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  1. Frances & WIllis Jordan

    We enjoyed listening to the service for David. Met him at my parents Wednesday afternoon bible study when we would come to visit, and always appreciated his gentle spirit. He was a prince of a man and we know that he was prepared for eternity. Thinking of you in your great loss – heavens gain.
    Frances and WIllis Jordan

  2. Marie Ann Fortt

    Dear Joy and family ‘ we are very sorry to hear of David`s sudden passing. He will be missed. Marie

  3. Ruth & Bernard Hall

    A flood of memories come back to me of the days when David & several other young men boarded with us,, the LaHue family. His life always inspired me when we had opportunity to meet down through the years. His faithfulness has every reason to comfort you, Wendy, and others in the family. Our sympathy in your loss, Ruth & Bernard Hall

  4. Rob and Elva Stapleton

    Dear Joy and family,
    We were also very sorry to hear of David’s sudden passing.
    Our memories are of a very sincere, pleasant, kind, Godly man. You will miss him dearly.
    Thank you for sharing his service online. It was very special to be able to see and listen from here in Ireland.
    Thank you

  5. Jack Bakker

    I well remember the Hunter family, them being neighbour’s only 3 doors away. Our kids played with theirs and Joy often babysat them when we were at work. I often rode with David on the bus on our return from work and we had a congenial brotherly relationship for many years. They met at our home and we at theirs for union mtgs.. It was good for the time and we were glad for it.
    Now Donna and I were very glad for the lovely service and most impressed with Wendy’s part in it. An excellent thing she did, very talented. It was good to see Joy but any others of the family went unrecognized. Years have done their thing to each of us, bringing changes, but the Truth had remained, unchanged. That is most thankworthy! J

  6. Heather Fair

    Dear Joy, Wendy and family,
    We’re were sad to hear of David’s passing. He always had such a lovely sincere smile. He will be missed. All the very best going forward.
    Arleigh and Heather Fair

  7. Seona Gamache

    Dear Joy, my friend Wendy and The Hunter family.

    My heart goes out to you all.

    I had the pleasure of meeting with David for many years. David shared many beautiful treasures with us in his testimony and service to his Heavenly Father. I always appreciated his beautiful spirit and honest testimony. He was always cheerful and had a smile for everyone. If he seen me at work he always shot me a smile or stopped to chat.

  8. Ellwood and Lillian Bentley

    Dear Joy and family. So sorry to hear of David’s passing. We appreciated being able to watch the memorial service. I have many good memories of David, especially at La Hues and visits at convention time.

  9. Wilf and Bernice Stroud

    Good memories of meeting with David some winters we were out there. Also, met with Wendy. Our condolences, Wendy on the sudden loss of her Dad.

  10. Ralph & Lenore Radom

    Our sincere condolences to the Hunter family…Joy, Wendy & Gary we know best.
    A lovely tribute to your Husband, Dad & Grandfather. We appreciated David’s always friendly smile and time spent with him, as recent as the high school reunion at Lake Cowichan. David seems to have been a quiet man that did many special acts of kindness behind the scenes. He will be missed, but rewarded for his Faithfulness.

  11. Rita Evans

    David was like another brother to me. When Jim and I got married in Dec. 1966, David was our best man and Joy signed the register because my sister Ruth was too young. David and Joy and Jim and I spent lots of time together as young people. Over the years I would see David at Duncan convention and always enjoyed visiting with him. His life always was firm and sure in the Lord. No one ever doubted his faithfulness. I will miss his visits. He often went and visited with my 92 yr. old mother, Doris La Hue, in Burnaby before she died in Dec. 2019. Mom so enjoyed those visits. My love and care to Joy, Stephen, Wendy, Brian, Linda and Keven and their families.

  12. Lydia Last

    thoughts have been with you all. Many good memories of past days.
    Lydia Last



  14. John and Barbara Mazereeuw

    We did not have the opportunity to personally know David, however ………. reading of his lovely testimony, shared by many, has touched our own hearts and encouraged us to keep on keeping on to reach that goal that David lived for ! We wish his dear family comfort in their loss.


    Being an RN at Dogwood Lodge in Burnaby in the 1980’s, I got well acquainted with Phyllis Hunter and her son David who came in every day to visit her. Such a LOYAL and FAITHFUL man!

  16. Janet and Garry Rosenfeld

    Dear Wendy and family,

    So sorry for your loss, your dad always displayed a spirit of gentleness, meekness, faith and love…beautiful fruits of the spirit. You will miss him greatly, he has gone to gain the heavenly prize of what he lived for, may God draw near and comfort each one if you as you work through your sorrow.

  17. Dave & Anne Higgins

    Dear Wendy & Family:

    We loved your Dad and appreciated his faithfulness.

    Love Dave & Anne (Higgins)

  18. Al and Linda Vaughan

    Sorry to hear of David’s passing. We will be thinking of Joy and the family during these sad times

  19. Sandra L. Furlini

    I well remember David for his lovely smile. He came to the washington peninsula to visit me many years ago and it was lovely. I did see him again in 1995 prior to my return to Italy. Always faithful to his commitment to God and love to his large family. He will be missed for sure but He is enjoying something much better now that is eternal. Love Sandra (Butts)Furlini

  20. Shirley Wilson

    Sorry to hear of David’s passing. David was a Prince among us. His smile and quiet spirit will be missed. Condolences to all of David’s family. Shirley Wilson

  21. Elaine Spence

    Thinking of Joy and family with sympathy in the loss of David. David, Joy and their children were a special part of my life. Their friendship was precious to my parents as well. I think, too, of David’s faithfulness through the years. Lots of wonderful memories of times in your home.

  22. Gord Radom

    Dear Joy and family. I have fond memories of David as teenagers at school, then at Silverdale conventions, then our stay at Lahues with the other boys. I remember so well your wedding with my old Fairlane decorated up for your getaway. He will be missed down here. Thoughts of kindness to you and family

  23. Marie Lewis

    To Joy and the family….,,
    I’m very sorry to hear that David has passed away. For a few years I was in the same Sunday morning meeting. I always enjoyed his testimony and his spirit. Had some good visits with him too .
    Good to know he has gone to his well deserved Rest with God. He will be missed!💕

  24. RUTH

    Thank you David to welcome me as your sister-in- laws. I was so happy to be part of Hunter Ralph and you was gone .I hope your together now . I really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness to us .I miss you both.Joy and the whole family I extend my sympathy and condolences to you on the unfortunate death of David.may his soul rest and peace .we know how special he was for us. MAY God ease the pain in you heart. We are going miss him. Love always Ruth

  25. Murray-Maryalice Wood

    We have valued David’s faithful example and love for Truth throughout his life’s journey. Good memories of meeting with him here in our home for union meetings. And also of the years we met with Joy, Keven, and Grandma at GV! We appreciate the privilege of getting to know you all at various stages of life! You, as well as so many others, will miss his quiet assuring presence. Take care.

  26. Brenda

    Oh My Dear friends, Joy, Wendy, Steven, Brian, Linda, Keven, and Families,
    My Heart goes out to you all, How greatly will David be missed! His Love for Truth, glowed right from the heart and soul. Never did I see him without a very kind and gentle smile. Any one meeting him for the first time would be at ease and find themselves feeling as if they were friends right from the start. Never a harsh word, and such empathy towards others! He brought peace and happiness where ever he went! His Love for Family, Friends, and neighbours just glowed from him. These traits I will never forget, and will greatly miss him. Yet will I be filled with so much thankfulness knowing that he is with our Lord in heaven. Receiving all God’s promised total contentment and peace. Thank You David❣

  27. The Cleggs’

    We enjoyed getting to know David these last couple year and valued his steadfastness love and appreciating for Truth.

    Our Sunday AM meeting lost a brother but Heaven has gained a faithful servant.

  28. Betty Gregg

    Dear family of David!
    I have such good memories of David, always so polite and kind. Also, thinking of his care for others….I felt it was outstanding. He looked past experiences to the present and shared godly care. From my observation, he was very forgiving, a tremendous virtue. We will miss him, he always came to say Hello, and I value his steady testimony. Betty Gregg

  29. Denise Newman

    Thinking of you all in the loss of David who was a quiet prince. Valued all the times spent with your family in Poco. Sat beside David for the one day of GV conv this year and shared candies with him. He was always the same! Valued that so much. Kind thoughts to you all Joy Wendy Steven Brian Linda Kevin and families.

  30. Melva D. Radom

    David and Joy will always have a special place in our hearts. David came to my folks for meeting so many many years ago. He soon brought his beautiful girlfriend along with him. We appreciated David’s kindnesses to dad these later years, as well !!! Thoughts and deep condolences go to all the family!!
    We miss you on Wednesday afternoon!!

  31. James W & Nancy L Breeding

    I first met Dave just after he professed. He visited Yakima WA several time. Even though our walk in life never ran together our lives crisscrossed a number of times. My thoughts over the years have often gone towards Dave and Joy and their family. Glad for precious memories. Jim and Nancy Breeding

  32. Ken Radom

    I remember when we lived at Lake Cowichan and the Hunter’s professed @ a Gospel Meeting in Youbou in 1962. It made for an even happier time around Lake Cowichan.
    Here it is 2021 already …. and our friend and brother David has gone on to enjoy forever what he lived for.. He was a faithful man..
    As Mom used to say …. “Time is passing oh so quickly rich are the moments of blessing”.

  33. Stan and Gladys Taylor

    We got to know David best when he helped on the farm for the last few years before Covid19.

  34. Bobbie perreault

    Sorry for your loss

  35. Melissa aka Missy ♥

    David took His Son and Daughter Linda and Keven and myself through a walk through of the Airplanes when I was 13-14 I really enjoyed that day, You are missed. I always saw you in the family events I attended with or without my kids. We All love u.

  36. Joylene

    Many memories with Joy and David and family … they were like a second home for me
    Lots of laughs and many Sunday meals
    Our sympathy
    Joylene and Charlotte and family

  37. Karen and Brad

    Thinking of you all as you grieve – we enjoyed meeting with David over the years and always appreciated what he shared.
    Karen and Brad

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