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  1. Stacie and Ernie

    Bonnie will be truly missed by all on Darlington Drive. She always had a beautiful smile and friendly to all. I know she is busy planting beautiful flowers in heaven. I can see her smiling surrounded by them now. Our prayers go out to John and his family for their loss.

  2. Betty Leonelli

    Bonnie was one of my dearest friends in Chicago. We had so many laughs and fun times playing golf together with our husbands and friends.
    I am so sad that she is gone, and my condolences to John and the family.
    I will always remember her as a caring person, fun to be around, and so very thoughtful of others. When out with our friends, she always had to sit in the middle of the table in her chair. She didn’t want to miss any conversations. That was a good memory too.
    My love to her always. Betty Leonelli

  3. Sandi Caspers

    I will always remember Bonnie as a warm and friendly and caring person. My husband Cap and I always enjoyed her company watching the Bears Games on Sundays at the restaurant with other Chicagoland Club members. Especially when she and John did the football pool. She always reached out to my husband and enjoyed joking with him. Our parties on Tuesday nights at the Chicagoland club were fun joking around with John and Bonnie. Bonnie made every event fun and interesting. I will always remember her as a very special person to us.

  4. Lynda Colavecchio

    John and family, we are deeply saddened to hear about sweet Bonnie’s passing. I’m so glad that you reached out the other day. It is so apparent how well you cared for her through some very difficult times. You protected her dignity and loved her when it wasn’t easy.
    I know that you must be emotionally and physically exhausted. Caregiving is the most difficult task and you didn’t waiver. We are so proud of your commitment and dedication.
    Bonnie is now free from earthly pains but carries a part of you with her on her spiritual journey. She certainly left a large part of herself in your heart to comfort and guide you through the days ahead. I know that she wanted to be able to tell you so many things that she just couldn’t get out during these final days. But you surely know of her love and appreciation for a lifetime of wonderful memories.
    May you find comfort in your memories and reflection of your eternal love.

    John and Lynda Colavecchio

  5. Jean

    Enjoyed Bonnie’s company. I miss her

  6. Jan & Ken White

    We enjoyed being Bonnie’s next door neighbor for six years. She was so sweet. Most memorable moment was when she was in the St. Patrick’s Parade as their “Queen” and she was so happy waving to the crowd.

  7. Larry Tuchscherer

    Thank you for the invite to the celebration of life for Bonnie. We were sorry to hear of her passing and send our sincere sympathy to you and your family.
    We will not be able to participate in the virtual event as we will be traveling that day. We have many wonderful memories of golfing and visiting together.
    Know that we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers,
    Larry and Irene Tuchscherer

  8. Rudy and Jane Hall

    Bonnie always had a smile for everyone and she was loved by all who met her! She never forgot a birthday on Darlington Drive. We would wake up to balloons and a card! She will be missed but we know she is at peace and happy in heaven. God bless John and all of Bonnie’s family. Our prayers are with you.

  9. Mary Ellen Taylor

    Beautiful, graceful Bonnie dressed in red gliding across the dance floor with John is a memory that heals the heart. We didn’t have the joy of knowing Bonnie and John in the earlier years when she they moved to Darlington,, but the few times we were together her smile, sparkling eyes and kind words always made their presence.

  10. Dorothy Brittain

    Bonnie was so caring & gracious. While i was receiving Chemo for Breast Cancer Bonnie showed up at my door often to see how i was doing. She wpould often bring very meaningful gift, What A Ladie.

  11. Damian Toto

    Bonnie was a very nice person. She and Mickey got along well. She is now in heaven with Mickey and Olga probably planning parties. God Bless. Bonnie.

  12. Kathie Richardson

    I first met Bonnie through The Chicagoland Club in The Villages. She had such a wonderful smile and engaged in conversation whether she knew you or not. I looked forward to seeing her at each of the Chicagoland Club gatherings to watch The Chicago Bears games and cheer them on. I subsequently moved to Liberty Park where she and John lived 2 doors down from me where I continued to enjoy her company at Darlington Drive neighbors functions. I remember she enjoyed choosing and sending appropriate heartfelt greeting cards for many occasions. I am missing her and will continue to do so.

  13. Donna M Hott

    Bonnie, was a very carrying person, The many cards I have received from her but the Many, Many Cards she sent to my husband during his many medical issues.
    She also spent time with me visiting Rita Goggin’s while Rita was going thought her medical issues the last year.

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