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  1. Arlene Williamson

    Gerry was a wonderful lady. She always had a smile and kind words. She had many wonderful friends who we got to know when they visited our store in Montgomery. She and they were true treasures of the Village and are missed. Sending love and prayers to her family and how lucky they were to have this remarkable woman in their lives.

  2. Sue Conklin

    I remember many passionate political discussions with Gerry at the many Vigliotti/Locey family gatherings. She had the most amazing mind – always questioning and absorbing. She always listened intently to all sides of the discussion. She was patient and kind and I will always remember her smile. She had the gift of making those around her feel comfortable and accepted and valuable. She will be missed. . . . .

  3. Meribeth Ziemer

    As a child, I spent many happy days at Aunt Gerry’s house. She was so loving and kind, but she didn’t put up with any nonsense! I remember going to school with her when she was preparing her classroom and helping her with the bulletin board. I miss her greatly.

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