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  1. Tishunda Renee Foster

    As a DCFS Colleague of Beautiful Barbara (in which I affectionately call her), I echo ♥ the many sentiments of my other DCFS Colleagues. Barbara was very knowledgeable and never hesitated to share her wisdom ? ✨ ? ? about life. When she would tell her many stories, you could always learn something new and or have another aspect. And, to make it more interesting, she was very comical in her delivery. Barbara most definitely loved ❤ her Family and would often talk about them. Her Daughter ? and Granddaughter was her Heart in which she would always say that she was working a little longer to help them, if needed. Beautiful Barbara will be deeply missed ? and may she continue to rest in the Bossum of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ? ❤……

  2. Aline Knight

    I had the pleasure of working with Barb at DCFS. We also attended school together at U of I Jane Adams . Barb loved to talk about her family. We also both enjoyed going to the casino and in the 1990 she and I with three other co-workers took a trip to Las Vegas. Barb was full of energy and fully enjoyed life. I will deeply miss her. My prayers are with your family

  3. Philip B. Gorelick, MD

    Barbara was a remarkable woman, who helped and guided many, and made a substantial positive contribution to this world. She will be greatly missed. Barbara never failed and encouraged all to achieve their dreams and go for it. Rest in Peace and smile down on everyone from your heavenly resting place.

  4. Melvin W Mathews Jr

    Barbara was a very strong, but yet a very loving and kind person.

  5. Joan Shealey-Ellis

    My dear friend, Barb,
    You will forever be in my heart.
    Love you

  6. Theresa Ferguson

    Barbara and I have been friends for many years. She was a funny, witty and smart woman who knew a lot about life. She lived life and motivated those around her to love it too. Rest in Heaven dear friend.

  7. Dorethea kennedy

    I have known Barbara for a little over 30 years What I remember the most is she would give you the shirt off her back if she thought you needed it
    she was kind ,caring ,giving and a beautiful person I’m am sure she is watching us from her place in Heaven rest in peace my dear friend

  8. Darryl JOHNSON

    I had the opportunity to work with Barb for many years. I met Barb back in the late 80’s when we worked at Ada S. McKinley. We then both came to DCFS where we worked in the same office for most of our years with the exception of Barb going to Juvenile Court where she was a Facilitator. We served as Supervisors together at Cook South. Attended parties together. But most of all Barb was always so sweet and always happy. She enjoyed telling stories and a joy to hear them. Barb loved people and the families she worked with. Always going the extra mile to get them what they needed. British- Your Mom loved you and your daughter. Over the years Barb introduced me to you many times. We all miss you.

  9. Melvin W Mathews Jr

    I always thought of Barbara as a strong woman that knew what she wanted. She was always kind and understanding too me, and I am sure she will be missed by many. I know for sure she is in a better place now because she was a good person and deserves only the best the Lord can provide for her, rest in peace Barbara.

  10. Tamera S. Phillips

    I’m glad I had the chance to meet Mrs. Burnett and witness her beautiful and outgoing personality.

  11. Tasha Shields

    My sweet cousin had a heart of gold….I’ll never forget our regular Saturday n Sunday visits when we would come on Dobson to have family time. After dad passed you kept in touch with us and I love you for that. We always said we loved each other and I’m so glad for that. I know it’s a heavenly party with Ree, my daddy and uncle Willie…..Sweet Rest cuzn

    Love Tasha

  12. Joyce Ann Bardlett Salaam

    Barb had such a warm and caring spirit! When Geri introduced me to her family, Barb truly treated me as such! Barb allowed me to call her at any time when I could not contact Geri. She never made me feel like I was over reacting with concern or that I was bothering her. We all need an additional contacts when it comes to those who are dear to us. She was that person for me and my friend, her sister Geri.
    I admired Barb for her zest in life and her love of her family. We ran into each other often and we could always talk as if we were best of friends. I’m going to miss her kindness, wittiness and laughter. I am grateful to have met all of you guys, you have a very loving family and my prayers are with you all and the lost of your beautiful sister. I have wonderful memories of Barb and they will truly stay close to my heart. The thought of her no longer being here is heavy on my heart. She looked forward to her retirement and I was elated when she decided to do so. She was a hard worker. I know God has her and her life is one that is sealed with, “Good job Barb, your rest is well deserved’, you were one of the best! Love you

  13. Nichole Sanders-Fuqua

    Barb was a great women whom I truly admired. She’s one of the reasons why I am the woman that I am today. I had my first daughter when I was 17 and Barb always told me that I can still be successful and never give up on my dreams. I felt honored when she told me a few months ago that she was proud of me. I will always remember her kindness and she will truly be missed.

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