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  1. Teri Ott Schiavone

    Barbara will always have a special place in my heart. As a young teenager visiting because Bonnie and I were friends, I always somehow felt she was looking out for me. Surfing was one of our passions then, and even though I’m not 100% there was approval,she always asked that we watched out for each other. And we did. Many times. I remember one of Barbara’s biggest concerns early on was Steve. Always asking us to keep the noise down and behave. There was a smile on her face as she was saying this, but I knew she meant business. Barbara took pride in her home, and I remember there was always something on the stove cooking. Fast forward to me returning home to NY as a single mom with 3 young children. Visiting next door to the Kulbas, Barbara was getting into her car as I was packing up the kids in mine. Of course we were happy to see each other again, but on that day something wonderful happened that I will always love her for. Barbara was telling me she could help me get a job and would teach me all she knows. Well, this was the waitservice business in a high class Italian restaurant. You know, the white tablecloth kind with pressed shirts and very personal attention to detail service. Barbara taught me the business from soup to nuts. After going from knowing absolutely nothing about the business to being able to start service on my own, this was a new beginning for myself and my little family. I was amazed after a while that I would be able to take care of us comfortably. She literally took me in under her wings and became my second mom. Her great smile, contagious laugh, and true love for all ( and the animals ) will always be dear to me. I know Barbara is with the angels making them all smile.

  2. Kathy and David Bounds

    Please know we are praying for God’s grace and peace for everyone. Aunt Barbara was always so kind and happy anytime we saw one another. ? Her love of family was always at the forefront of her life; she will be missed very much. (I have to work and won’t be able to attend her celebration service today, hopefully someone will be recording it somehow…)
    Love to all.
    Kathy and David Bounds

  3. Roger Lindsay

    Dear Mom,

    I am so grateful to have been so blessed to have you as my mother.
    I say have, not had, for you are very much still here, with me and in me.

    I am so grateful;
    for your lifelong commitment and devotion to Bonnie and I
    for the multitude of sacrifices you made for us and the gifts you gave us
    for the quiet strength you demonstrated time & time again, and passed along to us
    for the kindness and consideration you showed to others, and taught to us
    for all the countless, wonderful, meaningful things you did for us
    for your long, fulfilling life and marriage
    to the Lord, for blessing us with 70 years to share together

    Rest in peace now with the Lord my Mother. Thank you for everything, from the very bottom of my heart. You were the very best!

  4. Vaughne Clifford

    Words cannot express what a wonderful friend and super travel companion Barbara was to me…a such a beautiful person inside and out. I’ll miss our times together. A forever friend,

  5. Sue Watso

    Although I never met you, I honor your life and what you have given to the world. One of your most precious, I have been blessed by our paths crossing in this journey of life. Thank you for Bonnie. And thank you for being you. ???

  6. Attila Lengyel

    Momma ( from Long Island) you and Pops accepted me as soon as Bonnie and I got involved.
    Always good will , positive affirmations, a hug. A good meal. I will miss breaking bread with you in so many ways.
    We are all better for having known you.
    I hope a day at a time to honor you and your blessings for however many days I have left.

  7. Bonnie Girard

    It’s with the deepest sorrow I am here to honor the most beautiful life I’ve ever known, my Mothers.

    Through her, I’ve come to know the world as wondrous and precious. My goal is to see it through her eyes with a dash and a wink of mine.

    We loved one another dearly and I’ll do my best to honor her wish to always be kind.

    I love you Mom.
    Forever, Bonnie

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