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  1. Suzan Metz

    I apologize for missing the service. I live in Oregon and I thought it was at noon my time. But wanted to say how wonderful your parents were. I was able to have some fun adventure skiing with them. Skiing, beer, lunches. Prayers to both of them I will miss them

  2. David Knott

    Doug was always so silently strong, and a good listener as well as outgoing! He will truly be missed!
    I hope he sees Dolly and Bill as they all dance in heaven! 🙏🏻

  3. Steve Mark

    Doug, It was great skiing and being with you and Cathy . Both as a couple and as individuals you were always a delight to be with. We’ll miss you.

  4. Dylan Frusciano

    We have great admiration and love for the Knott family, and feel so very fortunate that Sara and Ben became our neighbors and more importantly friends. We are so very sorry for the loss of Doug, who along with Kathy epitomized what being a tremendous human being looks like. We look forward to participating in the memorial with all.

  5. Jen Alexander

    Over the years, living so far apart, I didn’t get to spend that much time with my Uncle Doug or Aunt Kathy. When we did have the occasional family reunion though, I always enjoyed talking with them. Both my Aunt and Uncle always made me feel at home and welcomed when I had the chance to visit them in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or In Colorado. They’re hospitality always made me feel so at ease. Uncle Doug’s cooking was so impressive while also being comforting. I’ll miss seeing him in the kitchen.

    I don’t really have a specific fond memory of my Uncle Doug, rather it’s a collection of “snap shots” in my memory… of his smirk. Yes, his smirk! He was this wise, very serious fellow, and yet playful in his conversation. He often times would joke and perhaps poke a little fun at any given circumstance, making light heart of even the weighty things. He seemed even a bit mischievous in his demeanor at times and truth be told, I loved that about him. When I had the pleasure of visiting with he and Aunt Kathy, they both would inquire into and took a sincere interest my life in a way that I always appreciated. I’ll miss our conversations.

    I miss my Uncle Doug and Aunt Kathy, very much. My heart continues to grieve over their lives that were cut far too short. The biggest portion of my grief, rests with my two cousins who are navigating life with out their parents. To Chris and Alyssa, and Ben and Sarah, I love you dearly and am deeply saddened by the insurmountable loss the Knotts have endured this past year. To my second cousins, Grace, Violet, and Henry, you had the most amazing grandparents. I hope your treasured memories of them fill your hearts with such warmth and comfort. They were truly the best!

  6. Vicki and Spencer Rotzel

    Doug (and Kathy) were friends we knew many years ago. They left Appleton way too soon. The years have not dimmed our delight in knowing those two gifted, exceptional, kind, wise and just plain fun people. Their wit was wonderful. They are a gift to this world. Makes me sad. I’m so sorry Ben and Chris and the “grands”. You were his (their) greatest delight – as you know..

  7. Chip and Patty Paddock

    Doug was an immediate friend when we moved to Loveland early in 2017. In the midst of our 2016 house-hunting trips to Colorado from Arizona, we saw in the Illinois State University alumni newsletter that Doug and Kathy Knott had retired and moved to Loveland from Minnesota. We didn’t know them, but tracked down online a Loveland address for them to write and ask if they would meet us for coffee and share their relocation story on our next trip to the Front Range. Our get together at The Muse in Loveland was the beginning of a terrific friendship that included many Happy Hours at craft breweries or Sweet Heart Winery or on their patio or our deck as well as winter commutes for Monday skiing at Eldora Mointain. Doug never failed to contribute to conversations and opinions, entertain us with his sense of humor, and appreciate what we had to offer.In his last email to us, when he commented an old friend had reminded him their book club had focused years ago on the book Being Mortal, Doug spawed some deep-dive reading at our house. In learning of his passing–that he did so in a way and time he chose–we remember surprising him at a Happy Hour with the riddle, “What day of the year is a command?” The answer was March 4, his birthday. (“March forth!”) A strong, brave soul he was.

    We send sincere sympathies to sons Chris and Ben and their immediate families, as well as Doug’s other family members and many friends. He spoke of you often and you knew as he spoke he loved you all very much!

    Chip and Patty Paddock

  8. Dale and Lisa Martinson

    Doug made work at the City of Rochester so much more enjoyable…both from noodling over development projects together to just enjoyable conversations about life. From kayaking trips to ski trips to great meals with good conversation, I’ll miss my true friend, Doug. Praying the many wonderful memories your family has of Doug will help ease the pain of your loss.

  9. Rob Knott

    Missing not only my brother but my best friend!

  10. Denny Stotz

    More than once I’ve read memorial postings or listened to a eulogy where the deceased is said to have had an excellent sense of humor and wit about him. More often than not I’ve caught myself thinking “hmmm-that wasn’t my observation of the fellow”. I can say here and now that my friend Doug had a gifted sense of humor, a quick wit and the ability to find the humor or satire in any situation. I suspect all of Doug’s family and friends reading this won’t have to dig too deep to remember a time when Doug voiced an observation that makes them smile. Doug, Dale and I had some good times and good conversations in our drives to Colorado. You don’t really appreciate a good conversationalist (or at least one with a sense of humor) till you spend 16 hours in a car with the person. I look back fondly on our skiing trips. Doug and Kathy and the whole family were quite simply dealt a bad hand…one you hope no one should have to deal with. My memory of Doug will include his remarkable courage and strength in how he dealt with Kathy’s accident and his diagnosis. His sons and grandchildren should be proud of how strong their father / grandfather was. Doug was my friend. My very good friend. I shall not forget him. I will miss him.

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