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  1. Lynn Behar

    I was so incredibly touched by Gene’s memorial service. What an incredible man. I was most touched by Bonnie saying, “he was never judgmental about any decisions I made”. What a gift — to everyone who knew him, and also for me. Thank you Bonnie, and Gene. And thank you, Marian, for putting together this gift of love for Gene and for all who knew and loved him. You are a treasure. I’m here with you forever. OXOX

  2. Gail & Chuck Buchanan

    We feel very fortunate to have known Gene and to have the opportunity to attend today’s celebration of his life. He was a very special and caring individual and his ability to connect with/touch others’ lives is like none other we’ve seen. Chuck remembers how much he looked forward to seeing Gene at the Simpson gatherings and talking with him about life, baseball, dogs and more. I recall that Gene was always so welcoming and would often kid me about something, but I never quite knew what to make of his sense of humor (now I know I’m not the only one who experienced that).
    We raise our glasses to Gene, an unforgettable man who meant so much to so many!

  3. Kate Wehr

    Gene was a warm, wonderful, and hilarious presence at the annual Light Party. I’m glad I knew him, even briefly. My condolences to Marian and the family. May his memory be a blessing.

  4. Kathy Ryan

    This wonderful loving, joyful, thoughtful man was and is a brother to me, in the dearest sense. What more can I say?

  5. Nalani Linder

    What a joy to get to know Gene through this service. I loved hearing these memories and seeing the wonderful photos. Along with so many others in the Gathering, I celebrate Gene’s love and care–as a grandfather, husband and friend. Sending love and hugs to you, Marian!

  6. Linda Stein

    I always enjoyed seeing “Santa” at the wonderful light party gatherings. Warm thoughts go out to you, Marian, and all who loved Gene.

  7. Marti & Larry Bunyard

    Geno, Miss you so much, we had such good times together and you have a special place in my heart and soul. Life will not be the same without your hugs, your Ho, Ho, Ho’s and your presence among us. So many of your friends have written wonderful words about you, I cannot fill the void you have left with words. You are missed and I have lost a dear, dear friend. I love you.
    Marti Bunyard
    Gene will Think of you in many ways as a great friend and the many adventures we executed together. Always thinking of the future and the people around you who grew as a result of your knowledge and commitment. The coast, mountains, cabin,. movies, and dinners each have special memories, which I will remember you with. Your commitment to the positive, I thank you for being a friend.
    Larry Bunyard

  8. Karol Popkin

    We so admired Gene’s gentle nature and his devotion to family. We always looked forward to his stories when he and Marian visited us in Washington, D.C. You will be missed our friend, but never forgotten.
    Karol and Richard Popkin

  9. Carolyn Hein

    Gene and I were classmates in Cheyenne Valley. I passed algebra only because of his excellent help. It was great to see him in Fairview at our class reunion. Other classmates, Don Gard and Gail Murray Herring have also recently passed. We were small in number but great in accomplishments. My sympathy to the entire family. Carolyn Nicholson Hein

  10. Anne & Jim Titterington

    A friend is like that favorite sweater. With time, it folds and stretches to become the go-to for comfort, ease and joy. Even when it is tattered and worn and eventually but a memory, thoughts of it continue to embrace me with love.
    That is a friend.
    That was Gene.


    I just want to cry
    But the tears don’t come
    Why did you die?

    I just want to cry
    But the tears don’t come
    Why did you die?

    Sorting out the memories
    Those we love and lose
    Are no longer where they were before
    They are now wherever we are


  11. Jill Williamson

    I feel very blessed to have been included as a friend of Gene’s, and to have been able to spend time with him with his beloved dog, Koko, and some other special dogs, who also recognized Gene’s sweet and gentle spirit. Greatly missed by all of us.

  12. Stephanie and Roger Cady

    Loved having Gene and Marian visit us! Gene, you were modestly insightful and fun. Wish you could have visited more often. We’ll be visiting you someday. Rest well.

  13. I love our brief but very heartfelt conversations and you always made me laugh! Will miss that as we will all miss you! Maria

    To the ‘loving doctor’ I love our brief but very heartfelt conversations and you always made me laugh! Will miss that as we will all miss you! Maria

  14. Mary Dispenza

    To Brother Gene — thanks for the good times and for Gene’s Beans. I shall not forget you – or the beans – still trying to perfect them. You knew my heart for that and for you, I am grateful. Love in the past, the now and the hereafter. Love.

  15. Mary Ann Woodruff

    Gene had a ready laugh and a quick wit. Spending weeks with him and Marian in Chacala, Mexico for years, we toured, ate wonderful food, read many books, and played dominos every single night of each vacation trip. Gene was incredibly accepting of others, for which I am personally grateful. Miss you, Gene. Vaya con Dios!

  16. Matthew Sobotta - UW Medicine

    Gene always had a hearty laugh and a smile that put you at ease whether at a cocktail reception or at home. He cared deeply and advocated for many worthy organizations and causes he was passionate about. He will be missed greatly but never forgotten!

  17. Marlene and Bill Holayter

    What a blessing to know Gene!
    His humor, infectious smile and clever ways with words, will always make us smile.
    He made the world better a better place in so many way, and will always be remembered by us.
    Marlene and Bill Holayter

  18. Benita Horn

    Through my lens Gene Slape was the model partner, friend, supporter, encourager and provider of consistent down to earth views and solutions to the challenges of life. He never failed to give his big “teddy bear” hugs that made you know you were hugged. His smile, quick wit and wisdom will be carried by me throughout my life. My life is richer for the presence of Gene. Marian, thank you for your generosity in sharing Gene with so many of us.

  19. Karol McLuen

    Gene was always full of fun quips and clever words when we met to do his taxes. He called me DR – the closest I will ever get to that being true. He was kind, generous, loved his family and a gift to know. i am so lucky to have spent time each tax season working on the return with him. I will always remember him.

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