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  1. Judy Green

    Elaine was such a good friend. I wish we had more years to be friends. I miss our daily chats. She would call me and tell me about a good book she was reading or about a funny movie she just watched. She had a great sense of humor. When things went wrong she would always look at the bright side and say “if this is the worse that happens I’m in pretty good shape.” She looked at the glass as half full not half empty. I admired her strength. She was a strong woman who knew how to stand up for herself. She inspired me to do the same. Elaine always reached out to help others. She was always available for rides to meetings or when someone needed a ride to a doctors appointment. She touched so many people. She will be missed by so many. I am grateful to have met her and to have had the opportunity to be friends. My heart goes out to her family.

  2. Susan Gay (Flanagan)

    I miss Elaine dearly. I miss her humor and honesty and her never failing friendship.

  3. Rick Freedman

    Elaine was a dear friend and a very special woman loved by all. I worked with Elaine at Capgemini for less than 5 years, but she will always hold a special memory in my heart. Even though we hadn’t worked together in over 10 years, we still kept in touch and in fact talked about 6 weeks ago.

    Elaine will be missed.

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