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  1. Ralph & Lenore Radom

    Dear Family,
    We enjoyed so much all your memories & thoughts for your faithful mother, grandmother & great grandmother and we appreciate so much the option of standing by you Virtually.
    We did not know Mrs McEachern so well, except for friendly greetings & smile in passing, but I did so much enjoy the applesauce for breakfast at Glen Valley, that I had been told she had lovingly prepared little by little through the winter. Our Sincere condolences to you all, knowing there is joy & sorrow.
    Ralph & Lenore Radom

  2. Amanda Sargeant

    Thinking of all the family and sending lots of love. I have many sweet memories of helping at the store as a child and all the special visits. I am so thankful for the love and care of Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Elnora 💜

  3. Jean Cook

    We will never forget how good they were to Ken and Nora Stowards, they made so many trips a pleasure for them, I understood Nora got the front seat while Elnora kept Ken company in the back. And we owe them a big thank you for taking Ann under their wings when she needed it. Too bad I am only saying this now after it’s too late for either Bruce or Elnora to hear it. A lesson in “Give praise where praise is due, and when due” .

  4. Shirley Kabatoff

    That was a beautiful funeral service for a beautiful woman inside and out. I remember those meetings in the home and also visits with my parents. You will miss her as I miss my mother but it’s a comfort to know they have both gone to their heavenly home.

  5. Krista

    I love you, Grandma! So many special memories are forever in my mind from being near Grandma most days in my youth. I giggle at the thought of her trying to put bobbles in my hair, the bologna sandwiches and all the infamous arm squeezes. She was always kind, fair, hardworking and so steady. My heart is happy to know that she’s gone home to God now but my thoughts are with Dad, Darrel and Glenna who have said goodbye to their dear mom. Much love from New Zealand xx

  6. eileen griffin

    Elnora was a dear friend,always willing to listen to what you had to say. always a smile on her face. I VISITD HER WHEN SHE WAS LIVING IN TWO HICKEN HOUSES PUT TOGETHER WITH SLOPING FLOOR AND ONWARDS WHEN THE STORE WAS BUILT. We had children within days of each other and always enjoyed each others company. My last recollection of her was after I moved to Vancouver Island when I came over to the mainland I always stopped and visited her first before my family. I walked into her nursing home and when she saw me she pointed at me and smiled . Rest in peace my dear, you will missed so much

  7. Margie Koepke

    I have sweet, sweet memories of Elnora. I admired her strength and gentleness. She was a wonderful example.

  8. Connie Larson

    A beautiful lady full of grace. Her inner beauty radiated to everyone she was with. I appreciated time with her when I was in her field. Thinking of all her family with love.

  9. Verna Nesvog

    To the McEachern Families.
    Thoughts are with you folks at thiis time, and so glad your mom finished faithfully in the race. It inspires others to keep on, keeping faithful in the eternal race. My first rememberance of Bruce’s Mrkt was when I worked at Kelly Douglas in Burnaby, working on invoices, and Bruce’s Market would come in with an order to be filled. It was in 1956 after Jack & I were married, that I was first in the store and got to meet them. Their faithfulness inspired us who were young couples then, to have an open home for God’s ministry and family. Verna Nesvog & family

  10. E & L Bentley

    It was so special to join you today.We have so many fond memories .Grandma was a special lady and we will think of her often. Ellwood & Lillian

  11. Marion c Lewis

    So thankful for this dear lady, I have a memory I love when they came to my home driving a van full of grand children whom they were taking on a trip of a lifetime. I don’t remember how many grand children were with them but most of them and they were taking them to Disneyland. They had a heart of love for all those little ones.
    I also remember standing by Bruce one day as Ryan and his (then little) family left for a special convention up north and he said “I have no greater joy today than to see my grand children and great grand children going off to convention together so happily”. I knew what he meant too. Love their hearts of gold and their influence lives on in my heart too

  12. Bevan & Lenore

    We have such good memories of Elnora over the years. Her kindness her quiet strength her example will always inspire us.
    Love Bevan and Lenore

  13. Twyla Rickman

    Much love to Grandma
    McEachern’s family.
    Bruce and Twyla

  14. Trevor Johnson

    I have many wonderful memories of Bruce and Elnora coming to visit us each summer, no matter where we lived in BC. They treated us kids like we their own grandchildren and with each visit there was always lots of gifts and a trip to Dairy Queen!

  15. Norm & Betty Anderson

    Dear McEachern family,
    Our thoughts are with you today as you say your final goodbyes to your very special Mom, Grandma and friend. Her faithful, loving life has been an encouragement and inspiration to many. She will be dearly missed.

  16. Terry Anderson

    Thinking of all of you at this time and feeling so grateful that I got to see “Grandma” every time I visited Maple Ridge. My parents spoke often of Bruce and Elnora and I’m grateful that I got to visit with her and experience the same feeling of friendship and fellowship that they talked of. I know you will miss her more than anything, but I also know that you have the comfort of knowing that she has reached her eternal home, what she has strived for all her life. That gives us all comfort and hope. Thoughts and prayers and love go out to you today as you all gather to pay your respects.

  17. Carol Nelson

    Heartfelt sympathy and much love to all the McEachern family. Special memories of each one of you, from the sixties on… Carol N

  18. Keith & Karen Hagen

    To all the McEachern. Families. Our warmest thoughts in the loss of such a faithful gracious mother and grandmother. May her influence go on for generations and her memory inspire us all.

  19. Brent & Donna Close

    Thinking of you all very dearly today & thankful for your dear mom, grandma, auntie, & friend. Faithful soul.

  20. Daniel La Hue

    I had the privilege of meeting with Ma and Pa Sunday mornings. I still remember their smaller house and store. I’ll always remember the time when my mom had a broken leg and we were in one of our vans leaving for home. As Dad/Mom was backing up someone accidentally leaned on one of mom’s crutches which pressed into the gas pedal and we drove back first into side of the smaller store. From the many family gatherings and meetings, seeing their new store and few times speaking with Ma when going to Bruce’s Market, I will always cherish the many happy memories. Thank you for sharing your homes, stores and lives. Sending lots of healing and positive energies and love to the friends and family.

    Daniel La Hue 🥰❤️🦅

  21. Murray and Maryalice Wood

    We both have so many memories of both Grandma and Grandpa McEachern from our universities days until now. Another faithful and steady pilgrim has reached home. The twinkle in her eyes showed her inner care and love to us all! Although all of you will be feeling the loss, we know you, like us will be thankful for the true example of loyalty shown to family and friend alike. It has been a privilege to have known and loved her too!

  22. Colin and Julie Holt

    We have such sweet memories of Elnora from when we lived in Maple RIdge. Loved her kind spirit and caring nature, and her Christlike example. She sure will be missed.
    Love Colin, Julie, Mikayla, and Annika Holt

  23. George and Doreen Barclay

    We have many good memories of Bruce and Elnora. My sister, Isobel, has wrote some of our early
    years. Our family have enjoyed fellowship with them.

  24. Mark Cameron

    I’ll never forget her outstanding kindness, wisdom, hospitality, generosity, and even respect—to a young undeserving man. She was one of the beacons that drew me back to Truth, and so I’m forever grateful for her life.

  25. gail mcmurray

    Dear McEacherns !!
    So fortunate you were to have this dear mother . God has been kind to you … may you be diligent in upholding the same faith in God that your Mom and Dad had … God is your comfort .. we thank God for those who inspire to still carry the word of God to a needy, needy, world .
    With love , Gail mcmurray

  26. Dennis Melvin

    Dear McEachern Family. My first memory of Your mom was when we moved from Port Moody to Whonnock in 1954 I was 6 years old and on that November morning your mom and mine drove me to the Whonnock Elementary School for my first day at a new school! That spirit was the spirit of an elders wife . During the next number of years growing up I had the wonderful privilege to have fellowship in the Mc Eachern home. Precious memories!! Then in 1970 we again had the privilege to meet in fellowship until 1978 with our young family. Many many special memories of a very special family love from Dennis and Barbie Melvin

  27. Brenda McDaniel

    Oh, My Dear Friends and Family, My heart goes out to you all, There are many souls who are mourning with you all! I am sure that all of Maple Ridge is feeling your deep loss. I remember Elnora always smiling, speaking to all the customers at Bruces Market. She always asked how you were and she really meant it! Her smile warmed you right up from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. My heart would glow for days after visiting with her. She was one of the most beautiful Pillars I ever knew! The encouragement I myself and many others appreciated. I could take the whole page trying to share how gentle a soul our loving lady, Mother, Grandmother, great grandmother, and dear friend to all but all the words cannot explain her wonderful goal in life she revealed every day. Now she has gone home. We will never forget her touch on our hearts!

  28. Isobel Catling

    The McEachern Family
    I first remember your family in the 1950 & 60’s, coming out with the Beaulieu family to our ranch near Williams Lake, for the Sunday Morning Meeting.
    In the later years, my sister, Gladys, who was a room mate with Glenna when she attended UBC, often spoke about your parents, Bruce and Elnora.
    In their retirement years, I often saw them at Prince George Convention and would have chat with them.
    A Wonderful Couple!

  29. Dave & Dianne Kneesch

    Angus. Marj and family: it’s hard to know what to say at a time line this.

    We didn’t have the privilege of knowing your mom very well, but are encouraged knowing her faith came first, and the ripple effect has touched many a heart.

    Thinking of you and the family at this time with love and comfort.
    Dave & Dianne

  30. Minnie Lou Howden

    We are so glad Marci took us to meet Elnora last February. We had a delightful time with her. We remember her lovely spirit. Thinking of you all in your loss and her gain. With sympathy-Norman and Minnie Lou Howden

  31. Ron Lindstrom

    We were saddened to hear that Elnora has passed into eternity and we want to express our sincerest condolences to the McEachern family. Our mom (Mildred nee Sandberg) was the bridesmaid at the wedding of Elnora and Bruce, and we so often heard of the wonderful times she shared in friendship and truth over many, many years. It is so comforting to know that Heaven will be a meeting place again.
    Sincerely, Ron and Kathie Lindstrom; Linda and Peter Sillje

  32. Laura Terepocki

    I had the pleasure of knowing Grandma from working at the store for many years, she was there often, saying a friendly hello to customers as they walked in, tidying up and re stocking the grocery shelves. I remember her and Bruce having meals and coffee together, sitting as close as they could at those deli tables. Lots of memories of Bruce as well. I remember sitting on my break beside him, having the great experience of his stories and advice. He had such a great sense of humour too, I can see Elnora laughing along the way even though she probably had heard those stories several times. When she was still living at home, I took care of Grandmas hands and feet for her manicure and pedicures for a few years. I heard many stories of the old days and the experiences she had along the way. It was always a nice relaxing visit. She was loved by many and will forever be in our hearts.

  33. Ken and Jo-Lea Dornbusch

    We will always remember Elnora for her beautiful spirit and wonderful example! The years we spent, first at meeting in her and Bruce’s home and meeting with her for years after, will forever be some of our favourite memories etched in our minds. Always a smile, an encouraging word and a handshake that said so much without saying a word. Will always think of her enthusiastic welcome to our entire crew every Sunday. We are forever grateful for her beautiful influence. Much love to you all!

  34. Enid

    Thinking of you all. Have lots of memories of Bruce& Elnora
    And meeting in their home.

  35. Coralea fair

    Thinking of you all.

  36. Anonymous

    we feel our family is connected…grama langill and Mom often spoke of the early days and meetings with these folks. Lots of love from Nina Falls and Cal Wheaton.

  37. Mark Olson

    Takes me back more than 50 years when I was first aware of Bruce and Elnora. Through those early and later teen years of my life they were another pillar of truth for me. Through my teenage eyes I saw Elnora as a very stately lady with a very strong work ethic. Two boys intent on mayhem and mischief, we were required to get the work done before anything else. Complaints were ignored.

    I admired her love for the truth of God, and the ready hand to reach out to those that were in need. Elnora has gone home to a place prepared for her, may we meet again one day.

  38. Wade and Darlena Fair

    We are so very sad that we can’t be there in person but we will be there in heart and spirit.
    Elnora was such a warm, loving, and giving person. She will be greatly missed. I have many good memories of time spent there, and working at Bruce’s Market. And of course our trip to Disneyland was a treat like no other!
    Bruce and Elnora were stellar examples to so many, and we are thankful for their faithfulness and love over the years.
    Big hugs to all. Wishing so much we could be there but such is life these days!! 🥰💐

  39. Sasha Radom

    Thank you grandma for your unconditional love and strong faith. So many good memories ❤️.

  40. I

    Thank you grandma for being an incredible role model in the unconditional love you showed us and your unwavering faith. Lots of good memories I will hold onto forever❤️.

  41. Donna Kneesch

    So sorry to hear the passing of your dear mom, sister, grandmother, and friend to so many. She had a strong faith which is an encouragement to those that remember her now. Think of you – all the family – in your loss.
    May God be a great comfort to you all.
    Keep her memories in your hearts.

  42. Marilyn and Hugh Hazelwood

    Thinking of you Glenna and family these days

  43. Sherry Stone

    Angus Marj and family. I am sorry for your loss.
    Never have met your mother, I have so enjoyed hearing of her spirit and the things important to her: Faith, Family and Friends. What a wonderful life to have lived. Thinking of you all at this time and wishing you all the best memories.
    Sherry Stone


    I have known Elnora all my life ..She was a happy person ,always had a smile for you and a greeting,we will all miss her beautifull smile .

  45. Beth Williston

    Dear McEachern family
    My sweetest memory of Elnora was her sincere love. I always felt her love even in the briefest of encounters
    She leaves a huge void for many but especially her family. May your precious memories and God’s Love help fill the void you feel in your hearts at this time

  46. Judy Baker

    So many years… so many memories… so many lessons learned. How to give good customer service…. how to make change… and how to face my fears -GOING INTO THE BIGGGGG FREEZER! Mrs. and Mr. McEachern were significant influences in my growing up. My condolences to the McEachern and Muth families..

  47. Fritz & Joyce Buechi

    Dear Friends
    We just want to send a note of comfort as you will be missing our dear Elnora. It was a privilege to meet her, be there years ago! She was a living example of the message today of the ripples of sweet influence!
    Loving Greetings
    Fritz & Joyce Buechi

  48. Bill Griffin

    We will miss Elnora,
    Growing up in Albion our neighbors were so much more, they were family and I am so sad to see a part of our family leaving us, we however will be left with so many fond memories of her in our heart.
    My prayers and heart go out to the family and all who knew and loved Elnora, she has gone to be reunited with her love, Bruce.

  49. Reta Williston

    I will always remember Elnora as a lady that no task was to great. It was Bruce & Elenor—loved their many visits. Love goes to the whole family. We know her life struggles are over Reta Williston

  50. Margaret and Gord Jones

    Dear Grandma Elnora will be truly missed! It was a delight to meet her several times when we visited Brook and Becky from Ontario. Such a lovely person, whom we would have enjoyed knowing better.
    Sending our sympathy to the entire family.
    Margaret and Gord Jones

  51. Joyce Szakacs

    We are grateful for many memories of grandma Elnora’s faithful life. She leaves a great gap but we trust the Comfortor to minister to that individual need.

  52. Joy

    Lots of love and many memories held in our hearts ♥️ you will always be a family that shows amazing strength and love of faith so honoured to count you all as friends
    Charlotte and Joylene and Family

  53. R&B Wodelet

    Thinking of you all…..and your great loss…joy and sorrow….
    ‘Truly a mother in Israel’…her faithfulness will live on….
    She has touched and inspired so many lives….
    And left behind a rich, eternal heritage…
    Love, Rich & Becky

  54. Marv and Marg Crowley

    We’re inspired by our memories of sweet fellowship and friendship with Elnora.
    She will be truly missed but now she’s enjoying what she lived for.
    Love and Sympathy goes to all your family,
    Marv and Marg

  55. Gerald and Dianne

    Thinking of you all at this time with sympathy. Your mother was a wonderful faithful lady. Loved her very much.

  56. Jason

    We are very sorry about your lost …Our Condolences to ye all….hugs from Ireland

  57. Alice and Joe Howden

    I didn’t know Elnora in person but her faithfulness spoke volumes. And that influence ‘still speaketh’.
    Deep care and sympathy extends to the family.

  58. Kathleen McChesney

    A mother has known and loved us longer than we’ve known ourselves. We are never prepared for such a unexpected vast hole in our heart and life. May her love encircle you still.

  59. Priscilla, Yayo & kids

    The first time I met Elnora she had a HUGE beautiful smile and ice cream. 🙂 Her eyes were FULL of life, experience, simplicity and LOVE. She was such a special lady so full of encouragement. She has left such a wonderful testimony and legacy behind. Our sincerest condolences to her large and wonderfully dear family. <3

  60. Tammy Radom

    Grandma, I will always think of you as a lady with quiet strength and grace. I’m so thankful for everything you did for us.

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