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  1. Teresa Kash Davis

    Ann was a treasure. I loved my visits with her in Berea and VA. She welcomed me with open arms and showed genuine interest in every topic. I will never forget her intellect, generosity, wit, and warm laugh.

  2. teddy williams

    Your mom was, as you know like a second mother to me, but always nice. She made the lives of everyone she knew better with enthusiasm and encouragement. She lived a wonderful life.

  3. Liz Lawson

    Ann was such a kind and welcoming person, and I knew this even when I was a small child. She would say, "Tell me about that fish you caught" and I’d go on an on telling her every detail and she would stay interested til the end. I have so many memories of her laughing that special expressive laugh of hers.
    She was a really nice person and it’s too bad she had to go.

  4. Todd Leibbrand

    My mother, Crit Leibbrand, adored your mother and enjoyed visiting and playing tennis with her. A beautifully personal tribute about your mom was written. My wife and I were honored to have both your parents at our wedding and at our house in Washington, DC in 1990. With love and knowledge her family and all of us will keep her wonderful spirit alive, Keith, Todd and Jane Leibbrand

  5. Dan Benninghoff

    Ann was always a straight shooter, but in a very tactful and inoffensive way. She was kind hearted and always payed attention to what I had to say. She was well read, informed on current affairs and always a pleasure to converse with. She also had a great sense of humor and didn’t hesitate to laugh out loud.

  6. Dick and Andrea Burridge

    I will forever miss Ann for her really strong listening skills. Throughout my interactions during my life, the one standout consistently as I look back-was how much she focused on really listening to what others had to say.

  7. Kathryn Mendenhall

    Ann had a beautiful soul. She valued her family and friends beyond measure. I cherish the time I was privileged to share with her as a friend and helpmate during the last three years of her life. I will always remember Ann for the good times we shared and for the honorable person she was.

  8. Robert Shedd

    I visited Ann many times when I made it to the D. C. area and was a guest in her condo until last year. (I’m one of the 7 grandchildren of Vera Burridge Baits.) As others have noted, it was always a delight to spend time with her. I’ll miss her, and I will try to follow her example for the rest of my days.

  9. Julia Loughran

    Ann was sure one of a kind —- emphasis on "kind"! She had spark and spunk – and always a smile and insights to share. She will be missed by many – but, we will always remember her fondly – especially as we celebrate the holidays. I may not share her love of a good scotch – but, a Kentucky Bourbon will be sipped in her honor.

  10. Ada Horsfall

    Ann was a delightful client of Lifematters. Reading her stories after our Friendly Visitors visited with Ann, made me smile and sometimes even burst out laughing! She had a great sense of humor and was very thoughtful. She is greatly missed.

    Ada Horsfall (Lifematters)

  11. Maria Hjelm

    Tom and Kathy are wonderful testaments to the excellent mother, kind and strong individual, interesting and interested person that Ann was. While my interactions with Ann weren’t as plentiful as I would have liked, they were always warm, generous and loving — traits she shared with her kids.

  12. Charlie

    Many fond memories from Wakeman Road, Circle Road, New York City, Grosse Point, Lake Paradox, Ida Wild, Dog Team, Middlebury, and a lot more.

  13. Bebe and Gary Fallick

    As the parents of her daughter-in-law, Bebe and I got to know Ann during the time leading up to the marriage of Tom and Jill. Spending time with her was always an enjoyable experience. She was interesting and interested in us. There was usually a lot of laughter during these interactions and time for sharing. We so appreciated her openly warm relationship with Jill and, in turn, with us. Ann was a lovely, gracious lady.

  14. Lori and Mike Kositch

    We enjoyed visits with Ann when she came to Portland or when we visited Virginia. She was always a friendly lady and a cheerful soul. We send our condolences to the Kathy, Paul, Emma and Grace.

  15. Janet Burridge

    There are so many wonderful things I could say about Ann, but what is most important to me is the special relationship we shared. So many visits, trips, reunions and long phone calls. I will miss sitting in her living room watching old movies and talking about everything from books to current events to the state of our family. Like her mother, she was a grand lady.

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