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  1. Laura Nixon

    My memories of Fuji are mostly from my childhood when I’d go to play at Kathe’s house with my sister. When it was time to go home Fuji would call, “Lola-poo” which was her nickname for me. We always had something fun and creative to do when we would visit. There was one occasion when I didn’t go with my sister to Kathe’s and when my mom and I went to pick her up I was astonished to see these beautiful hand sewn dolls Fuji had helped Elodie and Kathe create. They were made of a soft white fabric and were so delicate and beautiful. Elodie and Kathe were so proud of their accomplishments and I could hardly believe my eyes. These dolls were a great inspiration to my young self and demonstrated the potential we have to create great things. I wish I could have shared this memory with Fuji to let her know of the positive momentum her love inspired in those around her.

  2. Ryan and Kelly Fleming

    We are so sorry for your loss, Kathe.

  3. Debbie Darling

    I knew Fuji best when our children were young and played together often. Fuji was a devoted and loving mother to Kathe . Fuji had a ready smile, with a good sense of humour. Her mind was sharp and Fuji radiated energy., seeming tireless.
    It was always crystal clear that Kathe was the centre of Fuji’s universe , and their mutual love was heartwarming to see.

    Chris and I are just so sad for you and your family, Kathe, in the loss of Fuji, your remarkable and loving mother.
    Our deepest condolences,
    Debbie and Chris

  4. Helen Garbutt

    I am so very saddened by the news of Fujiko’s passing and I would like to offer my deepest condolences to Kathe and family. It was an honour and pleasure to have worked with Fujiko for many years at Honda. She was a kind, friendly and helpful person who made work so much more fun. Even though she left Alliston long ago, each time I drive by her old home, I think of her and it makes me smile. I hope that the wonderful memories her family has of her will help to ease the grief they are feeling at this time. She was a pleasure to know and call a friend.

  5. Andrea DiNorcia

    Fujiko was my desk mate at Honda in 2003 when I spent a year and a half on a temp contract. I looked forward to seeing her every day. She became a very good friend. A wonderful and kind woman with the best laugh and a smile that could light up a room. She brought me back bonito from a trip from Japan and to this day, I think of her whenever I taste it. Although I had not seen her in many years, I have thought about her often and am grateful to have been able to meet her. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

  6. Jennie Swales

    When I first met Fujiko at Honda, she was quiet, shy and very private. We would have our coffee breaks, and lunch together, and as time went by Fujiko opened up more and we got to see her kindness, and a great sense of humour.
    There are two things that I know Fujiko loved, and that was her daughter Kathe, and the Blue Jays.
    What I appreciated and loved about Fujiko is that she wouldn’t beat around the bush, she would say it as it is.
    Fujiko was fun to be around with, and I feel privileged that our paths have crossed.
    She will be dearly missed,

    Jennie Swales

  7. Tracy Bosley

    I worked with Fuji for many years at Honda. I’m so sorry your family’s loss.

  8. Ellen Purchase

    I worked with Fuji , at Honda for many years, she had the best sense of humour, we shared many a laughed together . What a wonderful person she was !

  9. Jocelyn Mogan

    My first close conversation with Fujiko was at a family gathering.
    I approached her because I had the feeling she won’t venture to do the same. She surprised me with… “I did not think you would want to talk to me and angry at me because of the war”. Japan invaded the Philippines in the mid 1940s. Obviously, almost half a century after, we made a truce.

    We’ve had several lunch dates whenever she was available. I realized she was a “Japanese foodist” (like a fanatic when it comes to food); only Japanese foods are good enough. Benihana did not come up to her standard. I’d hoped the knife throwing, fast slicing by the Japanese chefs would’ve at least entertained her.
    Fujiko to me was always proper and serious, yet we’ve had a lot of laughs together. The times her eyes lit up is when the subject of Kathe and her family came up. Kathe was the center of her world, and happily she now has Chris and the precious Avery and Oliver.

    We will miss her a lot, and we are sure that Fujiko will watch from above over Kathe’s family.
    Rest in peace my friend!

  10. The Ardrons

    Very sorry to hear this news. Sending love and good memories to you at this time. Lots of love ❤️

  11. Carlos and Laurie de Oliveira

    We’re so sorry for your loss. We hope your warm and loving memories together will carry you through this difficult time. And with time, the deep sorrow you feel will be replaced with gratitude and appreciation for the time that you had together.