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  1. Janest Wilson

    Thank you, Massiah, for energetically challenging me to be one of Al’s best!

  2. Booth

    Massiah, as we knew him, was a joy to see. Usually way before the sun rose we saw his smiling face and great voice. He made us all better. He IS missed and loved. I’ll always miss you my friend and brother. Sleep well, and finally, you deserve it. Love you always.

  3. Russell Bullock

    When I got on a gig
    And rolled up and saw
    I knew it was going to be a
    Great gig!!!!
    Mike and spike and Messiah
    And other true
    Soul brothers
    I was happy!!!!!
    Get way and company to
    Get paid
    One morning
    Sets are done on
    First call
    messiah and I
    Proceed to crafty
    It is freezing cold
    We are surrounded by
    Italian and Irish teamsters
    We both get soup
    Says and looks at me
    And says
    my favorite
    Soup and crackers
    I was rolling !!!
    He will be the most
    Realest brother in the
    Biz I have ever met!!!!!

  4. Megan Ellis

    He was my Godfather and a presence throughout my whole life. He was always there when needed and always ready to go above and beyond for the people he loved. I’m glad my father had him as his friend and I’ll miss him always.

  5. Rob Tapling

    Hi , this is Rob Tapling AKA big Man from Elsmere place where he grew up in the Bronx Massiah
    was a good brother and positive influence in the neighborhood back in the day . Later on in life I reached out to him because of his wealth of knowledge in the film industry and he imparted some jewels that have been instrumental in my screenwriting and production growth . He was more than willing to share and I will never forget that. I promise not to let that knowledge or his influence be in vain so look for my future endeavors and know that Massiah played a part in it. God bless you brother. See you on the other side . My sincere condolences to the family.

  6. Mugga

    We worked together on several occasions and You were always Cool Kind and Professional. We even enjoyed Great Conversation over A Cocktail once we wrapped. I didn’t know it would Be The last time. Rest In Glory My Friend.

  7. Patricia Powell-Williams

    Massiah was one of the sweetest guys I ever met. I will always remember visiting with him in LA, many years ago. May he rest in eternal peace.

  8. Alex Perry

    The Perry family sends our deepest condolences to the Massiah family. Our prayers are with you forever.

  9. Paula raflo

    Rest In Peace dear Albert❤️

  10. Rebecca Thomas

    Giving and loving Albert always had a welcoming smile on set. He always was nice and hard working. Prayers and Hugs to his family at this sad time. He will be missed.

  11. Brian Papworth

    Massiah was always my first call when I was fortunate enough to add staff on a TV show or movie. He became unavailable, I became busy and we hadn’t spoken for a while. Then, a Facebook DM arrives in my inbox
    “What up Brian ?, I know I have been a stranger, life you know. Anyway was thinking about you today and have never forgotten how you always looked out for a brother. Hope all is well and I will see your Nets in the playoffs. Peace.”
    I’m sharing this now because it illustrates so much of who Massiah was and what his characteristics displayed.
    Grace, Gratitude, Dignity, Joy, Empathy and Peace. This is how I’ll remember him.

  12. Ervin Griffin

    We grew up living in the same building. You pursued your passion which was photography. Rest in paradise my brother. You will truly be missed.

  13. Henry omar collazo

    Rip big bro you will be truly missed thank you for all the jewels you dropped on me, seen you at the top of the year on blacklist had no idea i would not see you again, Until we meet again sleep in peace.❤️????????

  14. Chrisey

    What I remember about Massiah is , he was very thorough. If he was going to do something he made sure it was planned. When he was on set it was like he was another person, he did his job well. When he picked up our son Sean never said he had a terrible time, he always had treats and fun. RIP Massiah you was a strong man and a hard worker.

  15. Kenrick (Clayton) Roach

    I was blessed to have worked on several productions with this very friendly and professional man.

  16. Rick Banks

    My condolences to all of Albert’s family during this most difficult time.

  17. Jack Wright

    I just read this post I’m shocked and saddened.. he was an interesting and knowledgeable person to ta talk to.. my condolences to the family.. I’m stunned..

  18. Mel

    Messiah was a true legend and friend. He will be sorely missed. Sending love to his family in this difficult time. ????

  19. Phil Maillard

    We all go back from our music video days. Albert was an integral part of our family. Always loved and appreciated. Miss you bro. Rest in Power

  20. Kat Scicluna and your 'old school brother', Booth

    You will be truly missed. Playing darts will never be the same without you.. We all love you.

  21. Adrain Washington

    I miss Albert. He always put a smile on people’s faces. He was truly a real brother. He told you the truth and lived his life. May he Rest In Peace until that day. God Bless Albert Massiah

  22. David Waterston

    Terribly saddened to hear of Albert’s passing. Seeing him on the film set always put a smile on my face. Love to family.

  23. Van Hayden

    Reflecting back on my memories of Albert Massiah, I realized, I never heard or witnessed Massiah strike out in anger. He was a kind, hard working teammate. Rest In Peace kind man.

  24. Sharon Beal

    Messiah was a heck of an interesting person. His family and friends will miss him dearly . May he Rest In Peace.

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