragement to me, especially as I floundered through my early days in Dallas. I am so very grateful for the way she encouraged me through some extremely difficult times. Her intuition about people was unparalleled. Thank you for seeing what few could.

  45. Paul Leslie

    Helen Harkness, my Aunt, was such a wonderful, caring, and inspirational woman, well ahead of her time. She was such an inspiration to us all with her “take charge and responsibility for your well being” message and life example. Her mentoring and wise counsel was meaningful and life-changing to me and so many others she helped. And, what a loving and caring demeanor she modeled throughout her life. She made us all better and wiser people. Aunt Helen, we are forever in your debt for helping us grow, learn, and see the positive and potential for greatness that we all possess. As with many of us that you touched with your direct, practical wisdom, I will always carry part of you in my life. Thank you for being that shining light of help on the hill that so many of us needed. God Bless you and until we meet again, which we will, rest in peace in the loving arms of our Lord! Paul Leslie

  46. Sara Agritelley

    The heavens gained an angel with Helen – we will truly miss her here on earth.
    Her legacy lives on, not only in the family she loved and the plants she grew, but with the thousands of individuals whose lives she helped move through the paradigm shift into a different direction.
    As a graduate of Dr. Harkness, she helped me find my ‘bridge job’ which has since progressed into a 10 year career. I feel fortunate I could pay it forward in hiring 3 CDA graduates within our company.
    I am eternally grateful to Helen for her wisdom her passion and her love of all. She will always be a light in my life. I feel to blessed to have crossed paths.
    May her memories live on in those who knew, loved & followed her!

  47. Lisa Krishnan

    Helen’s book, Capitalizing on Career Chaos, opened a whole new world to me. It helped me realize I had more power than I realized in designing not only my career, but also my life. When I went to a workshop in her home, she was so generous and vivacious. She was very inspiring.

  48. Robert Reardon

    As a colleague in career services, Helen came to visit FSU 4 decades ago to share our admiration of John Holland, an iconic figure in the profession. She later produced video interviews of him that were very special. A few years later she invited Janet Lenz and me to present in Dallas. She drove us around the city to a favorite restaurant for dinner, a ride we recall with some emotion to this day. I view her as a pioneer in making career planning and job hunting services available to the general population, and regret that career associations never celebrated her special contributions. I know that many others are happy to celebrate her life well lived at this time.

  49. Diane DeSimone

    Dr. Harkness is a very special person in my life history. First meeting her at the World Future Society, I became one of her clients in a search for a new career. With her encouragement, I gained the courage to set out in a new direction to fulfill my life desires. Over a number of years, we became good friends sharing a love of nature, hope for the future, and even some great times over holiday meals. Helen changed my life as she did so many others, and I will carry her and her wisdom in my heart.

  50. Renda Miller

    Thank you Helen for your wonderful wisdom and incredible living example of what is in us all. With love, admiration, and gratitude. Renda

  51. Cynthia Pladziewicz

    I met Helen for the first time at a conference of the International Coaches Federation in Fort Worth, Texas where she was presenting later and holding court in the lobby. We quickly decided to attend a conference together in Philadelphia and had an amazing trip together. Helen is my role model for living life fully, with energy and joy and confidence and contribution. I learned a lot from her. Plant trees. Have a purpose. Walk every day. Age is mental not biological. Help others. Maintain enthusiasm. Enjoy coffee. Stay connected to young people. Encourage dreams. Amidst all we must juggle in life, it’s okay to drop the plastic balls; just don’t drop the glass ones..

  52. Kay Lisch

    Helen was a luminous soul exenplfing living a fully engaged life.

  53. Paul Cabaniss

    When I was 17 years old, I fell in love with Helen Harkness; she was my high school speech/drama teacher; she was an inspiration, a mentor. Although I had not seen her since my graduation in 1957, I did get to visit her in her home in Garland in 2012 on my return from Greece after living there for many years. Would you believe she still remembered me. That was Mrs. Harkness – a truly remarkable woman.

  54. Bob Ashton

    I came to Texas in `978 as a burnt out teacher,, searching for any kind of job to support my wife and two kids. I saw an ad for a free career workshop at the Nickolson Library offered by Dr Harkness., who had applied for and won a federal grant to provide career counselling services in Garland. develop her own unique approach. I attended one of her first publlc workshops and was amazed at her energy, intelligence and optimistic message of hope in planning and finding a path to not just a job but a new career. When I found out that she was looking to hire counseling assistants to expand the program, I jumped at the chance. After over a year of futillity in finding any job, what better way to solve my problems, then having an immediate income while learn how to make a career transition from an expert. Even better, when the federal grant ended about a year later, I was invited to help Dr Harkness to help her create a new business, Career Design Associates. Working for Helen was one most challenging but also the most rewarding jobs of my career. Developing a entreprenurial business marketing career counseling services to clients who may not have had any idea of what this involved was not easy. I helped write several grant applications for both federal and private funding.. We both needed to apply new skills and talents that were not used in our previous careers in education.. She was a constant source of creative ideas and unafraid to try something new, to test how useful it might be. This kept me scrambling to keep up new business methods and materials. I was
    the Associate” at Career Design Associates until the summer of 1980. The business was earning a mall profit by then, but not large enough to provide for two full time workers. The arrival of a new child led me to find a better paying career with health benefits, and I followed several clients to the City of Dallas, where I trained as a computer programmer. I was restless, and using what Helen had taught me, willing and able to change careers to a new, satisfying jobs that fit my values and skills.. The longest I stayed in the same job, was 8 years, and I finally retired from the State Comptrollers Office after 6 years of service in 2014. I felt that I had let Helen down a bit, retiring at the young age of 75, but I had an unpaid job caring for my wife who recently passed on from Alzheimers. I can feel her now, gently urging me to go on to a capstone career! .

  55. Paige Leslie Baird

    Dearest of Dearest! Aunt Helen was a shinning light of joy, hope, fortitude and brilliance! I feel so blessed to have been her niece as well as to have had many deeply moving and important conversations with her. May she Rest In Peace and each of us carry her light on to future generations. Grip Fast!!

  56. Angelica Garcia

    Helen was an amazing mentor and role model. She found me when I was unsure of the next step in my life and traded me services (which of course her service was so much more valuable than anything I could ever do for her). She was sweet, kind, loving, and oh so caring! Each week we met she helped me understand myself and become the best version. I am so grateful for my time with her and all that I learned! She was an amazing woman and has touched countless lives in her lifetime. Her legacy will truly live on forever.

  57. Kathy & Dick Maixner

    Dr. Harkness provided us with so much more than her intellect, humor and kind heart. She always reminded us of our value and the importance of sharing our value with others. Her feistiness never went unnoticed. Once, when asked what she did best, she replied something to the effect, “I can sniff out s… a mile away!” Her way with words always brought a smile to our faces. As busy as she always was, she made time for us if we had what appeared to be an “urgent” need.

    Though we now live in the Northwest, we mention her frequently to our friends and colleagues as THE inspiration who helped us to understand our own purposes and to be grateful for every single day.

  58. Connie Shortes

    I’m sure I am like many of Helen’s clients when I say that when I met her, I was at a very low and confused time in my life. Helen’s forceful confidence in her process and in me, kept me afloat and eventually, helped me find my voice and my path. In the process of working with Helen, I made a 10 year detour from accounting to the humanities as a grad student. I found my voice and fulfilled the need for intellectual exploration that Helen uncovered in me. I eventually returned to the business world in human resources, but the detour was formative and still a source of great happiness to me today. Helen never lost touch with me or stopped caring about me. She was one of the most strong and generous women I’ve ever know.

  59. Kathy Hess

    Helen was one of the mist dedicated professionals I have encountered. She gave her heart, soul and love to her work helping people with their careers. It was an honor to know her and to watch her work. I know God will have her busy with him in Heaven.

  60. Scott Strothmann

    It has been several years since I met Dr. Harkness through CDA. Very impressive lady who has touched so many in a positive way and taught us all to keep our BS Detectors on. Such a huge loss.

  61. Dr. Bradley Davidson

    My heart is heavy after receiving word of Dr. Harkness’s death. I met this wonderfully brilliant and passionate woman at The University of Texas in Dallas, where she taught me the art of career coaching. Dr. Harkness was wise and always willing to share her wisdom with other aspiring coaches. I rarely conduct a career coaching session without Dr. Harkness’s words coming to my mind. Rest well, wonderful teacher and friend.

  62. Bonnie LeBaron

    She was the best grandmother in the world.

  63. Lissa Duty

    Dr. Harkness shaped who I am today. I will always treasure the life-lessons, experience and many memories I acquired over the 25 years I had the privilege of working for her.

    She will forever be missed and loved.

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