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Live Stream Funeral/Memorial Service Booking

Live Stream Funeral/Memorial Service

All of the program components will be broadcast from one location and online guests will watch and listen.

Once you’ve booked the time and date, we’ll create an online memorial page that includes an obituary and an RSVP form that your family and friends can use to RSVP for the gathering. We’ll take care of all the follow-up and make sure your attendees get the information they need to join the memorial gathering.

Components of the memorial page include:

  • Feature photo of your loved one
  • Written obituary or short life story
  • RSVP form to collect contact information for family and friends so that we can provide them with the information needed to watch the live stream
  • Guest book where visitors can leave comments

Sample Memorial Page

Sample Memorial Page Image

Instructions for Booking:

  1. Check the box for any add-ons you wish to include. If you’re not sure, we can help you add them later.
  2. Select the time zone you want to appear on the event information.
  3. Proceed to the calendar and select from available dates/times.
  4. Complete the order form fields.
  5. Provide your payment using our secure online payment form. Payment can be made with American Express, MasterCard or Visa credit cards.
  6. Check for your confirmation email for next steps.