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  1. Steve Horan

    Barb was a bright shining light and touched many lives with her outgoing personality and genuine care for others. I’ll always remember the sharing of "what’s new and trending in sales strategy" and conversations on "have you read this book?" exchanges of her favorites. She loved the endless search for novel insights of what works and then her eagerness to share that knowledge with her network of followers. Blessed to have known her.

  2. Ian Moyse

    Barb was one of the sales communities goto names for expertise and solid guidance and a genuine person caring for her profession. She stood high among the few, being greatly respected and will be missed by so many across the sales landscape.

  3. Viveka von Rosen

    There are some people who have left this world that I still feel freshly every time I remember it: Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Robin Williams. Barb is like that for me. She was just such an icon in our industry – as well as being as generous, intelligent and kind. I will miss her – as an advocate for woman in sales, as a mentor and as a friend.

  4. Erich Starrett

    Barb was a shining light in the Sales community …and uniquely so as an outspoken advocate for Women in Sales, Sales Enablement and the evolution of Social Selling. Her fingerprints will forever be in their foundations.

    More importantly, her integrity, generosity and flat out LOVE of others has planted seeds that will continue to flourish in pay-it-forward fashion for many years to come.

    We were slated to co-emcee the 2020 Sales Enablement Society Experience in September in Atlanta, and I was also a guest panelist on her "Sales Experts" webinar last month, so I had the blessing of spending a lot of time with her the last few months.

    Thank you Barb for being such an inspiration to me and so, so, so many others. You are missed, but will never be forgotten.

  5. Michaela Underdahl

    I only worked with Barb for a brief moment, but learned a lot from her. I admired that she was always speaking her mind and knew exactly where she stood. A very strong woman to look up to and remember.

  6. Steve Bistritz

    Barb was a true professional who was a pioneer and subject matter expert in social selling. She not only knew her craft, but was always willing to share it freely with others. She had quick sense of humor and always brightened my day when I saw her. When we got together for lunch, because we both lived in Atlanta, she always inspired me and made me feel so special.

    She was extremely responsible, responsive and willing to share her knowledge freely. She had incredible talent and was a great leader – who had a passion for what she did. She had a great sense of humor and a quick wit. She thoroughly enjoyed what she did and had high expectations for the people working with her, because she had high expectations and high standards for herself.

    I was honored to be someone in her circle of friends and will miss her dearly. May all of us who were associated with her over the years be consoled by the many fond memories we all have of Barb.

  7. Janice Mars

    Sassy, funny, smart, an innovator and an advocate for women in sales. Barbara was a powerhouse in everything she did. She will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

  8. Melissa Scherrer

    Barb was sassy, smart and generous with her knowledge. I loved her spirit and warmth – like sunshine pouring into a room – even a virtual one. She will be greatly missed!

  9. Steve Hall

    One morning a couple of years ago my mobile phone rang and when I answered a voice said "Hi Steve, this is Barb". We’d never met but we’d exchanged messages and ideas via LinkedIn, and the sales groups we both belonged to, so we’d got to know each other "virtually".

    We had a lot of shared connections and a common interest in ethical sales so we interacted with fun and friendship.

    She’d called that morning to build on that connection and so we could get to know each other better. It was a surprise, but a great one and we shared a warm and fascinating conversation for almost an hour. That was just like Barb, she loved to get to know people and build a human connection – as proven by the many tributes.

    She was a lovely person and an inspiration to us all – especially her fellow "women in sales" sisters. We’ll all miss her.

  10. Joe Mangano

    Barbara Giamanco was a giant influence thought leader in defining a better way to do B2B selling. Her voice and spirit will be missed.

  11. Meredith Messenger

    Barb’s sudden passing has had a tremendous impact on me. I was fortunate to have Barb on my Selling With Soul Podcast.

    After that interview when we spoke privately, I asked Barb if she would mentor me. I was a new entrepreneur fresh out of corporate with a lot to figure out. And to my surprise, she said yes.

    I remember feeling so lucky that someone of her caliper was willing to spend time with an unknown like me. Now I know that is who she was – always giving and willing to bring out the best in others and I feel so lucky to have been touched be her special spirit. Thank you Barb.

  12. Alex Smith

    I truly feel like a guest because although I did not know Barb personally, you couldn’t be in the sales community without knowing of her name virtually. I always saw her from afar giving practical advice and yearning to help everyone succeed in the sales community. Just reading the comments, you know you made an impact when so many great people tell such great stories. I wish I could have known you Barb but I feel like I do know a piece of you from the lives you touched.

  13. Scott Ingram

    Barb made such a difference in so many lives, including my own. She challenged me to "go deeper" in my efforts to include more women in the sales success community. A challenge I have gladly accepted, and a way I hope we can continue to honor her memory with our actions.

  14. James Carbary

    Barb was such an incredible connector, and I loved her passion for getting more women into sales. She left an unforgettable impact on the B2B sales community.

  15. Peggy Hendeson

    Barb was such a sweet and generous soul. She made a mark on me while searching for a new position. I am so sorry for her family and all the people who knew and loved her. RIP Barb.

  16. John Golden

    Barb was such a great person and a great contributor of insights – sincerest condolences from all of us at Pipeliner CRM & Sales POP!

  17. Jamie Crosbie

    Barb was warm and friendly and easy to approach. She was very authentic and had a heart for helping others. She has accomplished much and touched many.

  18. Michelle Strong

    Barb was a partner to our startup, Tohoom. She was inspirational in her drive & passion. We will miss our many conversations and are thankful she was in our lives.
    -Michelle & Bucky

  19. Andrea Ferenchik

    Barb was my first boss at Microsoft. She didn’t have a position open when I first met with her over lunch. She kept in touch with me for an entire year before she was able to hire me. That position changed the course of my life and I will forever be grateful..

  20. Sonia Dumas

    Thank you Barb for the ripple effect of your influence that has touched the shores of countless hearts and lives.
    The inspiration of your life will truly continue to keep the pilot light of passion fueled for many of us.
    You are deeply missed.

  21. Amy Volas

    They broke the mold with Barb!

    She inspired me and was the epitome of walking her talk. Out of ALL of the remarkable things she did, her ability to lift women in sales up to get better together will always hold a special place in my heart.

    I will miss her and am grateful for the time I had.

  22. Judy Frank

    Judy Frank

    When Barbara approached me to do a podcast on women in sales leadership positions, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of her tribe. Working with her on the construct, strategy, and content was a joy. Her professionalism was ever present and her expertise enabled us to focus on what would have the greatest impact. Doing the podcast itself, was fun, smooth, professional, and hopefully informative. Others who listened to it were impressed with her interviewing skills, ability to identify the nuggets, and zero in on the elements that would resonate with her audience. She was a pleasure to work with and through her great work, her legacy will live on in future sales leaders.

  23. Les Adkins

    Barb – I’m in shock! I was just thinking about you not to long ago. Barb and I spoke at a few events together and she helped me build my business. She was a very kind person and will be missed.

  24. Judy Mod

    Barb – it doesn’t seem real that you’re not here anymore. Each time something funny happens – I find myself picking up my phone to call you – to share the story with you – to hear your laugh and get your perspective – as we did so many times throughout the years. I can’t thank you enough for all of your wisdom and continued support -throughout all of the challenges that I faced – as an entrepreneur – as a sales professional – as a dog mommy – as a caretaker – as a person. It continues to amaze me how many of the worlds’ problems we would try to take on – over a glass of wine. So – just know – that you will forever be in my heart.

  25. Bernie Borges

    Whether you knew Barb for decades, or as in my case only a couple of years, her impact is memorable. Each conversation with Barb was special because she was so present in the moment in that conversation. She was gifted at communication and authentic engagement with people. I’ll always remember receiving a phone call from her late in 2019 to wish me happy holidays and looking forward to a bright 2020. I’m sad she’s gone. I miss her.

  26. Lynn Hidy

    I’ll miss her laugh most and the way she drew out the best in people. I’m sure Barb would be thrilled about the scholarship and I will certainly be contributing!

  27. Maurice Henry

    Barb – Words can’t express my feelings. I exchanged FB messages with you on May 16 and when I was told of your passing I was stunned and numb. Every year I Always told you that I would never forget your Birthday because you shared it with my Mother. You were a great coworker and friend. We shared funny, interesting and serious things on Facebook. Thank you for the memories. You will be missed dearly.

  28. Gerhard Gschwandtner

    Barbara was a visionary and inspiring sales leader and a highly respected authority in the field of selling, social media and sales leadership. She was passionate about elevating the profession of selling and she inspired countless salespeople to raise their standards. She left a rich legacy through her book, articles, interview, podcasts and social media engagements that will continue to impact thousands of sales professionals in the future. What we miss most is her authentic voice that always spoke from the heart.

  29. Jill Konrath

    Barb was a great spirit, focused on making the world a better place. She generously shared her deep sales and life wisdom with us all. She saw the future of selling and pulled us into it. She challenged our thinking, enabling us to stretch beyond what we thought was possible. Barb was also a tremendous role model and advocate for women in sales.

    I miss her already—and feel a deep loss for all the future conversations we’ll never have.

  30. Judi Vitale

    I am also shocked to hear of Barb’s passing. Although we had not seen each other in some time, I have known her for many years. I have admired her sales expertise as well as her dedication to women issues. She will be missed. RIP, Barb.

  31. Kyle Young

    Having just ‘seen’ Barb on Facebook, I am shocked to hear of her sudden passing. He love of food and wine, and her protection of the figs in her trees from entities neighbors was the stuff of legend. She will be missed by us all.

  32. Lisa McLeod

    She had a generous heart and an adventurous spirit, a rare combination. She also had a great laugh. She will be truly missed.

  33. Amy Franko

    I only knew Barb for a short while, and she made a big impact on me. She was fun, witty, approachable, and of course had a sharp sales mind. In our last conversation we talked about being prepared in sales and in life…I’ll always take that with me. I’m grateful for the time I did have with her…her legacy will live on as we pay it forward for other women in sales.

  34. David Jensen

    Barb was a friend and a very straight forward resource. She is the one that started "Social Selling" and opened minds and many doors for all of us. We had her speak at our Kettering Sales and Marketing SIG periodically to bring everyone up to date on the latest tips for managing your time and clients.
    We are sad for her to go, but happy we knew her.

  35. Jennifer Kahnweiler

    I was so sad to learn of Barbara Giamanco’s passing. She was smart as a whip who was an early adopter of social selling before it was cool. She even wrote the book on it! With all her accomplishments, she still knew how to laugh and I enjoyed doing that with her. Barbara always looked for ways to make others shine. I do hope she knew how much of a difference she made to so many. Thank you for being in my life Barbara. I will miss you.

  36. Barbara Weaver Smith

    Barb was a warm and generous colleague who truly championed women in sales while always being a friend to men as well. She was a gifted salesperson who became an inspired leader through passionate insight and hard work. We will miss her enthusiasm, her occasional rants, and her endearing good humor, and we are so fortunate to have a great body of work that is her legacy. Rest in peace, Barb.

  37. Lauren Turow

    Barb was an incredible mentor that came into my life at exactly the time I needed guidance. Her kind words and wisdom will never be forgotten, and she will be missed!

  38. Jeananne Hawking

    I knew Barbara when I served on the board of the Sales & Marketing Executives Association Int’l (SMEI). She was smart, sharp and knew her business. I had stayed in contact with her since then (2011). She will be missed and May she Rest In Peace.

  39. Alice

    Barb was so smart, passionate and willing to help. She lifted up the profession of selling in many ways and especially women in sales. I’m grateful the world has all the interviews she did on her podcast. It’s so hard to believe she is gone. We will all miss her.

  40. Mark Hunter

    Barb was without a doubt a very special person. In every meeting she was there with her brilliant insights and more importantly her ability to bring the best out in others. I remember on multiple occasions being in a conversations with groups of people and she would never allow the conversation to end without first ensuring each person had shared their view. Her comments were always ones to build people up and more help find a better solution.. She was without a doubt a major success in sales but with her wisdom and skills she would have succeeded in anything. We the sales community were the fortunate ones to have her as part of our community.
    Barb will be missed but her insights and impact will live on in all of us for many years to come.

  41. Caryn Kopp

    So sorry to read about Barb’s passing. A real visionary with great sales ideas! She invited me to join her on the podcast twice, did a Sales Experts webinar together and she involved me in the ebook project. Always something new, always in support of helping people be better! She will be missed.

  42. Chad Burmeister

    Barb was one of the best sales professionals of our time. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Barb for her podcast when I first launched my business and I am forever grateful. Seeing everything she did for sales and for humanity makes me smile. I pray for Barb’s family and I pray that her energy and spirit live forever. We miss you Barb, we thank you for your impact, and may the “ripple” you created last an eternity. God’s peace.

  43. Willis Turner

    Barb, you are a special friend. I will miss our talks about social selling and sales leadership.

    I will fondly remember our hearty debates which gave me insight into your bold personality and your passion for everything you believed in.

    I will remain inspired by your love of the culinary arts and your vision of one day being on a cooking show. Sharing our mutual love of food built a bond that revealed your diversity of thought in an area outside the bounds of selling.

    I’ll miss those trips to Atlanta where I always knew I had a friend that would go out of her way to stop in the hotel lobby with a radiant, welcoming smile. There was so much to talk about and the time always disappeared too quickly.

    Your positive influence in the profession of selling will remain. Your legacy is intact. Rest on, my friend.

  44. Lori Richardson

    Barb was a trailblazer in her committeemen to champion more women in B2B sales. We had many conversations as colleagues and as friends about our passion for this topic – and she was a great support to those of us in Women Sales Pros.

    I will miss her passion, her loyalty, her way of sticking up for others that is so often lacking today – for speaking her mind, and in championing both women and men to step up and be a guest on a podcast, or speak up to be on the agenda at a conference – or just stop apologizing! RIP, my friend.
    Lori Richardson

  45. Deb Calvert

    Professionally, Barb was a coach and mentor and inspiration to so many people. Her no-holds-barred approach to helping sellers improve was evident in every post, podcast, article, and conversation. Her commitment to supporting women in sales profoundly impacted many women around the world, including me.

    Personally, Barb was a true friend, sounding board, supporter, and confidant. Her big laugh and big ideas were backed up by her great big heart. She taught me how to be bolder and better as a human being. Our loooong phone conversations never failed to make me think in new ways.

    Barb was always looking out for other people. She didn’t hesitate to offer her strong opinions, and she was so well-intentioned that even unsolicited advice was welcomed and appreciated by most. The global sales community has lost a mighty force, and the craft of selling is forever changed by those who heeded Barb’s advice. I feel mightily blessed to have been a part of her orbit over the past 7 years.

  46. Brownell Landrum

    The last time I spoke with Barb, she was hoping to be able to plan a visit to see me here in Aspen. We each expressed our love and admiration for each other. She was such a strong and vibrant person. Heaven is welcoming a very powerful and loving being! I know she’ll make things happen "up there!" Much love to you Barb – now and forever. <3