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  1. Diane Broughton

    Betty was a part of our lives ever since childhood as she lived in Fort William (now Thunder Bay). Theo came for Sp Mtgs in Ft Wm in 1968 and shortly after that they were married. Also shortly after that I started in the work. Visits to their home in Brunkild were special also. She was a very special lady and the memory of her inspires us to be true.

  2. Susan and Don Carlson

    Our thoughts go to the family. Betty was married to Theo Gelaude (Theo was married to my Dad’s only sister as his first wife). We have known Betty for many years.

  3. Diane Broughton

    Betty was part of our childhood and youth as she spent years in Fort William (now Thunder Bay). She and Theo were at Ft William Sp Mtgs in 1968 and shortly after that were married and also shortly after that I started in the work. She was a very special lady. A privilege to have known her. A privilege to listen to the funeral too.

  4. Don & Edith-Anne Clegg

    We always appreciated seeing Betty through the years….a ready smile always on her face, and her love to be @ meeting was so evident…..easy to see where her heart was….. So glad to think of where she is now.

  5. Lori Novak

    I am Betty’s niece from Winnipeg. I have many wonderful memories of her that will be with me always. She was always so very kind. Rest in Peace Aunty.

  6. Shirley Stafford

    Betty was a friend of my Mom, Lila Parsonage (nee Farough) and family when they were young. Cecil was my Mom’s cousin so we have known her for many years. They were in our home many times in Alberta and we always visited them when we traveled to Vancouver. The last twice, Betty was alone but still her sweet gentle self. I have many good memories of Betty, a very special lady.

  7. Louise Carlson

    Just want to put a little note on as I think of Betty…She was a very good friend to me…When struggling with the thought of the work I had some days with her and Theo Gelaude in May, 1976… Betty was extremely kind to me….

  8. Karen

    Aunts Betty You are gone but never forgotten.

  9. Coleen Farrell

    My thoughts are with you. She was a special, godly person who was very dear to me. With care and sympathy, Coleen Farrell

  10. Rachel Proulx (Kliewer)

    Aunty Betty will be so dearly missed. I have not seen her for many years now but have such fond memories of spending time with her and Uncle Theo at their farm in Brunkild. She will always have a very special place in my heart.

  11. Lealand Broughton

    Betty was a part of our life as children, when she lived in Thunder Bay.
    Then later it was good to be in her home in Brunkild, MB. She was always an encouragement to me.
    A special visit by her chair in her home in 2016 will not soon be forgotten.

  12. David Hunter

    Betty was always ready when she saw me with a smile on her face when it came time for me to pick her up for for afternoon gospel In Ladner B.C. Later I took her to Wednesday Afternoon study meeting study. She always had a good part in her thoughts. We will miss her but she would tell us today Just be faithful and i will see you all again and i will maybe sooner than you think and we will have wonderful fellowship again. With love and fellowship. David and his daughter wendy.

  13. Louise Fair

    I have known Betty for many years and my husband Lyle and I would enjoy visits with Betty and Cecil. They would come over in the fall and get walnuts from our trees that Lyle planted. He enjoyed this hobby of growing walnuts. We enjoyed fellowship together too when we would be at the same gathering as them. I will always appreciate what both Betty and Cecil meant to us.

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