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  1. Robin Yarbrough

    I miss you more than I can say. You were one of the most beautiful and amazing woman I’ve ever known. You’ll never be forgotten and will live on in the wonderful memories of our friendship. Until we meet again Angela ????

  2. Brandy McDonnell (Carson)

    Thank you for holding this beautiful memorial service for Angela. Wish we could all be together in remembering her though. Angela was my cousin. I have memories of her staying with us in Las Vegas sometimes. She was always welcoming and kind. I last saw Angela a few years ago at a family reunion. She had such a way of making you feel special just by looking you in the eyes, smiling, and listening closely like you were the most important person in the room. I last connected with Angela via Facebook messenger this last Mother’s Day. She will be greatly missed, but will forever be in our hearts.

  3. Courtney Carson

    What a beautiful tribute for an even more beautiful person. It’s been wonderful reconnecting with family across the miles on social media over the years. I’m grateful to have had seen Angela at our little reunion some years back. I only wish we could do that more often. My love to all the family during this most difficult time.

  4. Juliette

    I barely knew my cousin Angela. I grew up looking at all the beautiful pictures of my Texas family and wishes so bad to go and visit more often. From what I do know about her she was a loving person, caring mother, sister, daughter, and so much more. Sending all our love and Aloha to you all ❤️

  5. Carolyn Carson

    I’m one of many cousins and I grew up with Angela, Tim, Judy and Sondra in Dallas until my family moved away. But we would visit in summer and she would sometimes join us on family vacations. She was always so kind and patience with us spoiled kids! I will miss Angela helping me identify the wildflowers that I would post from my hikes. Sending love and hugs to my extended family. I wish we could all be together again.

  6. Melanie Gonzales

    My deepest condolences to the family… I met cousin Angela a few years ago at our family reunion. She was definitely a happy sole and made me feel right at home in a room full of unfamiliar faces. She will be missed…

  7. Pete Chavez

    I remember the family gatherings during the holidays. It was a joy to see you and your family. Also when I told Aunt Mary about Angela’s passing, she burst into tears of sadness and disbelief. Aunt Mary recalled that Angela came over to her house and helped her many times. She mentioned that Angela fixed the leak in her roof and I wasn’t sure if this was real or not. I found out later that it actually happened. This is a testament to her servant’s heart.
    We will miss you so. Via con Dios, Angelita! Love you, Uncle Pete.

  8. Felicia I. Chavez

    Thank you for hosting a beautiful online tribute to Angela. Though I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her personally, I feel like I got to know her a little bit and to appreciate her great spirit. Sending Angela’s family well wishes and comfort during this time, from the San Francisco Bay Area.

  9. Andrew Rogers

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of Angela. Wish we could all be together during this time.

  10. Russell Rogers

    I am Angela’s half brother. We had very little contact throughout the years but was blessed to reconnect with her and the rest of the family for Thanksgiving this past year. Everyone in attendance was very accepting and loving towards my wife and I. I felt right at home with them. I am thankful that I was able to see her again. All three sisters were just as sweet as they were when they were little girls. I am blessed to have known them and their families.

  11. Kathy Dyess

    Even though I had the pleasure of Angela’s company only a handful of times, I loved her. I love you too Sondra and you and your loved ones are truly in my heart.

  12. Trisha Westbrook

    Sondra, The richer our lives are with sisters, the deeper the loss when they leave us. I’m so sorry you are going through this. My condolences to you and all your family.

  13. Nicky Boden

    My hearfelt condolences for Angela’s family. Heavenly Father, I thank you for your beautiful gift of Angela. . Father, I pray that you continue to hold her family in your loving and healing arms. You know the pain and grief of those who love her. You have promised that you will make all things work together for our good. Please continue to provide comfort and a peace for Angela’s family and children.
    You are the God of peace.
    In your son’s precious name. Amen

  14. Sondra Stern

    My sister, my friend, what words can I use to express just how much you are missed? Your departure has left a void in my life. You were always there for me when I needed a hand, or an ear. I will miss our talks, our outings, our time spent just hanging out. We always had a good time together. You will always be in my heart.

  15. Derick Carson

    My heart felt condolences to all of Angela’s immediate family. She was my cousin and my sometimes babysitter when I was young. She will be missed deeply by those who knew her best.

  16. Bobbie Jo Garza

    My deepest condolences to the family
    I miss being able to text or call u for advice
    From my friend u was there for me always i ask god why but i know not to question god choices all i know he has received a beautiful Angel

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