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  1. Mariana Elder

    I worked with Francesca for a wonderful year, and from the first day it was evident she was a truly bright star of a human, so intelligent, so fun, so compassionate, so giving.

    I am so very sorry. I had heard lovely stories occasionally in our meetings about her family and her partner, and I always pictured her riding her bike to school with a big smile, ready for the day and its adventures with her beloved students. All of my sympathy, prayers and condolences to you all.

  2. Susanne Roberts

    My little roommate / buddy when I moved to San Francisco to attend nursing school. What a cutie pie. I lost touch but was so impressed when I read all she had accomplished in her much too short life. What a gem! Please accept my condolences.
    With love,
    Susanne Robinson Roberts

  3. Rosita Gordon

    Francesca was a beautiful person

  4. Jessica Gaynor

    Sending love and comfort to my friend Micaela and her family. Memories live in our hearts and connect us all. Although I didn’t know Micaela’s daughter, she lived through Micaela’s communications to her friends. Special and bright, her spirit and her star will live forever.

    Jessica Gaynor

  5. Donna Cortes

    Sending hugs and much love.

    Donna Cortes and family

  6. Camille Mahlum

    I feel so fortunate that you were my friend. The truth is that I wanted to be like you. You were so smart and confident and you were always game for anything. Your students were so lucky to have you as their teacher. What I wouldn’t give to be able to sing karaoke with you and the girls.

  7. Adriana Garcia

    Francesca and I started working at LESP at the same time and we were learning a new school together. I’m grateful for the time we worked and had fun together. I could always count on Francesca to have a deeply kind perspective. We shared many students and the few times I was able to observe her in her element- patient, positive, almost mischievous in her silliness that her students reveled in- I truly enjoyed my time in her classroom. I’m grateful for her engagement—no matter the event or the situation, Francesca was wholeheartedly committed and present. She did all the activities with students at our trip to Camp Mason (can you imagine zip lining with your high school teacher?). She was one of the four teachers who was willing to dance with me in the talent show. My last correspondence with her was about how we could better support our students who were pregnant and new parents. Francesca was always looking out for her kids, and I am so, so humbled to have worked and laughed with her.

  8. Alissa Adams (Lissie)

    I met Frankie while I was working at Barclays. I am so grateful to have known her. She and the rest of the Barclays girls were there during a very difficult time in my life. Frankie was always great support, she would always some how know when I needed to talk or when I needed to be reminded that life is fun. I often think of her smile; the words Dimples will always have a bittersweet taste now. Frankie is such a presence to everyone who was graced with her presence. I work as a Veterinary overnight ER nurse; a large part of my job is sending condolence letters to families who suffered a loss; yet I am having trouble finding what to say. Let’s just hold onto the good memories and try to live our lives like Frankie lived hers. She showed us what it is to love and to live life. -Alissa/Lissie

  9. Marc Vanzwoll

    I remember Francesca as a bright person full of smiles and laughter. She was a beautiful person inside and out. She will be missed greatly.

  10. Michael Hughes

    I’m so thankful I got to know you and got to have you as a friend. You had a glow about you and a vibe that made everyone around you want to be a better person. To be more like you. To truly live life and always be smiling. Your’re friendship meant and means so much to us all. Thank you for always being there for people. Please watch down over your family and Dave. And all of us who love you. We’ll always hold you dear to our hearts and try to live life the way you always did. You were one of the kindest, sweetest and most sincere people I’ve ever known. Rest in peace sweet Franky. I love you and will see you on the other side.

  11. Rita Diamond

    Franky, you were such a smart, goofy, beautiful, adventurous soul with a crazy-beautiful smile. I’ll miss going to A’s games, walking dogs, dancing, laughing, cheers-sing, playing games, going to shows, having meals together, and just all around adventuring with you. I wish we could be going to dim sum together today, what an awesome birthday tradition that I look forward to honoring on 12/29 every year. You always brought so many people together and enjoyed life to the fullest. I’ll miss you so much.

  12. Jen Morillas

    Francesca and I moved to New York and started teaching English at EC New York at the same time. Together we explored the weird and wonderful, and sometimes mean streets of New York. We had so much fun together in the bars and restaurant and even Prospect Park with Monte. She was also so kind, such a good friend and it was clear she cared a lot about her family. I’ll always hold her positivity and her beautiful smile in my heart.

  13. Jan Newman

    Sendinig love and heartfelt condolences. Jan & Bob Newman

  14. Joe Asad

    I’ll miss you Francesca. You had the best smile in school and you were the only other mixed Filipino! Thanks for being a good friend. You will be missed~

  15. Christine Rosalia

    Francesca will always be one of my favorite students. She did fieldwork with me at LaGuardia High School. I was impressed by her intellect, creativity, hope, and genuine kindness. Words cannot say how much she will be missed.

  16. Lydia Beebe

    Chuck and I have known and loved Frankie ever since she and our daughter Louise became best friends as freshmen at FAIS. We have many wonderful memories of them together in our house, painting in Louise’s room, and of course of our family ski trip to Whistler when Frankie joined us. She had a contagious spirit that we always enjoyed and will always remember when we think of her. We will miss her and her fierce friendship with Louise. Much love, Lydia Beebe and Chuck Doyle

  17. Conor B

    I first met Frankie working at Barclays in Oakland. Truly a magnetic personality, she was always surrounded by friends. Her smile was bright and her laughter contagious. She brought a light to any room she was in.
    Love and condolences to all Frankie’s family and friends, she will be genuinely missed.

  18. Laura Baecher

    All of us in the Hunter College TESOL family deeply mourn with Francesca’s family and friends. She was tremendously admired and loved by all of her colleagues, students, and professors. We have named a graduation award to honor an outstanding student teacher in her honor and will hold her in our hearts forever.

  19. Janci Deetz

    Lots of you may have read this before but it’s too painful to try again so I am adding my earlier comments here. Love you, Franky.

    My heart has been forever changed by losing her. She was serious and profound. She was goofy and fun. She was responsible and totally carefree. She was brave and bold yet sweet and soft. She was super smart but never better than you. She was a teacher, a giver, a second parent to her siblings and a strong shoulder whenever you needed one.

    She could talk to dogs and babies and every different type of person imaginable. I’ve never seen anyone more gifted with kids and my kids adored their Auntie Franky. She gave them books and gifts that made them think and smile. She gave me beautiful, thoughtful gifts too that let me know she was always listening and she truly knew me.

    She was the best friend a girl could ask for – truly interested in your life, your dreams, your family and friends – who all became her friends as well.

    I hate that I didn’t get more time with her. I want her back more than anything.

    I keep hearing her voice the day she told me she had cancer. I just believed with everything in me she would be ok.

    I wrote this to her the day after she told me. It feels like a goodbye now although I never intended it to be.

    I will always cherish our last hike and all the small conversations we had since this note but it will never be enough.

    My Dear Franky,

    I cried all the way home today. For you, for us – for friends and lovers and moms and dads, brothers and sisters. For everything that’s beautiful and magical and fucked up and unfair in this world. I wish I could do more than just be your friend. I wish I could share and lighten your burden and I will be here to be here to offer you strength if and when you need it.

    My heart has been so heavy since we talked and I was holding back my tears all day. But letting them all just go I realized how all of my feelings and emotions were full of love and what matters and “what if’s” and that my day was profound and real and clear – a reminder of what is important.

    Thank you for reminding me. My heart is full of love and memories and thoughts of what’s good.

    In this crazy world we are in at this moment that feels like a bad dream, I believe love and light and healing will prevail.

    Cheers to beer shots and fancy cocktails, baseball games and summer, the parts of our hearts and bodies and minds and communities that need healing and the promise of a big, wide, magnificent rainbow at the end.

    I love you Francesca – you beautiful soul – and I always will.


  20. Elias Meister

    I’ve met Francesca when she and Dave, who is a friend and Music collaborator of many years, started going out a few years ago. Her sweet, positive and caring personality was always felt and her infectious smile lit up any room. I’m so happy we got to spent some great concerts, thanksgivings and dinner parties together. The love between her and Dave could be felt by all around them and it was beautiful to see how much joy and strength they gave each other. We’re going to miss you Francesca. Dear Dave and Francesca’s family. My deepest condolences. We’re sending light and good thoughts to you all. Elias

  21. Ric Villasenor

    I am a dear friend of David’s family and just recently met Francesca when she and David moved back in the Bay Area. She impressed me as a very bright and sincere young lady, far too young a person to be taken from us!

  22. Pye de Guzman Clarin

    I Remember Francesca as a very pretty little girl, together with my nieces Jackie & Stephanie Rosete…They were childhood friends….they used to play together, they were very close like sisters.

  23. Mitzi-dee Martin

    Francesca was introduce to me at around 3 years old. She was a beautiful little girl who brought laughter to the family. She grew into a beautiful young women with a contiguous smile and much happiness. She will always be in my family’s heart with love.

  24. Cel Healey

    Ching always had such a beautiful face and such a sweet smile. I’ll always remember the last time I saw her visiting my niece, Jackie at the house . They are both probably hanging out in Heaven.

  25. Elizabeth Arthur

    In my life there have been few people that have been as impactfull, not only to myself and my children, but on anyone who has had the privilege to meet them. Frankie was that person. Kindness just radiadiated from her smile and those dimples, don’t get me started on the dimples. Frankie’s light will continue to shine through the memories we all hold dear. She will be sorely missed by so many.. Rest in Power, dearest Frankie. ???

  26. Bully Bollwinkel

    Frankie was always a shoulder for me. Especially when we were both in the service industry in Oakland on College Ave. Wise beyond her years. Generous with her time, compassionate beyond words towards…really everyone. When she made the decision to further her education and career in the interest of helping others I wasn’t surprised: and also inspired myself. I’m lucky and honored to have known her and called her a friend. The impact she had on all of us in this weird little beer community was profound. My thoughts and love go out to her closest friends and family…I can honestly say my life is better because Frankie was in it, even if briefly…

  27. Abe

    Far too soon dear Frankie. Thank you for all the great memories and being a truly positive vibrant light in my life and so many others. You always had a smile on your face. Thank you.

  28. Kala Vanzwoll

    It hurts that our time was short, and that you won’t be here to be Auntie Frankie to the newest member, but you will always be a part of our lives.

  29. Bob Cantrell

    We’ve lost a beautiful, caring and supportive person at far too young an age. But all who were fortunate enough to know her will continue to carry her memory in our hearts.

  30. Florence mar

    While I did not know Francesca as an adult, I knew her as a child. And what an adorable child she was. She had the cutest dimples and sweetest disposition, so polite and smart! She had an uncanny judgment of character, she could see right through any bullish*t, and play along if she wanted to. Sunshine radiated from her wherever she was! I loved how she listened to my advice, such as, using extra seat covers at public restrooms, or how she would laugh at my jokes just so I could see her beautiful dimples! She was full of energy and life! This will be how I remember her. Wait in heaven for us, dearest Francesca, and use extra seat covers there too!

  31. Violet Martin

    Violet Martin and family

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