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  1. Annia Engel

    I already miss “Unka” Dave so much. Dave was smart and funny, always quick with a joke or a prank to cheer you up. I will never forget our trips to Seattle where he would guide us along miles of beach, sharing the places that he knew and loved. Dave’s absence will leave an empty place for so many of us, but he wouldn’t want that absence to bring us down. Dave would toss a few toy frogs our way and expect us to push forward, helping those around us and making new adventures. I love you and miss you Uncle Dave.

  2. Jack Cary

    He will be missed dearly; I’ve knew Dave for my whole life since grade school, I’ve always supported him anyway I could, in Viet Nam, Alaska, In the lower 48, he had a rough life.. I could write for hours, God Bless his sister and family his kids and grandkids. I love all of you.

  3. phillip johnson

    Before moving to oregon Dave rented from me on my bainbridge island farm off and on for a number of years. He was a good friend and I will miss him.. I always knew if I really needed some help he would be there for me. and I always had a place for him and his cat. He gave me the title “The Frog Prince of Manzanita Creek”.

  4. Diana Engel

    I am Daves little sister. Because of him a deep trust of life emerged . I realized I was never alone; that I traveled in the presence of a hero who opened my heart a little wider every day. We were connected by our souls. He taught me to move with the events of life and to know that every day was a good day. From always making sure I had a seat on the school bus before he sat down, filling my bikes tires with air, screening who my friends were, letting me tag along on hikes, helping each other through our families deaths, boulders crashing through the house, going to war and promising he would come back, the stuff of life. We always talked twice a day at least, shared out children’s lives, as well as stories about our beasties and the promise that stars would always shine brighter after we saw each other. Dave always shared his home with us; his animals, the beaches, wildlife, ferries, Pike Place, Alaska, his beautiful home in Oregon, and never tired of chinese food! I will not stop saying his name. The stories we shared will still make us laugh. Be free Dave. I hope you are seeing with new eyes and feeling again with a whole body and open heart. My beloved brother and forever friend. I love you. Thank you.

  5. Leanne Sue Murray

    I feel very blessed that my Life Path crossed that of Dave Houlton while working on the Alaska Pipeline start-up at Prudhoe Bay. Dave was like a big brother and always treated me with kindness, dignity and respect as I navigated my apprenticeship in Instrumentation in a construction camp of hundreds of men in the 1970’s. His sharp wit and wicked sense of humor enabled all of us to survive the long winters with a little more joy.
    Cheers to you, Brother Dave and I wish you the very best on the next leg of your journey!
    Leanne Sue Murray, Hawai’i

  6. Mike McCollum

    David Houlton and I were tool partners during the Atlantic Richfield, Prudhoe Bay start-up, trans Alaskan pipeline project, June 1977. We have remained friends all these years. We spoke almost daily for about the last twenty years and shared life’s sadness and joy. He spoke proudly of his kid’s accomplishments. After so many start-overs, Dave finally managed to buy a place of his own down in southern Oregon. I spent a few days with him a couple of years after he bought the place, and was given the grand tour. He had much to be proud of. Dave’s critters, and that didn’t just apply to animals, were all special to him. Dave took in strays of all walks of life. Human outcast and animals alike, Dave always tried his best to help. We shared many experiences together, some funny, some scary, some not mentionable. He was my friend.