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  1. Katie Phillips

    I first met Anne when she was a student in a class I taught at Stanford on risk communication, but I think it’d fair to say that I learned more from her that the other way around. Her ideas, enthusiasm, and commitment to reducing suffering due to natural hazards were infectious for the whole class. Several years later she returned to the class as a guest speaker and shared her work on encouraging earthquake preparation in Nepal. Her work was inspiring to me and to all of the students, showing what a dedicated person could accomplish with the combined skills in science and communication – skills Anne had in spades.

    I was so sorry to hear of her passing, and I send my thoughts to her family and friends during this time. I’m so grateful that I got the chance to know and work with Anne – if only too briefly.

  2. Laurie Johnson

    I so admire Anne for returning to school and pursuing her passions in geosciences and helping to make people safer from natural hazards. I first met Anne when she was a graduate assistant while working on her PhD at Stanford. After she joined GHI, we collaborated on a major fundraising event together. She brought so commitment, thoughtfulness and creativity to everything she did. I am so saddened by this news and send my heartfelt condolences to her family, the GHI family and her many friends and colleagues. The world definitely is a better place because of Anne.

  3. Laura Dominguez-Yon

    To grow old is something we have no choice over, but to grow up can be debatable. Fortunately for us, Anne choose to maintain a childlike curiosity, humor, and enthusiasm that she eagerly and feverishly shared with us all. And also fortunate is that she conserved to be guest presenter at the annual Pine Ridge Association (PRA) membership meeting last February. For those who were aware, her energy level was dismissed, but not her enthusiasm and love. And, gratefully, we she also consented to allow her talk to be recorded, so those who could not attend, as those who did and want to see it again could enjoy it online. They renew our memories of her in one of the fields of her passion, geology in Coe Park.
    Amazing-Geology-Of-Coe-Anne-V1.3-Part1 Amazing-Geology-Of-Coe-Anne-V1.31-Part2

  4. Ana Martinez

    My absolute favorite memory of Anne was a geohike we did back in 2018.

    Anne, Dave, my husband, and I were supposed to do a short 6-mile round trip hike at Henry Coe’s Headquarters to check out some outcrops for our research project. Along the way, Anne got more excited about the rocks we were seeing and as geologists do, we kept hiking away. We had only prepared for a short hike, so it was completely unforeseen that we were going to end up doing 12 miles instead. We ran out of food and water, the weather betrayed us and what seemed like a nice day it turned into a 104-degree sauna. Not to mention my husband was sick and had a fever.

    She took us to China Hole, and through the Madrone forest. It turned out to be an amazing hike with some occasional complaining. She told us about her 20+ mile hiking expedition she did to Mississippi Lake at Henry Coe and other areas of the park where she had hiked before. I remember thinking "Dang she has walked a lot, all over the park, I wish I could be brave enough to backpack like that."

  5. The Verhoeven Family

    Anne had an incredible mind and we were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to see her in action over the years at Henry W. Coe State Park. She was so amazed and awestruck by the Geology of "Coe" and shared her enthusiasm in a way that was infectious. Anne will be truly missed by many.

  6. Khadga Sen Oli

    Anne was here in Nepal for her PhD research work that was focused on earthquake risk communication. I was involved in couple of her preparatory meetings/works at different phases. It was great learning during those times, be it framing her surveys, training enumerators, or charting/crafting/reviewing visual works as an research testimonials. And personally, she was so humble and loving person. My prayers for her!

    Khadga Sen Oli
    NSET, Nepal

  7. Joseph Zbaracki

    Annie was one of the most generous, kind, and caring individuals in my life growing up. As an aunt, she was an excellent role model, and someone that I was dearly grateful to know and have involved in my life. She was always open and willing to explore and embark on any new adventure. The hiking trips that she would help to organize and graciously have myself and others along for were world-class and created memories I will always cherish. Each time I flip through a book on National Parks I will think of Annie and some of the great trips we have been on. From taking in the view at the top of Half Dome in Yosemite to walking on the glaciers of Patagonia, Annie was the best travel and hiking companion. Annie was also an incredibly accomplished person. Her drive to always learn, better herself, and help to make the world a better place provided one of the best examples of what it means to make the most of each day. Myself, and my family, will dearly miss Annie, and our thoughts and prayers are with Dick and everyone else that was fortunate enough to know and spend time with Annie.

    Joseph Zbaracki, Catherine Zbaracki, Lucia and Cecilia

  8. Nancy Grove

    I had the great pleasure of working with Anne as a fellow Acterra board member. We bonded immediately as self-described “governance geeks” and sticklers for detail, and I was thrilled when she agreed to succeed me as chair of Governance Committee when I rolled off the board. Renaissance Woman, indeed! What an amazing life! I believe one secret to her success was always being willing to ask questions, and being open to changing her mind as she learned more facts. Insatiably curious, perennially good-natured, articulate…and just a lot of fun to be around. Thanks to Richard and to all her family and friends who helped make her life as wonderful as it was. She will be missed.

  9. Lauren Weston

    Anne was one of the first people I met at Acterra. She was lovely. Just lovely. Whip smart, funny. Kind. Oh, how I am going to miss her guidance, encouragement.

  10. Ming Lee

    I met Anne when she got involved with Geohazards International and later became a fellow board member. There are so many things you can say about her intellect, curiosity, energy, dedication, and creativity. I remember her most for her drive and the enthusiasm she had for getting others to support GHI’s mission. In this regard, she made a tremendous contribution. Outside of “work,” it was fun to hear how she loved playing park ranger. Anne, we miss you a lot.

  11. Don and Genie Kirby

    Anne will always be in our hearts. Met her in the mid 70’s where she was a pioneer for women in the semiconductor world. I remember her as the first female manager/executive at National Semi. Just as sharp, inquisitive, positive , motivated, kind and fearless then as she was her entire life. We feel privileged to have known Anne. Loving and kind and always an inspiration.

  12. George Hilley

    Anne was one of the most amazing students with which I have had the pleasure of working. She was tenacious, kind, thoughtful, and above all, serious in her dedication to use her talents to improve the world. Early on in her studies, I made the mistake of trying to guide her into one of my personal projects. What I quickly learned is that Anne’s real talents flourished when I simply stood back and provided support for a project that she constructed, from the ground up, that drew on her passions and years of personal experience. It was beautiful to watch her skill and dedication, as she worked to maximize the impact that she could have to people during her PhD research.

    One of my fondest memories of Anne, and the way I would like to remember her, was an afternoon we spent together along the Lost Coast. We had been trapped in a small canyon by the rising tide, and needed to wait there for many hours before we could pass to return to the team. We spent the time talking about science and her experiences, and simply exploring new places together. It was a deeply touching experience, where I could see Anne’s fearlessness and curiosity in full force, as we explored confidently together.

    I genuinely feel that my own life has been richer for the time that I spent with her. She reminded me of some of the important lessons that I had forgotten during the rat race that I had run — that it is important to maintain a clear focus on the impact that your life has on those around you, and to apply your own talent to make things better for everyone. This reminder has changed the trajectory of my own life and career, as it refocussed me on problems that have real impact, rather than the interesting, but sometimes irrelevant problems that become in vogue in academic communities from time to time.

    I feel as though I owe Anne far more than I received from her as a student. I will miss her deeply.

  13. Amod Dixit

    I met Anne in Kathmandu, when, with a reference of my friend and GHI President Dr. Brian Tucker, she entered my NSET office in Bhaisepati, ushering in an aura of wisdom and scientific confidence, and we homed into a lively discussion on her PhD research on earthquake risk communication. In sharp contrast to many western researchers, Anne carefully listened to and appreciated my critiques on her methodologies. That, together with her characteristic polite smile, impressed me much; we happily interacted frequently during her field researches in Nepal.
    I met Anne for the last time some years ago in San Francisco when, with a beaming smile, she informed of her successful PhD completion, and we instantly homed into discussing issues of disaster risk communication in developing countries. She was totally immersed into the problem and suggested a wider use of technology such as installation of a network of low-cost accelerometers and other sensors in schools of Nepal. Discussions with her, face to face or over the net, always instilled me with additional enthusiasm to continue the difficult task of disaster risk reduction in Nepal. I thank Anne posthumously.
    Having lost my wife to cancer recently, I know the pains of losing a dear one. My thoughts and sympathies are with you, Dick!

  14. Jim Wieser

    I worked with Anne at National Semiconductor and always remember her as smart, pragmatic and an enjoyable person to be around. She always was pleasant and had a smile on her face which brightened the environment around her. I was impressed by her determination to strive for a second career in geology as well as her other accomplishments. She will always be remembered as an inspiration.

  15. Susan AC

    I got to know Anne on an outing to Del Puerto Canyon in 2019. Her curiosity and sense of adventure were infectious as we explored this remote area, stopping frequently to marvel at the rock formations and wildflowers. At one point we started climbing a steep ravine. Anne was completely undaunted by the rough terrain and lack of a trail, and we laughed at how I, as the youngest in the group, was the only one concerned about how we were going to make our way back down. That day, and other joyful days spent on the trails with Anne, will have a lasting impact.

  16. Wendy

    Anne was a delightful friend who by her example inspired many to do better by our planet. I wish there were more Annes in the world. I’m so glad to have known her through Acterra. I will fondly remember her enthusiasm, optimism, kindness, and deep respect for others.

  17. Elizabeth Gutberlet

    I was very fortunate to have Anne as a mentor while working on a research project with San Jose State and Henry Coe. What she taught me about geology and being a professional and a woman in science has been invaluable knowledge and I am deeply saddened to hear about her passing. I feel very honored to have her name listed on our research poster that a fellow student and I presented at a geological conference in 2019. Your memory will live on for a long time, Anne.

  18. Rob Schwartz

    One of the first times I was really able to sit and talk with Anne at length was when Dick was in El Camino hospital after his heart surgery. She was just so warm and bright. It was obvious that everyone at the hospital was essentially working for her within 10 minutes of her and Dick’s arrival. The amazing thing was that the reason they all succumbed to her authority wasn’t her being pushy or anything like that. It was because it was so obvious that the reason she was in charge was out of adoration for Dick. That, and of course her smile. I remember bumping in to Anne walking in downtown Saratoga before sunrise on a weekday. She was taking her first walk after some serious treatments early in her journey. I was struck by how infectiously positive she was and how her first instinct was to ask how I was doing while shrinking her own medical situation to an insignificant nuisance. The world will be less without her that’s for sure.

  19. Carolyn Straub

    We are members of the Pine Ridge Association and Uniformed Volunteers at Henry W. Coe State Park, and this is where we met Anne.

    Carolyn was immediately impressed with Anne’s geology hikes and accompanied her once. Carolyn helped to arrange Anne to be our guest speaker at the 2020 annual PRA meeting. Anne was outstanding. For her short year as a volunteer, she left a long lasting impact.

    Anne is sadly missed and fondly remember by us.

    Carolyn Straub and Steve McHenry

  20. Gail Beyatte

    Anne was a truly special person. She lived an exemplary life. She was a role model for starting new chapters in her life. Always learning new things…. and teaching others new things… A life well lived! She will be missed and always remembered as I hike at Henry Coe!

  21. David Sumba

    Anne was incredible person who has left a lasting effect on our family in terms of her passion for the outdoors, geology, gardening, cooking, and her undeniable zest to get the most out of life. We fondly remember our family time spent together throughout the world and we will miss her dearly.


    David, Heather, Chiara & Emilia

  22. Martino Family

    Anne will always be remembered by everyone she interacted with. I will never forget Anne from the very first time we spoke way back in 1987. Anne is wicked smart… and she always went out of her way to be extremely helpful to me. Dick, our prayers and thoughts are with you and your extended family at this very difficult time ???

  23. Martino Family

    Anne will always be remembered and sadly missed by everyone she interacted with. From the very first day I spoke with Anne way back in 1987, I will never forget how wicked smart she was and how she always went out of her way to be extremely helpful. Dick, our prayers and thoughts are with you and your extended family!

  24. Brian Tucker

    Anne was one of the most informed, generous and committed people I worked with during my 29 years at GeoHazards International (GHI). Everyone at GHI was inspired by her dedication – 24/7 – to the cause of reducing death and suffering due to natural disasters. Most important, people around the world are safer because of her. My thoughts and sympathies are with you, Dick.

  25. Larry Lewicki

    Ann was one of those rare people that seem to come into your life at the right time to make an impact. Her insights and graciousness helped make me a better person. I am fortunate to have known her.

  26. Nick & Linda Antonopoulos

    Linda and I wanted to offer our sincerest condolences. We know what a remarkable woman Anne was and the loss you must be feeling. You are both in our prayers.

  27. Jorge del Calvo

    Anne will be sorely missed. I know how much Dick cared for her and what a marvelous relationship they had together.

  28. Bouas family

    Anne was an incredible individual who lived life to the fullest, with curiosity, intensity, intellect and an insatiable sense of inquiry and adventure. She will be so very missed and will always remain an inspiration to all of us lucky enough to have known her.

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