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  1. Keith and Roberta Ricci


    We are deeply sorry for your loss. I’m heartbroken to hear about Chris. She always had the best smile and a kind heart. It was nice to be able to work with her at CNM. We will continue to pray for you. Sending all our love.

  2. Bill Murphy

    I had the privilege of serving as editor of the Sandia Lab News at a time when Chris Burroughs was part of our writing team. In my 40 years in the communications field, I never knew anyone who worked harder or smarter than she did. Chris always had several irons in the fire and made every minute of the workday count. She was an astonishingly prolific writer, and it was good stuff, too, about tough technical issues. It’s no easy thing to write one passably decent story a week about a dense STEM subject; Chris would write five. I still don’t know how she did it. I was very sorry to see her leave Sandia and the Lab News, but was glad to hear that she landed a good job at CNM. Our big loss was their huge gain. So long, Chris. Thanks for everything.

  3. Rod Geer

    When Chris and I met at a PRSA luncheon she was working at UNM and I was at Sandia Labs. Memory fades, but it was probably a couple years after that meeting when I hired her as a member of the Sandia Labs public information/employee communication staff. She wrote loads of wonderful stories. She and I also liked to stand in the hallway of our building — just a short work break — and compare notes about our Basenjis.

  4. Anonymous

    The League of Women Voters of Central NM remembers Chris’s many contributions to our efforts to educate the electorate and engage our membership in improving our government and informing those desiring knowledge to better contribute to our democracy. Among Chris’s many contributions, LWVCNM would especially like to recognize her service as our Voter newsletter editor 2010-2015 and as Public Relations Director 2006-2010.

  5. Amanda

    A beautiful photo of Chris, like I will always remember her, beautiful inside and out!

  6. Vicky Lewin

    Chris was my baby sister and I never thought that she would pass away at a young age. My sister was a fighter from the time she was born two months early to the untimely death of her son.
    I can remember how she enjoyed reading the classic writers in her teen years. She would make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and then settle down to read a book on Friday evenings. One book she read over and over again was Gone With the Wind until she could memorize passages from the book. She loved to write and at a young age she started
    a novel at her childish age.
    Yes, I miss my baby sister and I could go on and on of funny times and sad times we spent together .
    I pray that she finally has found peace with her beloved son .

  7. James Olsen & Jeanne-Marie Aurnague

    I am Christine’s Brother-in-law. I was married to her sister, Lily for 47 years. Christine & Lily were close and with us living in Santa Fe, we visited with her often. My dear Lily passed in 2012. Christine was very close to our daughter, Amanda and her two sons, Daniel & Corey. They and Stacy were good buds. With Stacy’s passing in 2016, we were all heartbroken. Christine was a champion for human rights. We already miss her compassionate spirit and are deeply saddened by her passing. Close bonds are not forever and are at best replaced by fond memories. In the spirit of connection, let’s appreciate each day and each other. James Olsen & Jeanne-Marie Aurnague

  8. Anonymous

    Chris was a great long time member of and hard worker for the League of Women Voters. It was a pleasure to know her. Mary Wilson, Former National President of the League of Women Voters of the United States.

  9. Dede Feldman

    What terrible news. I will miss her dearly. I saw Chris infrequently, but I knew she was always there.– Solid. In support of the Albuquerque Presswomen, UNM, good government and education. She always had a friendly word.. She did the work and was a fine writer, so well informed.. Thank you Chris for all your contributions to our community. Dede Feldman

  10. S Wlaton

    As a long-time member of Press Women, Chris applied her considerable expertise to our organization. Her work on behalf of the speakers for the monthly lunch meetings was particularly adroit. And I remember she had a story to tell about being a student at Kent State during the troubled times there. I believe she took a deep interest in promoting good journalism and a well-informed electorate as a necessary part of a orderly democracy and she worked to make that happen both in the League of Women Voters and in journalism.. Her work there will be sorely missed.

  11. Eleanor Sanchez

    Christine and I were coworkers at The University of New Mecico. She was a wonderful person always warm and compassionate. I will miss her very much. I pray for strength and comfort for her family.

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