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  1. Jen Jacobson

    Alex always brought joy to myself and the team. His heart was huge, always helping others. And his humor and smile was infectious. There isn’t a photo that I have of him that we don’t all have a huge smile. He will forever be missed. The team at Boeing says thank you Alex for all that you have brought into our lives.

  2. Ilene Rosen

    I was fortunate to have known Alex when he was at Rutgers School of Engineering, particularly in his role (twice!) as a Resident Teaching Assistant for the Governor’s School. Alex was such a positive, fun, and authentic influence, not just on the the two cohorts of high school students who came through, but also to the rest of the staff that he worked with. He made a lasting impact on so many. when I thin of Alex he was always smiling and that’s how I will remember him.

  3. Molly Zhang

    Alex was quite an interesting character in our Master’s program at Stanford. He was fun, social, genuine and enthusiastic. My memories about Alex are all filled with joy and laughter, whether it’s at numerous video game parties he hosted in his apartment, during home/away football games chanting for Stanford, on the balcony chatting about life in Aero & Astro department happy hour, or even in Durand struggling with homework together. He always had means to lighten up everyone’s mood and put smiles on people’s face. He loved to help people and had helped me personally multiple times. I still remembered crying outside of Durand sitting on the steps after I failed my PhD qualification exam, he brought me milk and cookies and comforted me with kind words. He checked on me and made sure I was okay, and congratulated me when I finally passed the exam. He was so selfless to help people in their down times even when he was struggling himself. His positive influence will live on, and we will never forget the joy he brought us. Rest in peace, Alex.

  4. Robert

    I had the privilege to meet Alex on his first day at work at NASA. Alex’s first day of work was also the day we were instructed at NASA to pick up our laptop and other things needed to work from home due to the pandemic. I took Alex around the JSC campus and took him to the building where he would be working and showed him his office. I told him we probably would be working from home for a couple of weeks before we’d be able to come back to the office. Alex’s enthusiasm for starting his job at NASA was infectious, and I will forever remember his smile and kind and energic personality. May you rest in peace Alex.

    Bob Villarreal

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