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  1. Cathy Cornu-Quinn

    I am just reading this warm and touching eulogy to my loving friend, Elsa, and cannot aid much more. Am in France travelling and was upset to hear of Elsa’s death. Shall always remember her upbeat nature and when we were at nursing school listening to Elsa performing on the piano in our spacious lounge. I am so grateful I got to spend an enjoyable few days on Fisher’s with Elsa and Bill recently. Here’s to a great lady.

  2. Weifang Lin

    Ms. Elsa has been my neighbor for more than 30 years, ever since I was a young kid. She gave me my very first job as a kid dog sitting and introduced me to the term “super duper pooper scooper,” which I use to this day! I grew up seeing her train all her beautiful Rhodesian Ridgebacks to run circles around her training course, while my puppy failed puppy obedience school. I loved seeing her out and about on the street, and teaching me how to take care of and train my dog.

    I have many memories of Ms. Elsa, including the delicious plum tarts she used to make for us! I’m grateful to have know her all these years, and that my daughter in recent years was able to get to know her too. We will miss her greatly.

  3. Mickey Keegan

    Elsa was our neighbor up the hill for many decades. She always had a kind word to say and was always excited to see us. She usually had a dog with her, or she was looking for one that wandered off. Her hedge was our home run fence when we played wiffleball in the circle at the end of the road. I was amazed to see the agility course she had in the woods to practice with her dog. When my father passed away, we had a get together at my parent’s home on Heather Lane and Elsa came. It ends up that she knew my mother in law from working at the detox at Grasslands (Westchester Medical Center now). They had a wonderful time catching up with each other. Small world! I’ll always appreciate how good she was to my Mom after my father passed away. She was a special person and I will never forget her.

  4. Kerry Heminway Bobick

    I have known Elsa all my life. In fact her Mom, Paula, would babysit us Heminway kid’s when we were small.. I always appreciated Elsa and her dogs and the stories that came with each one. She would stop by my mother’s house to say Hi and always have one of her dogs with her. I often ran into her at Tod’s Point Greenwich in the winter when the dogs where allowed to run on the beach. She always had a smile on her face, a story to tell, loved life to the fullest. God Bless Elsa…… A real sweet person and will be missed..

  5. Mark and Carolyn Stern

    Elsa was a special and unique woman. I had the pleasure of talking with her on Fishers Island whenever I visited the Rivers family there. I was so impressed with her energy and power, despite her petite body. She had so much enthusiasm for many things, including going out on Long Island Sound in the power boat. She would stand in the bow and face the winds with such strength. I remember us talking about the large two-story-high windows of her home and my learning the word “annealed” which she wrote right on the 2×4 framing with a big black marker so that she wouldn’t forget the correct nomenclature. We also talked about her beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback dog and she was proud to show us what the dog could do. And oh, that megawatt smile and the flaming red hair (especially after a wet-and-wild powerboat ride)! We will surely miss her. Our sincerest condolences to Bill and the entire Rivers family.

  6. John & Mary Ski

    Thank you very much for Elsa’s story ,Our neighbor up the street the past decade.
    John and Mary Ski

  7. Donald Tanen

    Elsa was so genuinely warm and generous to my son Nate and I. We will always remember her sharp wit and humor. Our condolences to Bill and David and families. Bill you were doubly lucky to fall in love again and that it was Elsa.

  8. Tim Patterson

    I have had a lot of neighbors in the various houses that I have lived in. None of them could hold a candle to Elsa. She was a treasure, I shall miss her smile and her humor.

  9. Mark Heminway

    An early remembrance of Elsa way back in the 60’s probably, was her coming to the Byram Shore Boat ramp with some friends car boat and taking it into the harbor. That was quite some site.

    A more recent memory was her whizzing past me on the Merritt in a clown car. Mind you I was going 70 already. I had to call my mom and ask if Elsa owned a Honda Fit? Yep. That was her.

    Elsa, may you have more fun in heaven than you did here!


  10. Robert Thalheimer

    Great Memories from our younger years on Hobart Avenue with Elsa playing the piano. She was talented in many ways. Elsa never forgot my birthday. Just spoke to her on 8/27/21. It was great to hear from her. My deepest condolences to Dave and Bill. May Elsa RIP

  11. Susan (Ormsby) Svarczkopf

    Though I only met Elsa a few times, I have a vivid memory of her visiting our home in Pleasantville when I was a child. She tried to convince my mom (on my behalf) that it was pointless to make my bed as it was just going to get messed up that night again 😂. I always loved hearing the stories my dad would share with me and was so thankful that Elsa and my dad stayed in touch right up until just before he passed in June. She always brought a smile to his face. My condolences to her friends and family ❤

  12. The Buswick Family

    My family is so grateful to have known and spent time on Fishers with Elsa and her loved ones. Every year she would greet us with her warm hugs and huge, beautiful smile. Although she is not physically here with us anymore I have no doubt she is looking down upon all those she loved and her spirit will continue to be felt on Fishers and beyond.

  13. Steven Thalheimer

    My deepest condolences to Bill and Dave and your families. Although it is been many years since I last saw Elsa, I have many vivid memories of her as described in this memorial post. She was a hoot. A wonderful spirit. She will be missed.

  14. Madge Rosenberg

    When I visited Elsa on Fishers Island one summer day expecting to talk about food and our kids., I heard the most beautiful piano music, which I assumed was coming from a radio or a recording.. To my surprise, it was Elsa playing.. she had never told me how important the piano was to her and how she practiced. The private concert she gave me of The Goldberg Variations was a gift from Elsa.

  15. Bill Lynch THIS IS ELSA and MY STORY

    Eileen, 35 years. Marriage. Blessed with David then Alexa. Life: Excitement, pain, separation, loss, resolution. Biotech financial world collapsed. Eileen and Nobel laureate desperate to find a cure for HIV plagueing the world. Money gone. Florida…cheap 2009. Kids to their New York world Eileen into hospital. Simple muscle surgery. Scalpel pierces colon. Hospital 49 days. Death 2013. Pain, tears, love lost, suffering. I lived in Dante’s hell. The children? Nerves of steel.

    Decades passed. But ONE INDELIBLE MARK had pierced my soul forever. A woman I met in 1973 whom I never forgot. My pain was to tell Elsa Rivers that I had met and would marry Eileen and I asked her forgiveness.

    Late October 8, 2013. Opera. Verdi’s MacBeth. Leather, parchment sign-in pages. Thumbing thru…ELSA RIVERS leaped off a page. Stunned. Breathless. “Can’t be her”…Married? Lives in Florida…drove home. She began to consume all of me.
    October 9. I called 914-592-XXXX. The only number I never forgot. Tape answer. Left my “Bill Lynch” and #. 15 minutes later a ring. I instantly recognized ” Bill…is that you?”. One hour. Next day…hours…and every day. November 8, dogs in the car, and 16 hours and 1,058 miles stopping only for gas down her driveway looking at her smile, braked, jumped out, ran to her our arms wrapped breathless, tight, and we both cried. Our love was always a volcano within inches of the surface, or that I had just run out to pick up a loaf of bread….either way… it took 40 years…

    Our love is forever Elsa.
    David & Nicole, Alexa’s & Steve and Harrison

  16. Rachel

    I knew Sa almost my entire life and she was a part of
    my family in every way but blood. Over the years she has always been supportive of everything I have done, being a cheerleader and providing encouragement. I always loved her unique, upbeat reactions to everything she was a part of. I remember how at my wedding she exclaimed “Hooray for the Mr. and Mrs.” as my husband and I came down the aisle after our ceremony.

    Many hugs and condolences to David and Bill as this is such a tremendous loss.

  17. Lori and Todd Swenson

    Bill, David and family… our deepest condolences to you. I have many memories of Elsa on Fishers as a summer neighbor. She will be missed here on Fishers ❤️

  18. darby callahan

    Elsa was my dearest friend for 45 years. My world will be a dimmer and less vibrant place now that she is gone. There are so many memories. The two of us ferrying boxes and boxes of my stuff in our cars up a flight of stairs on a hot July afternoon when I moved, newly single and now on my own. How she would listen to me, sometimes for hours at yet another of my romantic disasters. Watching fireworks. Going to concerts. In recent years, now joined by Bill, ushering in the New Year. I will always love her.

  19. Nicole Lynch

    Elsa was one of the most loving, generous, and fiery people I’ve had the honor of knowing. She welcomed us with open arms as if we were her own children. We are blessed to have been able to spend the last 8 years with her in our lives and will miss her dearly. We love you Elsa 💕💕

  20. Ron Perkins

    I loved reading about Elsa’s life and wish I’d seen her more that a couple of times on Fisher’s island. I remember her as gracious and smiling. David and Hagan and family, I hope that you can cherish her memories for years to come.

  21. Lisa Novack

    I feel so fortunate to have been so warmly welcomed into Elsa’s home on the island where I had the opportunity to witness her incredible love for her family. I admired her ability to know her own mind and express it – swears and all! She literally glowed when surrounded by family and welcomed friends in as if we were family. I’m truly grateful.

  22. Charles Kadushin

    A wacky beautiful and lovely woman.

  23. Kristin

    Elsa became a part of our lives about 18 years ago. She took it upon herself to start a relationship and connection with me and my family. She always remembered the boys birthdays and would send a hand made card ( for years and years!). She was very thoughtful-
    It was just a few weeks ago that I spoke to Elsa- she reiterated how we needed to stay healthy and safe… genuinely concerned with our well being. She will be missed.

  24. Hagan Rivers

    Elsa always treated me as the daughter she never had. After my own mother died, she redoubled her efforts to be there for me in every way. For a list-making, hyper-organized, rule-follower like myself, she could be maddening … and yet I loved her with all my heart. There is a great gap in our lives now, but I will carry her energy and her love with me for as long as I live..

  25. Carol Lockwood

    Elsa was like a sister to me. What a Grand lady she was
    I will miss her so much. I feel like I lost part of me. I will truly miss her. Every Day.
    Elsa. I love you. ❤️💕

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