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  1. Toni Rumley

    What a beautiful tribute to Rock. So many treasured memories that perfectly depicted his personality and life. One of my favored memories of Rock was when he and Ninna were watching Kristen while Dan and I were out of town on business. I was in an elevator in NYC when the call came. Back then cell phones were used for emergency purposes, so I knew his call was important. Unfortunately the cell service was terrible and eventually one of Rock’s calls went to voicemail. The message he left was “Toni, don’t worry about a thing….. I have everything handled and the adjuster will be out today”. Now, as a Mom, working in another state, hearing “don’t worry about a thing……..” you can imagine exactly what I did. That was Rock, always handling everything with solid precision and then calling you with enough information to send you to pure panic. (For the record, he only ran into my garage door.) Rock was the family “rock” and he will be greatly missed. xoxo

  2. Steve Arey

    Stephanie and I had great years in Pinetop hanging out and playing golf with Rock and Linda. We will miss you Rock.
    Steve and Stephanie Arey

  3. Anonymous

    What good times we had together in the air and on the ground, never a dull moment! Ed and I treasure the memories!

  4. Lynda Griebrok

    Rock, you will be missed by many. You are and will always be my
    “ CAPTAIN AMERICA “. Hugs. Lynda Griebrok. 🥰

  5. Nancy Chriest

    Here’s to ‘Sky King’ ~ forever at the joy stick!
    Keep flying high, Rocker and thanks for all the marvelous memories hanging out with you & your family.
    A very special time was when Steve & I flew back from Truckee with you as our pilot in a 4 seater aircraft – soaring high over the Sierras back to the Bay Area.
    What Great Fun we 3 had together on that joyful journey….

  6. Ray Diab

    We had an instant connection as soon as we met. We were both Sun Devils and were proud of it. We met by chance when he was buying a motor home and that was it. You are still flying high now with the angels.

  7. Sharon Belshaw Joned

    My dear Rock, Sky King, Chuckie, Dr. Glass or whatever NAME you went by, my life became crazier, more fun and way more exciting when you moved into your new house in the early 80’s and ruined my perfect view ! You blocked my view of the majestic Bay Area and created a view of a wonderful life filled with kids on my porch, a stick lady in my face, and bushels of memories of water skii trips, lumpy mashed potatoes, countless parties and vacations too weird to describe! You enriched, deepened and forever changed my life, Rock! I love you and thank you for CHANGING AND VASTLY IMPROVING MY VIEW!

    Always your PRINCESS,

  8. Sandy Rensvold

    It’s been a sad couple of years for Rock, David and their buddies. We have to think of them now as having a good time in heaven flying airplanes with their arms and hands for God. I am grateful that we got to spend time with you on this earth. We had a good time all those years.
    God bless Linda and the family. We will all be together in God’s time.
    Sandy Rensvold

  9. Bob and Patty Meyer

    Rock was a true patriot and friend.
    He Loved ASU and our country.
    Could and would talk to anyone within earshot and make a connection no matter their race color or creed.
    Miss him
    Patty and Bob

  10. Arlene

    Linda, we both lost our life partners but we’ll meet again one day.
    I pray Roc and Carl will continue to share their stories.
    Rest In peace guys.

  11. LaVerne

    I love you Linda and I love my little brother Bock.

  12. John P Frederick

    Rest In Peace fellow Naval Aviator, Pre-flight Class 40-62 classmate and graduate of Arizona State University. GO NAVY! GO SUN DEVILS.

  13. Billy Walker

    Rock Anderson was aptly named for he truly was a rock! We became friends, pledges and then fraternity brothers, even roommates, at ATΩ/Arizona State University.

    Already a pilot, I take some credit for Rock’s love of aviation. We used to take our dates up for a moonlight flight over the Phoenix city lights.

    Rock became acquainted with a Navy commander assigned to recruiting potential pilots for the US Navy’s aviation program. This was just prior to the Vietnam War. Rock never did anything in a small way and if he became enthusiastic about something it permeated around him. Soon, he had a number of his fraternity brothers, me included, signed up.

    Rock seemed to conquer everything put in front of him. Football, US Navy, United Airlines, he always ended up scoring high. Broad shouldered and chiseled looks Rock fit the Marlboro mold as no one to mess with. Another Navy buddy related this story: “during the Vietnam War, while on leave in the Philippines, Rock was asleep in the back of a Jeepney, when a couple of bandits jumped on board with guns. One eye opened a bit and seeing what was happening to his Navy buddies, he exploded into action and simply threw the bandits off into the jungle and not to gently.” But he really was a pussy cat, ask Linda!

    Rock excelled at everything he did ‘cept, perhaps, his first couple of failed marriages, but, Boy Howdy, did he get it right with Linda. Their Love Boat sailed for nearly 45 years! All of their kids and grandkids turned out great.

    Rock and Linda, Cheryl and I, had condos together for several years in Jackson Hole when our kids were small. We loved skiing and snowmobiling together. All those old memories are of great value now that Rock has “Gone West” a term used since WWI when an aviator had gone to glory…

    I will dearly miss seeing Rock at our annual ATΩ gatherings, our occasional outing, and, already, the phone calls. His was a presence felt and his influence was spread widely.

    Blue Skies & Tailwinds….

  14. Angela Acerno

    I only knew Rock for a short time but he immediately becae a surrogate father.
    If you asked for advice you knew you’d always get a straight answer, whether you liked it or not.
    I visited almost daily and each day he’d ask how I was and how my business was doing. It wasn’t a perfunctory question, he really cared.
    Most of times we didn’t have to talk. We’d watch the news or some Western. The Virginian was the best.
    I miss our times together. You don’t get many opportunities to meet people who truly make a difference in your life.
    Thank you Rock.

  15. Bud Southworth

    AOC Rock was a 40-62 Preflight classmate & a fellow Ensign VT – 1 Teenie Weenie stud. Here we parted ways, me to VT – 7 jets at Meridian and Ensign Anderson to VT-2 T-28 props at Whiting Field.
    Sorry I missed Rock while on deployments to VN and the good times in the Philippines at Cubi Point.
    Rock is missed.
    Bud Southworth

  16. Roy Lilley

    Rocke was a great friend and classmate. U.S. Naval School of Pre Flight Class 40-62. So sorry for your loss. Roy Lilley, CDR, USNR (RET)

  17. Georgia

    Rock was a true friend and a patriot! He loved his family dearly and would always proudly tell me stories of their escapades and accomplishments. I met him as a client but we became friends by enjoying memorable world travels with him, Linda, Bridget and many of his close AZ friends. I miss our intense political and financial dicussions but mostly his passion for life! I am blessed to know of his love for our Lord so I know where he is and we will be reunited one day. May God bless his family.

  18. Bob Zimmer

    I’d like to share the story when Rock was in the Wort Hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The time he was a victim of a theft.

  19. Ken and Llana Marton

    Ken and I are blessed to have had Rock as a friend and neighbor for several years. He was active in the fellowship and politics of our HOA and was missed when he and Linda moved. Now, we cherish the good memories of those times together.

  20. Mariam Saner

    Rock is who made my life possible. I loved him so much and am so blessed to have had him as an uncle and friend. I miss him!

  21. Bob & Julie Jackson

    Rock is a true life long friend. We knew that if We called upon him he would be there. Sorely miss Rock. We know in our hearts we will see each other in the present of the Lord.

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