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  1. Ryan and Kristi Tippett

    So grateful for this sweet remembrance of Fay and an opportunity to enter into that day. Her example was one of faith and faithfulness. There was never a time when Fay, together with Don, didn’t make us feel like family. We loved them and we love you all. Virtual hugs!

  2. Rhonda Doering Shaffner

    Dear Gerald Glenda and Family
    Watching this beautiful service I could feel the kind spirit Of your mom . I have fond northern childhood memories of our families spending time together
    Heartfelt condolences

  3. Maurice&Jean Cameron

    What a Beautiful Service of Remembrance for your Mother and Grandmother. Glenda…I was recalling when You& your Dad&Mom stopped at our home in 100 Mile House many years ago. Also the times You&Yours included us when you camped at Lac La Hache on your way to convention at Prince George. It was inspiring to hear how your Mother kept true to the vow she made to God and to her Marriage vow. Also not only for the Love&Care she had for her Family but also for the Love&Care she extended to others. Maurice&Jean Cameron

  4. T&M C.

    Dear Glenda Gary and family + Gerald Kim and family

    We have been thinking of you all lots these past few weeks and I have been thinking of many special memories of Aunty Faye and remembering wonder days at St Ives, Prince George

    We are sorry we could not be there in person for the funeral, our thoughts were with you all.

    Loves of love from Ted n Maree and kids

  5. Raymond & Laraine McGavigan

    Condolences to all the family. Fay truly was a beautiful lady in every sense of the word.

  6. Rob and Elva

    Dear Glenda ,Gerald and families , Condolences from Ireland. Very special to be able to share in your Mothers funeral service . Hard to say good bye to those near and dear and precious to us.
    Rob and Elva Stapleton.

  7. Ron and Lorna Stephen

    We’re thankful for memories of Don and Fay’s care and kindness toward us as a young family in our Prince George days. These memories will always remain. Our condolences to Glenda, Gerald and families.

  8. Isobel Catling

    Glad to be with you all, via zoom. I remember you all as a family esp. at Prince George Convention, a few years ago now. A very lovely service! I am still in Williams Lake. Isobel

  9. Carla Fulton

    I loved the privilege of being in fellowship with Fay and always feeling her warm spirit. She was strong in grace.
    Love to you all.

  10. Marjorie Fair

    Fay was a wonderful friend and I will miss her. I remember well the lovely dinners at Fay and Don’s.


  11. Lawrence and Linda King

    Dear Glenda and Gerald and families.
    We want to send our condolences and appreciation for your Mother whom we Loved very much. She was a very gracious lady and a steady influence to us.
    With love.

  12. Beth and Dennis Carver

    Gerald, Kim, Glenda, Gary and families – wish we could be with you today. Very special memories of times with you mom and dad in Prince George..

  13. Maryelen & Richard Skinner

    Remembering Fay with great fondness and love.

  14. Heidi McLane

    I too am “one of the kids” from PG days that have wonderful warm memories of growing up around “Auntie” Fay and “Uncle” Don and Glenda and Gerald. Always kind and thoughtful with a warm smile whenever our paths would meet in Vancouver/Surrey. I have cherished memories from 2004 of Auntie Fay staying with me in WhiteRock in the first few weeks of recovering from a serious pedestrian accident. She told me I am no nurse but I’ve known you since you were a little girl and I want to help however I can and I so valued her kindness and comfort. Auntie Fay was a no nonsense, common-sense, straightforward, kind and sincere Godly woman and she was loved and will be missed.

  15. Ruth Shannon

    Fay was a very special person.

  16. Loren McDougall

    Glenda , Gerald and families,
    Thinking of you today as sweet memories will flow, and remain forever..
    Loren and Sheila



  18. Byron Roberts

    Faye was a wonderful kind Lady. Have very Fond memories of her

  19. Brent & Donna Close

    Condolences & comfort to all the family. Fay was a beautiful soul and encouraged many a heart. Thinking of you in this time of loss. So glad for your faithful mom, grandma, & friend

  20. LouIse. Fair

    Words can’t express the sorrow over losing both dear Fay and Don. I knew Fay since we both grew up in Saskatchewan and I would be at a Sunday morning meeting occasionally at the farm when I would be visiting my relatives at Ft. Qu’Appelle. When Fay and Don moved down here to the coast we enjoyed their fellowship so much and the apple pies!!

  21. Dorothy Pollock

    Miss Fay so much in our little Wednesday morning meeting. She added so much, her tender spirit and leading our hymns. Condolances to you Glenda and Gerald and familys

  22. Don & JoAnn Sinclair

    Our heartfelt condolences especially to Glenda , Gerald and families. Loss of parents and grandparents that were so close and caring is huge. Fay was a true friend in every way from our teenage years to present time and when married we enjoyed special times together ….loved them both. Greatly missed but now on to their reward.

  23. Vern and Jessie Sinclair

    Our sympathy

  24. Harlon and Renell Fair

    Uncle Don and Aunty Fay were such a big part of my growing up years in PG. Their home was always open to us. It didn’t matter how many years passed, when we saw each other Aunty Fay (and Uncle Don) always made it clear we were still special. She was lovely and we will miss her. Grateful she is another faithful finisher. Thinking of you Glenda, Gerald and families!

  25. Don & Edith-Anne

    Our dear friend Fay is gone from our presence….. But not from our hearts….. Countless good memories, spanning our friendship of over 50 years. Loving caring thoughts reaching out to all Fay’s family; we share your loss. Don & Edith-Anne

  26. Keith & Eleanor Byers

    Thinking of you❤️ Memories of their visits to Saskatchewan. Hugs

  27. Ferne Soroka

    I would like to send my condolences Glenda, Gary, Gerald, Kim and families.
    Sorry to hear of your Mom’s passing. We are glad for their days in Prince George. We didn’t see them often but we always enjoyed our visits.

  28. Marg Wimmer

    So many wonderful memories from Prince George days.Thoughts are with you in your loss.Marg Wimmer

  29. Lynne Petersen

    My memories of Fay and Don are Wonderful! They were so kind. When in the work in Prince George Gail and I had a car accident in their NEW car! I was driving ( it wasn’t our fault, someone hit us) but I was just sick. When we told Fay and Don, they said ” It’s just a car”. I was so grateful! All their lives they had that beautiful Spirit of Christ. My thoughts go out to you, Glenda and Gerald and your families. With love and gratitude, Lynne Petersen

  30. Maryellen & Richard Skinner

    I, for one remember Fay (Don) from Prince George days. Their warm and inclusive attitude was always appreciated. Thoughts going to her children, grandchildren and many friends. She will be missed.

  31. Sharon & Verna

    Dear Glenda & Gerald & families..
    We are so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear Mom. Sending special thoughts and care your way.
    With love, Verna & Sharon Nesvog

  32. Guy Pocock

    A very dear friend to immigrants who stayed seven weeks with dear Don and Fay. They became wonderful and respected friends. Now reunited and will be sadly missed.

  33. Karen and Brad

    Dear Glenda and Gerald and your families
    I do not believe we are ever ”old enough” to say goodbye to our Mom. Thinking of each of you with care and compassion
    Karen and Brad Manary

  34. Mrs Roy (Betty) Droel

    I am from Minnesota. I discovered the while looking for
    Royal Stewarts obituary, – and there I found several that appeared to be our friends by their picture. A humility and peace shown thro their eyes which immediately identified them as one of my dear friends. Watching their videos touched my heart deeply to see those I will never meet, but felt like I knew them. I checked and found this new entry of Fay, and there was no question but ‘I knew her’…..and to read of her faithful life of service and love was so inspiring. Very sincere sympathy to those loved ones left behind, but we know she is safely HOME, and may we follow.