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  1. Bob Hopper

    Not just a renaissance man, but a humane giant and mentor and friend.

  2. Diane Ullius

    Even in their last few years at Goodwin House, it was clear that Vera and Dave recalled warmly their roles at UUCA. Showing Vera a picture of our Sanctuary–even when she could no longer really speak–made her light up in recognition. And making pastoral visits to Dave–even though he probably didn’t really know who I was–became comfortable when I said, “I’m from UUCA.” I hope they knew–and know, somehow–how very warm their memory is among us.

  3. Jay Fisette

    Dave and Vera, together, represented the best of UUCA. From my introduction to UUCA, I remember them as vibrant and engaged in the arts, social justice, and the life of the church. I got to know Dave while serving together on the Culpepper Garden Board. Dave was knowledgable and effective in his work at Culpepper Garden. They both lived full and meaningful lives. Our community is better off for having had Dave and Vera spend some time here. Rest in Peace.

  4. Robbie Werth

    David Tilson was a kind, compassionate and loving husband, father, grandfather, mentor and friend!! I will always our remember our families times together in my youth. David took a interest in me at a young man and provided sound words of wisdom that helped shape who I am today!! His work on moderate income housing at Culpepper Gardens is a legacy that will touch many for generations to come!! He will be missed. RIP

  5. Phillip & Betty Powell

    Dave and Vera Tilson served as twin pillars of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington Virginia for decades. Their talents and dedication to service played major roles in making this congregation of modest size outstanding in progressive social service initiatives, musical performance, and photographic arts in the culturally rich milieu of the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area.

  6. Sa

    Dave was such a warm and accomplished man. He shared his gifts generously and was always so cheerful. I have known him for decades through UUCA and joined him and Vera when moving to Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads. I have rarely seen as devoted as husband as Dave was to Vera. Their love for each other was inspiring.

  7. John Gunning

    I got to know Dave through Vera after I joined the UUCA Choir in 1982. We quickly found another connection with our work at different times for the Agency for International Development. However we got to know each other through the Choir, our support for Culpepper Garden and our interest in good governance at UUCA. UUCA benefited greatly from his leadership in these areas as well as many others. I miss him.

  8. Anne Stewart

    David and Vera lived on our floor at Goodwin House. He had such a zest for life! I remember the excitement as he got ready to have an exhibit of his photographs in the Goodwin House art gallery. He was smart, talented and a devoted caregiver to Vera in her last years.

  9. David and Mary Shilton

    Dave just seemed to radiate good cheer and a warm welcoming spirit. He was such a devoted supporter of the Church and especially the choir and the whole music program. Dave’s photography skills were legendary, and his photos documenting the different eras of the Church are a great legacy. He will certainly be missed.

  10. Jane Roningen

    Dave was the choir photographer and of course attended every concert. I will always remember his warm smile!

  11. Bill Fogarty

    As a member of UUCA involved in various leadership positions, I always appreciated Dave’s support, and advice, for me. And I loved his photography exhibitions!

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