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  1. Matt Adams

    I had the pleasure of working with Tony and meeting his incredible family. Rest In Peace my friend.

  2. Vera Algoet

    I never met Tony, but I’ve known his mother for years, and I know how much she loved him. I’m devastated for her and for his wife and children. What a loss! You will recover, but you will never forget. My love to you all.

  3. Anni Zerrath

    I did not know Tony as long, as deeply or as well as most people posting here. My condolences to everyone of you on the loss of your friend, your co-conspirator at shenanigans, your co-worker, your relative, your companion.
    For me, his easy laughter, good humour, open-armed warmth and unquestioning acceptance (Tony, as you can now see on a daily basis, my dishes still do not get washed regularly!), were his hallmarks. He was a kind and good man, who in his adult life put family ‘first, second, and third’.
    May he rest in peace, and may everyone who loved him also find respite from their mourning and their losses. May your tomorrows, though radically altered from previous expectations, still carry all these important essences of Tony going forward.
    With sincere sympathy,
    Anni Zerrath.

  4. Susan Underwood

    My heartfelt condolences to Tony’s family. Although I knew Tony only when he was a small boy, I remember his sweet nature. May the love and support that surrounded Tony his whole life provide some strength to those who share this tragic loss.

  5. Peter Wigen

    Since we were little, Tony always seemed like extended family. And, being that, I took for granted that he would always be there. We had only seen each other a couple times since I moved to Ottawa many years ago, but I always hoped to see him on annual visits to SSI and to meet his family. He was a wonderful soul. I am glad to have shared in his life and glad to know that so many share a love for him. May love always be with you, Tony. Love, Peter

  6. Steve

    Tony and I went to high school and graduated together. He was such a great guy!!!! Have not seen him in years but I know if we bumped into eachother he would of acted like it was only yesterday. He will truly be missed.

  7. Hanna

    I knew Tony from preschool right thru elementary school. He was always so kind and full of smiles. Such an all around nice guy. I am heartbroken for his family. Sending love and my deepest condolences.

  8. Tina Hatch & Family

    Our hearts are heavy with sadness for the great loss of such a wonderful person. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to know Tony as such an important part of our extended family. Sending you all lots of love today and always xoxo

    Tina, Gary, Kayla, Brady, Taryn, Tyler

  9. Megan, Aiden & Jeremy

    Tony was such a great guy! We have such fond memories of him at family gatherings. He was always such a fun, caring person who made everyone feel welcome. Truly someone we are grateful to have known. Our sincere condolences to Caitlin, Haven, Piper, all of our family and all of Tony’s family. We wish we could have been there, but were glad we were able to watch on Zoom. Much love to you all. xoxo

  10. Kylie

    My deepest condolences to Tony’s family, what a profound and tragic loss. I knew Tony in elementary and high school, someone so kind and caring, we shared many bus journeys together as south end school kids and I remember fondly His bright smile lighting up our days. I hope his loved ones can find comfort in knowing what a beautiful person he was and how much he was loved. Sending so much love ❤️

  11. Lindsay Cook

    Russ and I will never forget Tony first opening the door when we very first moved next door. He was so kind and welcoming from the second we met him and his cheerful personality was so infectious. I know his energy and amazing traits will live on through his beautiful family. We feel blessed to have known him. All the love and healing to Caitlin and the kids through this incredibly difficult time. Love, the Cooks.

  12. Neacol Miller

    Tony was a dear friend in high school. Always sweet and continues to be one of the nicest guys I have ever known. Deepest condolences to his family. He loved you so much.

  13. Emma Yardley

    Our families were always very close, so Tony and I grew up together, like really grew up together. From before preschool through high school, we were friends — sometimes super close, sometimes just friendly, and through it all that time (and afterwards) I knew no matter what, if I needed help, he’d be there with a ride, with a hug, with a smile. He was kind, generous and good, and his death is utterly tragic. Today I’ll be thinking of the good memories, because that’s what they all were, good.

  14. Russ Dingle

    Tony worked in my mod department at Kone for years, a true member of the team, a great guy, always giving 100%. He brought Happiness and professionalism, and received many positive comments from his customers. As a co worker – I very much appreciated having Tony on my team and sincerely liked the gentleman. His department co workers felt the same and everyone misses him dearly. Heartfelt best wishes to the family in this tough time.

  15. Pattie

    Always a smile and a gentle good friend to my boys. Tony will leave a huge hole in the goodness of the world. He will be missed. With love.

  16. Timothy Goward

    It has been a long time since I had seen Tony. My dad Albert was Peter and David’s cousin and I have very pleasant memories of visits to Salt Spring. Tony was great fun and such a genuine soul. What a shock to hear of his sudden passing.

    Sincerest condolences to the family, may you find comfort in each other and in the knowledge that such a fine man was yours to enjoy for the time you did. God’s peace to you.

  17. John Gauger

    Though the times that I knew him through his lifespan were sporadic and few, I liked him instantly. I’m sure he will leave a huge vacancy in the lives of many. Deepest condolences.

  18. Jill and John Edwards

    Remembering Tony, Adrian, Nicolas, Robin and my John at the Little Red School,House..such Happy children.
    Swimming at Stowell Lake was the summer time past time and even skating on it when it froze…playing hockey.. Fulford Harbour was a child’s playground.and I’ll always remember Tony’s smile..
    John and I send heartfelt condolences to all his wife, children, Carol, Natasha and David.
    Jill and John Edwards

  19. John Edwards

    I want to send my best wishes to Tony’s family, as I knew him from fulford elementary and high school. He was always friendly and cheerful to be around and will be dearly missed.

  20. Elizabeth (Ea) Hunter

    Dear Eyles Family,
    It was with such shock and sadness we learned about the sudden and terrible death of dear Tony..
    We hadn’t seen him in years, and didn’t know him personally these days. But he is still such a part of our family. My mother, Mary Murray (nee Goward) and his Dad David, are cousins.
    I remember even as a child spending time with him and Natasha when the Eyles family would visit Woodlands and on the very special occasions when we were able to take the ferry over and spend time at the lovely Eyles acreage on Salt Spring Island.
    Tony’s bright red hair was always such a revelation for us dark-haired Gowards! He was so very special. There is a hole now in our family. A loss which cannot be filled.
    We love you all and think of you every day. May you receive some sort of comfort at this time of such deep grief.

  21. Jenny Storey

    I went through school with Tony, beginning with the Little Red Preschool, through Fulford Elementary and then high school. He was one of the kindest, happiest, respectful people I knew through my school days. After high school, I did not see as much of him as we went on to live our adult lives. My deepest sympathies go out to all his family.

  22. Melissa Grace Kodaly

    Tony will be honored and remembered in our family for his radiant smile, and kindness, and for his bright red winter legs, always comfortable in short pants. His is a grievous loss, and we offer deepest condolences to all the family at this terrible time.

  23. Chris Mathis

    Had the pleasure of working with Tony had laughs he never had a bad word for anyone great guy.
    Sincerest condolences to his family and friends

  24. Joe Short

    Tony and I stood side by side every day.
    He was a charismatic, intelligent and caring man.
    I am privileged to have had such an awesome person in my life.
    His generosity was second to none.
    His devotion as a father and husband has definitely inspired me to be an even better father than I already am.
    To say that Tony will be missed is an understatement.

  25. Bekky Brown

    To family of Tony Eyles
    I am sorry for loss of your beloved husband and father. My heart is breaking. God be with you all.

  26. Bryony Hulme

    Tony was a cherished part of my extended family, the son of my mother’s cousin David. As children when our families were together, I remember how funny he was, always making up songs and seeing the joy in every situation. He was larger than life and he exuded a love for life along with a strong balanced centred energy.
    Tony I will miss you, and I know that wherever you are now, you are watching over our family with love.

  27. Pattie Bardon

    Tony was a wonderful friend to my sons Nicholas and Robin and shared many adventures with them. He will be sorely missed. Love to his family.

  28. Christina/e Ross

    Tony was a little favourite in preschool
    At Little Red schoolhouse on Salt Spring. He made us laugh. He always did. A gentle beautiful boy who grew up to be that kind of man. I’m honoured to have known him. My love of him followed him throughout his life. “Thank you Tony for being a beautiful part in my
    Memories. You will live through your beautiful children”. My heart breaks for his family left behind.

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