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  1. Peggy Jane Triulzi

    Awww Nancy~ what beautiful reflections you shared of your wonderful son. I am grateful to have been Brent’s first teacher and to share in caring for him as a little guy! True to your words, Brent’s size and ability to articulate his thoughts at such a young age was notable.
    I am touched by the man he grew to be, but I’m not surprised. You were an amazing mother to him, and there was never a question as to what came first in your life~ Brent was always your first priority. In many ways you were one of my first models of the parent I wanted to be. I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared if your family life while I was in college at U of F.
    Brent was a joy from sun up to sun down and I am comforted to know his joyfulness carried him through the physical challenges he faced.
    I know that Brent surely made the world a better place~ I was blessed to share in the love and joy he brought to this world❤️❤️
    Love to you and your family on this special day of remembrance. I look forward to sharing in the celebration of Brent’s life~ holding you close in my heart Nancy. Love you ?

  2. Betty Wheeler

    What a beautiful tribute to Brent. Nancy, Bill, and family, this was truly a celebration of his life.

  3. Kathi Roberts

    Bill and Nancy and family, please know all of the Roberts family hurt for your loss. We pray for you as you have had to walk this walk. How glorious to know you will see Brent again in heaven! The service has been absolutely beautiful. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. We love you guys! Love, Kath, Rich and Kelly

  4. Stephanie Gonter

    Bill and Nancy, We never had the chance to meet Brent but he sounds like he was a wonderful person. We love you and are so sorry for your physical loss in this world, but are so thankful for the opportunity you have to see him again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both and all of his siblings! Much love, Mike and Stephanie Gonter

  5. Bobbie Fraine

    Nancy and Bill, our hearts are so saddened with this news of Brent’s leaving this earthly realm filled with those who loved him but rejoice knowing he now walks lovingly with his JESUS on streets of Gold…probably skipping as I ponder on your stories of his growing up. Please know how much Cliff and I love you and will always hold a special place in our hearts for you and your family, especially at this time. If every you need anything, know that we are here for you.
    Love, Cliff and Bobbie Fraine

  6. Helen Straughn

    Bill and Nancy,
    I didn’t get the opportunity to meet Brent, but I know how much you miss him – in this life at least. We are comforted to know that the Lord will reunite you all in Heaven. Thanks for letting me share in this service and your memories.

  7. N. Diane Holmes

    Dear Nancy, Bill and family,
    When I think of Brent, I smile. He was such a gentle giant. You are all in my prayers.

  8. Tracey De Voy

    Dear Nancy & Bill,
    Brent used his time well here! What a blessing to have been given the responsibility to raise this wonderful son.
    Though I did not have the pleasure of knowing him , your tribute made me feel as if I had. Praying that his memorial will reach the hearts of those that still have not made a decision for Christ and their eternal destination will be changed as a result. Jeff and I are very fond of St Patricks Day, we celebrate our wedding anniversary on that day!
    Love you both,
    Tracey & Jeff De Voy

  9. Deborah Day

    To Nancy, Bill and your family:
    What a wonderful tribute to Brent and his life. His loss was felt by many.

  10. Jo Ann Palmer

    We so loved reading this bio, Nancy. Thanks for sharing. Jo Ann too loves St. Patrick’s Day

  11. Janice Randollph

    Well, you succeeded in making me cry with your beautiful words about your wonderful son. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Brent is walking the pastures of Heaven with his Granddad and many others of your family and our family because in Heaven, I believe, everybody is family. . .a part of the family of God. There are many dogs and cats, pets that have gone on, running freely around Brent’s restored limbs. Oh, what JOY!!
    I love you, Bill and your children. Lean heavily on your family and friends.

    Janice Randolph

  12. Brith Jolivet

    Nancy and Bill,
    May God bless you and keep you as you are joyfully reminded of what lies ahead. Much Love. Alex and Brith Jolivet

  13. Claire and Larry Klingler

    Not knowing Brent, but being friends with Nancy and Bill we send our very thoughtful wishes. We were sorry to hear of his passing and wish Nancy and Bill strength in their quest for inner peace.

    Lovingly, Claire and Larry Klingler

  14. Valencia

    Nancy-I am so glad you wrote this tribute. What a tresured insightful perspective of Brent’s life. He gave realy good bear hugs with those broad shoulders too! love you, Judge P and your children! Lots of prayers, hugs and love to you!

  15. Jill Heffner

    Brent was my first nephew and as Nancy said he was a joy to be around, he had such a contagious smile. I had the privilege of being Brent and Nicks gifted teacher when they were in the second grade at Redbug Elementary school. They had the highest IQ’s of all my students, but they were both so well rounded and grounded it was amazing that God had brought them together to be brothers. Brent will be missed by many friends and family but we are comforted by the promise of being reunited in our eternal heavenly home.

  16. Mona Mellon

    Offering our deep condolences – what a beautiful memory you have written about Brent! I so enjoyed your visualization of his happiness being in his heavenly home and perfection. It’s easy to think of Brent as God’s child, now and always. May you and your entire family along with his friends feel great comfort in your beautiful love for him and the grace of God.
    Every blessing of Christ and Holy Spirit in your lives. ???
    Love, Mona and Richard

  17. Michael

    Wow, what an amazing story of character, strength and faith. My heart and blessings go out to your family. What a short life Brent had on earth but as we all know, He is still doing amazing things.


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